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Bars made of glass: Advantages and disadvantages

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Modern methods of glass processing have made this a popular material in creating kitchen interiors.

Bars made of glass
Bars made of glass looks very elegant in the kitchen

Bar counter Glass Kitchen

Table top made of glass, Glass bar table attention enjoyed by a number of advantages:

bar counter

  • The ability to create an atmosphere unmatched.
  • The combination of aesthetics and practicality.
  • Front glass move in harmony with all the interior.
  • Sufficient level fortress prevents swift wear and aging.
  • Glass is not affected by temperature changes, Component care.
  • Easy to clean from grease, dust and other contaminants.
  • The one-piece glass sheet - a dream chistyuli, as it seamless, Dust and mold have nowhere to gather.
  • The variety of colors and textures creates an original and custom designs on request.

When the extensive list of benefits of glass, as a material for kitchen surfaces flaws are not so important, but you need to know about them.


A heavy blow can damage the surface. Although the plate thickness does not allow it to crumble into pieces, cracks appeared. The elimination of this damage can only be a complete replacement element. So that the minimum necessary to comply with safety rules.

Safety regulations: Avoid strong sharp blow, for hot items to use a special support.

What else can be identified in the lack of, so it is not a purely psychological perception. For some people shine through the glass bar or kitchen table creates an uncomfortable atmosphere. This disadvantage is eliminated, as the current level of processing glass surface creates a simulated other materials, even. That replace not work, so it is a constant cold surface.

Relatively expensive special glass cost relative to other types of materials can be attributed to the shortcomings with fluctuations. In the operation of this cost is covered by long life of service without losing its original appearance and ease of care.

How to choose a material

The glass bar counters for the kitchen made from special types of heavy-duty glass. The choice of species depends on the needs, taste and design ideas. Glass is made for the bar:

  1. transparent.
  2. frosted.
  3. seasoned.
  4. With sputtering.
  5. Colorful and patterned.

Glass bar counters and tables, despite its apparent fragility and transparency, durable and solid. Split it can only be a severe blow, and even fractured countertop does not disintegrate into fragments.

The bar counter with glass

Glass improvisation

  • triplex. This kind of safety glass, made by special technology. The sheet consists of several layers of glass, bonded with a film or polymeric composition. In addition to increased security, triplex advantage is the ability to be used in the design of color film, Photocopying, Picture Film.
  • Triplex allows the creation of stand even with personal photos. Originally looks and top with imitation marble, stone, amber. This beauty is achieved by inserting into the special film triplex.
  • Apply a pattern on a glass coating method can be decorative film. Such decoration is afraid of hot temperatures.
  • Patterning using UV creates resistant to high temperatures coloring, but such technology is more costly.Front of the glass in the kitchen
  • Resistant to cracks and the surface of the mirror glass. Application of this type in the small surface area facilitates smokers visual expansion space.
  • Technology, whereby on the back side of the glass is applied by paint baking at a temperature of 700o, It called stemalit.
  • Sandblasting helps turn clear glass in matt, or to cause him any pattern.
  • Great value for the kitchen with glass top bar has a light. The play of light can create a unique atmosphere, particularly if the backlight is mounted under the glass surface.

Types of bar counters Glass

Barstand glass kitchen can be used in the classical or co embodiment.

In the first case the glass top of any size and shape is placed on tall legs or consoles,

Required attribute with this arrangement - the high bar stools.

Second Embodiment - Front when it is a continuation of the work surface, and it can be used for the same purpose, as well as welcoming tea.

The shape of the glass surface of the bar may be classically symmetrical and curved intricately.

By area, kitchen, glass racks can be placed:

  • Middle.

This rack is playing a major role in the kitchen - a dining table for a small company, and reception.

  • angular placement. In this case, the rack takes a corner, angle or kitchen units.

  • Stand in the role of the functional areas of the separator, or built at the junction of the kitchen in the loggia or balcony.

  • Mini stand at the wall for small spaces.

In either embodiment, - glass bar surface - it airiness, lightness and originality.

Glass allows a combination with almost all surfacing materials. Ornate wrought iron stand, lightweight aluminum, heavy stone or wood - choice of ground for glass countertops depends on the style, kitchen area and features the hosts and preferences. Bar counters Glass kitchen really very fashionable.