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Installation of lighting in the kitchen with his hands in a few simple steps

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Each person enjoys the daily lighting, without it, life is impossible. Every day in the morning we go to the kitchen, and this, who gets up early feel better, as lighting helps to orient in space and prepare breakfast. The kitchen light is distributed in the zones, better highlights the work, it was convenient to cook and eat. Comfort is important here, so the light in the kitchen is not done quickly and thoroughly. Sometimes LED lights selected so, to decorate or create a certain interior room. Therefore, kitchen lighting is discussed long before repair, to decide ahead of time with each moment. Today, we will understand how to make a backlight for the kitchen with his hands and how light is distributed in a light room.

Illumination in the kitchen
Illumination in the kitchen should be as practical

light design

Before, how to do LED lamp their own hands and begin to repair the pre-conceived projects. Set out on paper will look like lights, where you place each and the angle at which they will shine on the surface. It is desirable in addition to make the electrical connection diagram, that the project was conceived and from this side.

lights in the kitchen

Choosing a main light: how to make the lighting for the working area

In this regard, follow these principles of construction project:

  • In this case, the connection is made downlights, and which are common room lighting;
  • To make the main light suit sconces or ceiling fixture;
  • Backlight mounted easy, since standard wiring in the kitchen is laid in advance even when building a house, and it is time to hardly deteriorate;
  • In terms of types of lighting of the room rarely makes changes to the classic composed more Project Engineer.

In terms of the choice of light bulbs - choose one powerful lamp on 100 W, to light up the room immediately.

Backlit furniture
on cabinet lighting - ideal solution

extra light: variants of LED strips, Led

Additional lighting for furniture are selected based on specific interior. In this case, the use of floor lamps and sconces, It allowed to use decorative lamps in the form of unusual figures. In some cases, allowed to use transformer for spotlights, to power the individual lamps, integrated into furniture or kitchen. In this case, follow these nuances, to make it better:

  1. Furniture zone illuminated by different types of lighting fixtures;
  2. Wiring is hidden in boxes designed for this;
  3. Switch locate in the recesses, that they are not visible.

LED floor lights, as well as other light sources should not be located in densely, not to oversaturate light room, total power 60 W is sufficient.

lighting cabinets
Lighting cabinets original looks in the kitchen

Special types of lighting: is it possible to turn the light on the wrist

When designing a note, that the kitchen - it is space, in which special lighting will be by the way. It is appropriate to make a night-light with their hands, without turning to bright light gently dinner evening, and vice versa, a large company in handy bright light for holiday. Therefore, for such a case there is a certain set of rules:

  • The first pre-think over, how to do the wiring in the house with his own hands. For power transformers suitable spotlights, changing the voltage;
  • Spotlights used topically, since they are small and easy to install in furniture without causing her harm;
  • The switch is located so, so that it is available even when the light.

Do not neglect this type of illumination, since it is an opportunity to help faster and more convenient to cook.

lighting in the kitchen with his hands

General information about lighting

Reflecting on the, to create a project of placing the light sources in the room in the first place Snap to a particular place. To placing LED lamps with their hands successful use paper up premises, where to get a normal note light sources and power. With the help will be able to also plan to scale quickly calculate the required length of electric cables.

By working independently, it is desirable not to start, If you do not have at least minimal knowledge of electrical engineering. Although, after reading a couple of articles and watching video tutorials you will quickly master, What do we have to do. To achieve a beautiful appearance Think about the placement of light bulbs under the glass next to the work area.

fabulous lights
Fairy lights in beautiful colors

Step by step installation with their own hands: mounting secrets

If the assembly carried out by yourself, the planned actions are performed exactly with scheduling, that before, showing how to reproduce a licensed electrician. First of all be engaged in cultivation of wiring, it is done, so that later it was easier to connect the lighting fixtures. Lighting cables are placed in the channels on the ceiling or walls, If wiring is done outside, the wires are covered with heat-resistant housings.

After the wiring takes for the installation of electric wires. For each type of equipment covered by their own guide, therefore follow the guidelines for installation. After hooking up electrical equipment is accompanied by the, the wiring is connected to the mains. If you have made the correct wiring, connecting the light from the switch will be turned on and off normally. but consider, that the lack of skills in working with the electrical wiring will lead to injury or burnout devices, so think about that.

lights in the kitchen with his hands

Installation of the electrical wiring is accompanied by strict observance of safety. In any case, do not work when the electricity in the room, Do not work with a defective tool. The small kitchen wiring is not so expensive, so if possible, use the services of craftsmen.


Of all written to be, that the building plan and the creation of lighting in the kitchen is an important action. Proceeding to independent repair without experience with electricity is not necessary, because it is fraught with problems. If you have previously experienced electrician, the master such a task you do not own problem. The main thing to follow the instructions and do not forget about safety.