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How to eliminate unpleasant smell from the kitchen sink

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The smell of fried potatoes with onion, fresh borscht, juicy burgers, Here the usual kitchen satellites. A place, where a woman preparing a meal, must be clean and comfortable. And what will happen is your surprise, if you feel the smell of sewage from sinks? He is absorbed in clothes and accompanies you everywhere. Even worse if you are planning a dinner party, which the, with the advent of the contrary plowing, clearly reflected badly on your reputation. In this article we will discuss the main causes of odor and gurgling in the sink and we will help resolve this issue once and for all.

Unpleasant odors from the sewer pipe can be eliminated in several ways

The causes of odors in the kitchen.

Sink cleaned to a shine. Nowhere is there food debris. utensils clean. A smell, it appears, then disappears again. What is the reason? The reasons are many and they are all different, as well as ways to eliminate the smell from the pipes in the kitchen. The stench from the shell appears in the case of:

  1. Mistakes during installation sewerage;
  2. Malfunction of the hydraulic lock;
  3. The occurrence of sewage leakage;
  4. Inadequate ventilation in the room;
  5. pipe blockage.

With that may face each person, do not think, the smell from the pipes in the kitchen only hurts you. AT 50% residential buildings during the planning were mistakes made during installation of sewerage system. Odor trap breaks owing to the strong water pressure and vacuum appearance. Its function - comfortable use of the pipeline, he does not allow to penetrate the smell from the sewer system into the room. Buy a new item is not expensive and not difficult, before that should ensure, that the problem in the hydraulic lock failure.

cause malodor
The most common cause of odor is a problem with the sewage system

It is possible and the emergence of problems with sewage due to the carelessness of tenants. Are you overloaded with heavy waste removal and caused deposits in pipes. Asor, loss resulting from the remnants of food on the plate is removed quite simply. You can go directly to the plumbing or eliminate the problem yourself. Correct operation of the system, we will not work, but to solve the problem with clogging can.

How to eliminate the smell from the drains in the kitchen?

The unpleasant smell of sink in the kitchen Not unusual, sometimes it is accompanied by gurgling water and lengthy descents. The first thing that comes to mind - to remove the blockage, using a plunger. Pour into a bowl of water and clean until, until plums are not adjusted. If this does not work - the problem lies deeper, than we thought. Get familiar with the sewage pipe and check.

cleaning air valves
Using the plunger can be removed from the source of the odor trap and pipe sewage

Get rid of the problem - an unpleasant smell, help wash siphon. Purpose of the siphon in the elimination of odor, it blocks and prevents stink to get inside. types siphons:

  • barrel;
  • self-cleaning.

For the first type, remove the removable part and clean the blockage directly. With the second of these problems do not arise.

Now check the status of pipes, for cracks, leaks and holes. If you find defects, replace the part, flow is the reason that the water bubbling in the kitchen sink. Check for blockages in the design. For this disassemble the drains and thoroughly clean the pipe. The reason may be in the fat accumulations, residual food and debris in the kitchen sink pipes. This is accompanied by the growth of bacteria and parasites. Do not tighten with the elimination of odor, otherwise you get food poisoning or other diseases.

The use of special funds.

What to do if the sink stinks? This question torments you and interfere with your peaceful sleep? In the shop a variety of means, that promise to eliminate blockages, gurgle and smells. Should I believe them? Let's deal! Usually contain a lot of chemicals alkalis, so use them with caution. Buy in-store means, read the instructions and fill in the desired amount of drain. Wait time and wash sink.

chemical means to eliminate odors
Using chemicals to eliminate odors, carefully read the instructions carefully and follow the dosage

Disinfectants are divided into:

  • powder, They quickly cleaned, cheaper, but destroy the surface of pipes;
  • gels, cost-effective means, spreading over the tube and dissolved deposits, safe for pipeline;
  • liquid, well help and safe, cost more.

Council! Eliminate the smell from the drains to help disinfectant gels. choose their, they are more cost-effective, safe and effective.

Liquid funds and gley can even be used in plastic pipes. Prior to use, put gloves on his hands, and carefully follow the instructions. The most popular shopping tools include:

  • Mister Muskul, sold in the form of gel and foam;
  • bugs Pothan, expensive, but removes the strongest blockages;
  • tiret, It copes well with fatty deposits;
  • Flup, Use extreme caution.

Council! To clogging problem appeared in your life less, do prevention and flush pipe using special means.

Folk remedies

folk remedies
Soda, lemon and acetic acid- tested folk remedies to combat the unpleasant

It smells from the sink in the kitchen? Let's see, which means you can do yourself, without resorting to chemicals. Baking soda - this is a panacea, at the moment to cope with a number of problems. It is available for everyone, It is not expensive, find soda is easy to store. Field of application is not limited to soda, Here and there they found the consumer. Soda will help get rid of unpleasant odors, break through the blockage and to conduct maintenance work in the sewers. Recipe:

  1. Mix 3 tablespoons baking soda with lukewarm water;
  2. Pour the mixture into the sink;
  3. leave on 3-4 o'clock;
  4. Rinse with hot running water.

Council! For, that the odor problem is not dealt with your family and do not spoil your life, every 2 Time to refill the sink soda. She cleared drains and prevent odors,.

Vinegar - helps to remove blockages, that cause odor. Fill 500 ml in the sink and let it sit for half an hour. Then warm water rinse. Mustard suitable solution or ordinary white.


The kitchen smells of sewage? Now you know, how to fight it! If these methods do not you come, have to resort to drastic measures. Call the plumber and rely on the expertise and experience of a professional!