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Headset Design for the kitchen 6 sq.m: secrets professionals

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Fine, when the size of the room allows for the design of kitchen to realize the most daring design solutions. But what, if the apartment under the kitchen allotted only 6 m. sq.? There are several effective methods, using that, you can place all the necessary, even in very confined indoors. design corner food 6 quarter. m. In this article, we will consider.

Маленькая кухня
Even if you have a very small kitchen - not to be discouraged, There are several methods, that will accommodate everything you need in a limited space

Save the square footage

The main tasks for arranging small HVD cuisine lie in the following points:

  • maintain or expand the space visually;
  • not to clutter every available centimeter;
  • make the kitchen the most comfortable, ergonomically, functional;
  • provide security.

In the small kitchen must have a smooth rounded corners, when moving to minimize the potential impacts. Excellent space-saving corner kitchen. It is hardly possible to buy a ready set, that fits into the complex or nonstandard configuration kitchen facilities, and therefore it is better to order the kitchen custom-made. Very important correctly formatted project, in which the designer will take into account the wishes of the owners and at the same time minimizing costs. Designers distinguish the basic rules, which are based in the preparation of the future layout of the headset:

  1. Welcomes the use of modular furniture.
  2. Unacceptable clutter the room.
  3. Kitchen - is primarily a space for cooking, on which attention should be focused.
  4. It is better to use light colors.
  5. It is advisable to draw up the kitchen in the style of constructivism and minimalism, without fanciful elements.

Светлая кухня
Light colors will help to visually enlarge the space of the room

Interior corner kitchen is kept in the same style. The important point is considered proper lighting, which should be straight. For this purpose it is necessary to install a chandelier or use the spotlights on the ceiling center.

Council: to a room with a corner kitchen look more spacious, to exclude heavy curtains, many decorative elements, bulky items of furniture.

Often use a compact corner cupboard in the kitchen, to which a 1 or 2 selected sides adjacent modular elements.

Methods for saving space

A small kitchen - not a reason to give up comfort. If you combine the kitchen room with balcony or loggia, there will be additional footage, which are used for the dining room. Quite often in small apartments kitchen is combined with living room, that visually expands the space and makes the interior more modern. Another embodiment for visual expansion space considered transfer wall, but this requires a special permit, And there will be piles of garbage, which have to be disposed of.

Proper use of light will visually increase the limited kitchen

Furniture in the kitchen

Uglovaya compact kitchen, It can provide a variety pans. The working surfaces in such a headset arranged perpendicular to each other, or may be U-shaped. Thus in order to maximize economic use of the space is covered and worktop sill zone, which is used as a dining table or equip sink.

Corner kitchen drawer, installed in the lower part of the headset, It hides the trash and implements for cleaning the premises. Almost always set upper corner cabinet in the kitchen, which store bulky cookware (pans, pans). Modern kitchen necessarily complements Stand hob and the oven.

To save money inserted into the cabinet under the oven with his own hands. Stand hob and the oven is an open standard sizes locker (often 600H850 mm). When an individual approach is possible to order this item, as a cabinet for the hob and oven, specific dimensions.

Stand oven usually has a depth 600 mm. Most often, a curbstone under the oven and the hob presupposes the existence of the bottom drawer for storing kitchen appliances. If you bought the cabinet under the built-in oven, important to remember, that included must go feet, on which it is installed.

Шкаф для духовки
Driving and dimensions for the oven cabinet

Cabinet for the oven always has a bottom and a roof, but lacks the facial facade. This is the simplest element of the kitchen, consisting of horizons and verticals. Module assembly often requires the presence of the rear wall. This is done in order to make the most easy to connect the cooker or oven.

In order to save mounted cupboard under the oven with his own hands. Do not forget, that the ends of the cabinet have to be securely processed waterproof edge. Embed the oven can be, dismantled with its nuances. secrete 2 type of such equipment:

  • independent cabinet, which is installed in any place kitchen;
  • dependent on the cooking surface.

Setting the built-in oven with his own hands is so exercised, It has access to equipment for connection to a gas mains or. It should be taken into account, that in order to connect to the gas still need special permission and control specialists.

When installing the cooker or the oven provide sufficient ventilation, grounding and protection against mains voltage spikes. Stand for the oven and the cooking hob ideally set at some distance from the water source

Подключение газовой плиты
Connecting gas stove should only be licensed master


  1. First, check the proper functioning of electrical wiring (grounding, wire quality, the resistance level, the presence of circuit breaker).
  2. Then an electric oven is built placed in a prepared niche.
  3. Wardrobe put in place and reliably strengthen.
  4. Oven washed and calcined at temperatures up to 250 degrees for half an hour. Apparatus cooled and rubbed.

The rest Byttekhnika positioned such cabinets in hinged manner, to quick and easy access has been provided to it.

Materials and colors

For angular compact kitchens used chipboard or MDF. It is better, to headsets were made in bright colors, not burden the space. often combine 2 contrasting colors, allowing the correct accents.


To visually expand the room as a working wall (apron) used skinale or tiles with panoramic image. Despite the small squaring, a compact kitchen if desired achieve comfort and ergonomic ease.