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Equips the illumination of kitchen units: Master Class

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Kitchen - a room, which we use on a daily basis, and high-quality lighting plays an important role here. In addition, the kitchen in the classic apartments are planned with one window, and the light from it is not sufficient in every case. And the general lighting - with a light bulb on the ceiling, seldom, when fully performs its function, it is more convenient to cook does not work with them. Therefore, there was a so-called backlight LED ribbon cuisine in contemporary furniture, which directional light illuminates the important areas of human: dining and working areas. This is what we dedicate today's article.

Backlight kitchen units
Backlight headset - it is very stylish

Advantages spotlighting kitchen units

When a person gets up in the morning and making breakfast, dinner or going to work on it at it takes a lot of time and effort. Special, when it is winter morning and the sun is not up yet. Therefore, in order, that on a daily routine takes less time to properly equipped room: with good location furniture and equipment, and to present the work area lighting in the kitchen.

Lovely style lighting in the ceiling and under the wall cabinets

Light selected option, LED ribbon should not be bright, but not dull, to the extent of cover, but not the blind man. Primarily designers working area illumination disquiet, and then the rest. It is desirable, lighting to furniture does not come from a single point, and several, creating a light scattering effect. With this organization on the surface of the countertop will not appear shadows.

Note, that the long cooking tired bodies in low-light vision, if you do not pay attention to it, in the future there will be short-sightedness. Simultaneously, if the installation spotlights celebrated without preliminary calculations and the lamp will go bright, then that light will be cut eye, and they will eventually get tired of this. It turns out two-edged sword, which will have to deal.

blue illumination
Stunning views of the blue illumination on the table of kitchen furniture

Choosing the best light source

Choosing backlit cuisine note, that the whole kitchen light is divided into three broad groups:

  • Natural light - this includes window, doors, lights in the streets and other moments of this type. Affect that lighting kitchen and the owner can not still enjoy the, what is. If excessive brightness is allowed to close a window shutter, but at night to use already and nothing and no artificial light will have to sit in the dark;original kitchen lights
  • general-purpose light. Usually this role is played by a large chandelier on a ceiling or a few sconces on the walls. comes, So, that this type of lighting produces a light background, but also to use it as the only source of light in the room will not work - torment to pay electricity bills, several lamps at once wound bunch electricity;
  • LED directional light. This spotlights formed in the immediate vicinity of the working or dining room area. small lamps are used for the formation of such coverage, or else it makes installation LED strip.

lighting kitchen units

Possible types of directional backlights: setting an upper modulation, the visor mount

LED lighting in the kitchen with his hands, made directly into the furniture has not only functional load, but also an element of decor - turning off the rest of the world out beautifully. So often light kitchen units found even there, where we could do without it. Allocate these types of spotlight:

  • lamps, aligning on the visor. In most cases, these are 220V halogen bulbs., who create high quality bright light. Connecting the spotlights of this type are purely decorative step, because the shadows are created will not allow the normal lighting;
  • overhead lamp. In the standard version are fixed at the lower end of the hanging cupboards and closed glass. Glass color is chosen every personal or preference of indoor;
  • Light fixtures in the form pryschepok. This LED lamp with his hands fastened into place thanks to the shape of the stand in the form of clothespins. A variety of colors and types helps him fit into the interior of each type. However, please note, that make such a lamp above the work surface it will build up inside the fat.

ceiling lights
Ceiling lights and apron - the original colors

Separately allocated lights kitchen unit LED strip - it is the most effective way. This type of lighting is easily installed where needed, the future does not require maintenance, and mounting will fit toolbox with previously acquired skills.

What made tape

lighting kitchen units

It should be noted the main advantage of LED strip - material available for it are cheap and cost the tape at a price affordable for buyers. In addition, LED lights with their hands mounted in each suited to this area. For self-assembly tape we need such materials:

  • Tape right color - white or order, which is suitable to the interior;
  • Special power supply for transfer 220. at 12;
  • A couple of meters of connecting wires;
  • Plug to enable the wires from the tape outlet.

average price category on the one hand, diode tapes have adhesive base and the additional cost of such a gluing tape did not anticipate in the future.

Illumination in the kitchen
The kitchen installed many different illumination - magnificently

Installation and connection of LED strip on the circuit with their own hands

Now let's look how looks wiring diagram spotlights 220V and how to carry out the installation of the diode tape on furniture.Here is the algorithm for the connection and installation of the diode tape on furniture:

    1. First and foremost we are measuring the size of furniture and every single element, in which you vmontiruete tape. measurements fix, since according to him afterwards to cut the desired piece of diodes;
    2. Then inspect the surface, which will become a mount tape. It requires preparation: First Wash, and then degrease. This measure is necessary, to provide a secure attachment to the adhesive side of the furniture. Note, in that case, when the furniture has rounded bumps and strong profitable diodes attached to a special metal profile. Profile is fixed on the furniture standard screws;LED lights kitchen unit ribbon
    3. To clean the furniture quality, use alcohol or an ordinary cologne. Here the result is important, and the ways in which you will seek, to tape it goes well ok not so important. Thus consider, that tape is necessary to firmly press, he stuck to normal, otherwise then in time there will be sagging seats;
    4. For, to properly connect the LED strips required to mount and power supply, at what is desirable, that it is not immediately visible, and hiding in the adapted under his niche;
    5. To connect the power supply strip, and then turn on the unit to the power grid. When working with cables, plus do not forget where, and where the minus, to the risk of confusion and not burn diodes.

In carrying out these works it is important to observe safety precautions, You're working with electricity, and not anyhow what. When working with the wiring watch, the wires are not live, and each exposed wire in the process of carefully insulate. In this guide for selecting and connecting this equipment ends, see how, nothing fancy here and no complete the goal of the power of their own.