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We design and build an outdoor kitchen with their own hands

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During the summer holidays and weekends in the warmer months, many citizens associated with the stay in the country. AND, usually, Food cooking going on here is not at the stove on a sweltering kitchen, and separately disposed light construction. Most often it is done by using a gas (with portable tanks) and the solid (coal and wood) equipment. A floor space projects summer kitchen provide the country within 8-12 sq. m.

Summer cuisine
Summer kitchen - the place of cooking food and a place of rest in the country

Benefits summer kitchens

The construction of separate house, used as kitchen facilities, It has become a tradition at owners of dachas. And thanks to the advantages of a summer kitchen includes a part of a modern suburban area projects. Who put such a structure is not far from the house, and by the pool or terrace.

summer kitchen at the cottage

For the kitchen Benefits include:

  1. creating comfortable, functional and ventilated cooking zone;
  2. decoration section, special, if the room is done in a special style, and inside a fireplace, a barbecue;
  3. the opportunity to create a project with their own hands, and the low cost of construction;
  4. additional space for rest or sleep.

Project development

Summer kitchen can not be called a complex construction, but to develop the project will still have to. To do this, use certain instructions and to immediately determine the design of the room. Projects include a summer kitchen indoor and outdoor options. First built faster and cheaper, the second would be the best choice when the weather turned bad.

kitchen on the street

Inexpensive project a summer kitchen with barbecue offers a wide range of solutions, but the result will be, rather, an arbor for a portable stove or barbecue, than a full construction. Therefore it is necessary to build a wooden or brick structure, where it will be stored and cookware. In this case, the kitchen project specification includes a plate, and washing, enclosures, not to mention the table, chairs and shelves.

Location built

Creating a kitchen design, selected minimum distance to the residential part, that will provide the shortest connection to the house and reduce the costs of water supply, sewerage and electricity. A plant built over cellar enhance the usability of the product storage and preservation. Outside toilet, it is desirable to position away from the summer kitchen.

for the construction site must be flat, but with a slight slope to drain rainwater. Upon completion of this territory spread bricks or tiles.

beautiful summer kitchen

construction Features

for kitchen construction work must take place in a certain sequence. So, If you choose to cellar, it erected before the foundation and enclosing structures. construction of the wall can be panel board, plank and even brick. A good option would be the summer kitchen of chipboard with a base of concrete or brick.


Modern outdoor kitchen with a cellar Cottagers will need to store food and crops. And the size of the construction depends on the amount of food, that there is supposed to keep. If the cellar is only for small volume products (sufficient for the weekend), it may be shallow. But, when you want to build a solid construction and more for fruits and vegetables, thorough work carried out.

a summer kitchen with his hands

requirements, to be observed, erecting a cellar under the house with his own hands:

  • depth about 2 meters for easy placement descending down man;
  • hatch must be not less than 0.6 × 0.8 m;
  • width and length of the room taken such, to build a cellar in a private house with his own hands as the base of the walls basement summer kitchen.

kitchen garden

In order to avoid flooding the room's walls, necessarily fulfilled their waterproofing. A walling themselves are made of reinforced concrete with a thickness of 0,3 m. Also provides a device for the cellar vent riser.

The foundation and frame

Construction of the foundation is necessary in the event that, if there is no cellar under construction or it is not made capital. To open kitchen allowed simple embodiment of a base unit - the poured concrete or brick paved to a depth of 15 see playground.

brick summer kitchen support

A more robust construction requires a device the following types of foundations:

  • stolbchatogo, designed for wooden buildings. Is a stone and brick columns for load balancing;
  • tape, able to withstand a brick kitchen. Made by pouring concrete on the construction of the perimeter trench;
  • most reliable, but costly slab foundation, design which consists of a layer of sand, gravel and cement.

kitchen at the cottage

On top of the foundation wall mounted. Wooden construction parts fastened with screws and screws, beam - corners. Inside the kitchen sheathe plasterboard, and outside - boards. As the carcass material take brick or metal. Making full brick walls it is not recommended because of the high cost and time consuming. The width of the frame construction - 0,5 or 1 brick.

Summer cuisine, made with their own hands
Summer cuisine, made with their own hands will always remain the most desirable

kitchen roof gable or lean-runs. The former is easier, but the second gives great harmony and structure allows you to decorate the better with the help of the entire area of ​​construction. The kitchen is covered with slate, tile or metal tile, taking them beyond design, allowing rainwater. Allowed and modern solutions - such as ondulin mount on the roof - this is not only durable evroshifer, but also eco-friendly.
In that case, unless the roof is constructed for premises, and shelter, Polycarbonate is used and only.


Complete the construction of the following installation of doors, windows and floors. Overlapping floor 20 may serve as the board-millimmetrovye, being uncovered varnish. The same material and the ceiling sheathe, although the use of painted drywall simplify the process of giving the room the style you want.