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What you need to know about the right kitchen design in black

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Black - a strong element of the palette, characterized by ambiguity. He designers to display Following, tk. It is a classic. It is chosen by the extravagant personality, satisfied with their expressiveness. kitchen decoration in a tone - a new design solution. It is still a matter of controversy. His gloom and negative lugubriousness tune, but on the other hand, it is elegant and enticing.

Kitchen in black
Black kitchen will become the property apartment, if the registration of professionals engaged

Unsophisticated in design man can correct accents, use the colors and details.

The remarkable kitchen in black?

The black color in the interior can be different, he should not, Contrary to popular belief, waft gloom and despondency. It all depends on the texture. Luxuriously look dull cabinets or tables with wooden texture, the depressed state they do not evoke. The excitement of darkness scattered, if you order cabinets with glass inserts. Then the dark becomes a major, but relegated to the sidelines.

black kitchen the interior is able to discipline and organize. It is too elegant and Marche, to negligent attitude to her. Dilute the feeling will help the textile decoration of pastel.

color options under consideration is neutral, therefore, it is capable of reacting with other harmonic spectrum shades. Also, it is very contrasty. This quality is used by designers. For example, if in a small room to paint three walls in light colors, and the fourth - dark, then the space visually expands.

Another advantage - the effect of luxury. It is noted at the moderate exposure tone, a surplus capable of making a gloom.

Successful combinations and colors distribution

The harmonious interior is created under certain rules.

Glossy black kitchen
Better to choose the glossy appearance, tk. it reflects light and glare

There is an additional brightness in the room. Gloss looks richer and richer, than the matte surface.

  • Classic black kitchen looks better, if there is a patinated silver or gold. Buy equipment in the same performance is not worth, white, metal and chrome parts fit. The presence of crystal chandeliers fill the appearance of luxury.
  • Black furniture in the interior is done in a modern or industrial style. But successful variants found among classics, Deco, or avant-garde high-tech. Specific dogma style decisions no. The furnishings are endowed with straight lines, worktop - the classic, made of artificial stone. In harmony with such a situation in a natural wood finish, decor elements.
  • It is critical to successfully chosen lighting, tk. abundance black has to create darkness. Design involves the use of different sources - point, accent, general, scattering, with fluorescent lamps. Good, If the kitchen gets plenty of natural light.
  • Not necessarily choose the table top with dark shades. Its surface may be white or light gray. As for the material, It looks gorgeous marble.
  • Floor operate in a bright tone with wooden texture. It is able to visually enlarge the space and successfully dilute the diversity of dark shades.

Black walls in a black kitchen
Black walls in the interior are rarely successful addition

  • It is better to use furniture in dark colors. Walls also performed light, to highlight the main color depth.

Black spacious kitchen

Spacious kitchen in black - a gift for the designer. Here he could feel the full freedom, use the details and accents, which can not be used in small rooms. it:

  1. Saturated red parts. To avoid this dramatic tone should not prevail;
  2. Light or light translucent curtains. They are added to the interior of tenderness, alien black color;
  3. All types of artificial lighting, otherwise the room will be dark;
  4. bright accents.

Bright accents in a black kitchen
The main thing is not to overdo it, tk. on a black background, they look more colorful and full of

It is advisable not to dye black walls and ceiling. Although the space it allows. You can overdo it, create a "cave" impression.

In large rooms, you can freely use the black piece of furniture or finish, whether it is modern style, industrial, classic or some other.

Small black kitchen

The black color in a small kitchen looks well, if you select the right background. Designers prefer to play on the contrast - to carry wallpaper white. But bright colors (red or, eg, lime) also combine. An ideal goal would be a black-and-white basic design with the addition of saturated hue parts.

Particular attention is paid to ergonomics. The space does not allow to place furniture and equipment in remote from each other. Therefore, the presence of several cabinets for the little things will help avoid confusion.

Dark shades bring items, make the room less. To avoid this, You can use different colors - add the color purple, chocolate or blue tide. Such color set removes the effect of reducing the space.

Warm and cold blacks in conflict. It is impossible to dilute them by each other. For example, Black kitchen table warm tones first separated by white or other light-colored chairs, followed by a set (other furniture) cool colors.

The classic combination of small spaces - black with wooden trim. What makes it lighter, all the better.

Salvation are fresh flowers, they look away from a small space, so the kitchen is visually reduced.

the shortcomings of color

black kitchen
Black is often used in the interior of detailed, but true professionals able to make it the primary

Even if with a touch of experienced specialists, his present shortcomings:

  • Any dark color clearly reflects domestic pollution, It has to be cleaned frequently.
  • Bad idea for owners of small kitchens - tone is visually closer objects, reducing the space. It requires the use of accents and details, to eliminate the effect of.
  • You can not use the shades in the kitchen on the north side and the small windows because of the lack of natural light.
  • Excess black, as reported by psychologists, able to adjust to the depressive and gloomy mood.

If you are going to do and black interior in the kitchen, it is only with the help of professionals, independent attempts in the lack of experience will lead to a waste of space and tasteless decoration.

Here's a she, black kitchen.