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Kitchens Wenge color: where applicable, and with what to combine

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kitchen, which are made in the color of wenge now at the peak of popularity. Buyers explain it, that the facade of a kitchen combined with metal profile and glass - is a practical and stylish. This breed is suitable for the kitchen, made in any style, because this color can be combined with other shades. This article will tell you about the style of the interior of the kitchen in wenge and its combination with other color schemes.

Fashion trends in interior art emphasize the consumer's attention to the color of wenge

Pro grade wood

Wenge is a rare and valuable wood species from tropical countries of Central Africa. At the present time from the formation of the tree made material for the decorations in the interior, furniture and other products. Shade wenge popular in kitchen design, it is fashionable and respectable. Wenge wood is considered one of the best because, that possesses these properties:

  • solid structure, resistance to damage and the severity of the pressure;
  • The complexity of the penetration of mold and mildew, wood pests;
  • Decorative - a variety of colors and textures;
  • line service.

The conclusion from these advantages - material cost is justified. But an alternative embodiment is a wood veneer manufacturing, that is used in the interior design and furniture.

The color scheme of the interior styles in wenge

wenge colors used in the interiors modern buildings. Though wenge is meant by a single material, but the colors he has a lot of. If we talk about the kitchen, then it uses the simulation of trees. This is due to high humidity and steam.

Имитация под древесину
In kitchen with wenge wood imitation

Shades of Wenge are concise, stylish and luxurious, they prefer the true connoisseurs of luxury homes. But it is necessary to understand, in which the interior and the color will look best kitchen in wenge. Among the colors there exist:

  1. Maroon;
  2. Coffee;
  3. Dark and light brown;
  4. dark violet;
  5. Chocolate and dark chocolate;
  6. Black with gray and brown accents integrated, and stripes, other colors.


Classic style is considered expensive and elegant interior, giving a touch of aristocracy. Besides, Classic is always in fashion and look without a hint of obligations. To highlight the kitchen island with a classic facade, You can use the dark wenge - it will give the room a unique and spectacular view. In furniture of this material no extra intricate shapes or decorations. Create a classic contrast it will help blend a light beige color in the interior of the kitchen. Together they will look strictly, and at the same time gently.

Council: dilute the severity of possible using bright paintings, multicolored frames for photos and other interior items.

Классический стиль
Classic kitchen


In this style there is easy, so the kitchen in wenge color with beige color -, what do you need. Yet such an option - black and coffee - noble color material, by which the furniture will look a win-win, and fully comply with minimalism.

Council: if only the interior is decorated in dark colors, Use to decorate pottery figurines or light color.


To the interior of the kitchen was an unusual, mono mix any color of wood or imitation of the color of bleached oak. African origin of wood can become the inspiration of unusual and attractive notes of the atmosphere, which will surprise you not only, but your guests.

Council: to manage to emphasize different nationalities, place in a room or ethnic ornaments African leopard print, pictures, towels, prihvatki and rukavički, chandeliers and sconces.

other styles

Interesting new ideas and fresh colors - it is only a plus in your favor. Interior kitchen in a dark or light color - beautiful, and diluted two colors - good in their own way, decision - kitchen in wenge color and vanilla, which looks elegant and discreet.

Custom colors
Wenge color is perfectly combined with other color schemes

wenge shades look expensive and effectively, so, make out your kitchen such material - is the perfect solution, which will only accentuate your style and personality! Complete interior of any style will help to design window frames and door frames in the same color. It will look just awesome, incredibly stylish and tasteful.

A color scheme

For different interior styles, as well as the tastes of the owners of residential premises, characteristic color, or a combination. Many people choose to design a combination of light and dark, so wenge kitchen with vanilla beige kitchen - the perfect solution.

Not necessarily to make out everything in dark colors, and make your kitchen a dark and dreary. Zebrano light - a shade, which is able to impart dark tones timber relaxed atmosphere, a feeling of warmth and serenity.

Zebrano wood - rare, but memorable, which grows in the Western regions of Africa. It is used for the production of plywood, furniture, panels for walls, in turning operations, link, to the floor coverings, as well as other subjects. The tree has a good density and different colors, which in most cases takes the accent color of interior space.

Кухня цвета венге с белым
The use of dark and light shades in the kitchen create an atmosphere of peace and confidence

Rated "excellent" deserves such a direction as the color of the kitchen in wenge and vanilla. Very spacious and light it will look in combination with white or light-colored walls. Because of the neutral wall color opens up more possibilities for decorations and decorating. That's how combining colors can consider the beauty and depth of wenge, a vanilla shade will add to the atmosphere of the building of peace and tranquility.

An excellent combination of light and dark wood with warm tones and bright. Orange or red - quite boldly, bright and unusual. Besides, psychologists believe, that such colors contribute to the excitation of the nervous system and improve digestion. Wenge kitchen design with beige able to be combined with orange, adding to the elegance of the interior.

the color of curtains

Add Space generosity and a touch of sophistication curtains help wenge. Many people think they are too strict, but even if this is the case, the problem is easily remedied by dilution with bright or light-colored elements. Among them:

  • Painting with bright colorful flowers;
  • coverlets;
  • Chandeliers;
  • Carpets and rugs.

To diversify curtains, think of the suspension - it will add comfort, light and defuse the severity of the situation.


wenge curtains in the interior, as well, as well as with furniture panel, various, but basically it is the darkest color. the main thing, so that they blend with the kitchen set and other furniture in the room.

Council: if the kitchen is formed in a dark color with beige tint or vanilla, do the same light suspension at the dark curtains, Spread a light blanket or blankets for furniture.

wenge curtains will perfectly be combined with the same color furniture, give it elegance, Charm and appeal. The main thing - it's the right combination, so you get the harmony and stunning effect. Kitchen Wenge color today is fashionable and stylish.