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airbox: ergonomic use of space

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Repairs in the house is completed and is traditionally arrange the last room - the kitchen, and homeowners are faced with the difficulty of forgotten, which is represented by protruding from the wall ventkorobom. Sometimes this "discovery" is really able to confound, however, argue practice, that kitchen ventilation design with a projection is not the most difficult task.
Airbox in the corner of the kitchen is decorated with small decorative tiles

A common arrangement is one ventkoroba angular placement, However, there are kitchen, wherein the projection wall divides in half, which excludes some familiar solutions. To make it easier to deal with the arrangement of these kitchens, Let's break ventkoroba the following classes:

  • small (size of less than 60cm)
  • big (one of the parties more than 60cm)
  • custom (non-square geometric shape)

Standard duct - the standard solution

We begin with kitchens, where a duct with a depth and width greater than 60cm 45cm occupies only angle. homely, at first sight, speech, in this case it is easy to turn into a central element of the kitchen.

Such ventkoroba size fits the standards of the classic elements of kitchen - countertops, because standard sizes are precisely the 60cm ledge. Based on personal experience, I note, that decorated the ventilation ducts should start with the situation tops.

Horizontal airbox
Horizontal ventilation duct of the sheets of plasterboard

If the projection is not just part of the ventilation system, but also hides the water or gas pipes, it is recommended to do with - adjacent to the side of the pipe - invisible hatch, which will transfer all metering devices (supplying water and gas) in one place. Given the need for installation of water meters, such a solution would facilitate the collection of data.

kitchen duct in the corner reveals a significant plus: removed the question of the location of the plate and the internal organization hood, because the vent right next door. plate placement in the box allows you to connect directly to the general system, without using extra binders and save visual space. If the kitchen riser passes through the inside of the shaft, instead of the plate should install the sink, which is also good - when washing water will not fly away in the kitchen.

Meter with a cap or beat elongated box

However, not all the kitchen design with ventilation ducts in the corner can be brought under a single category. As part of the newly found option boxes, that protrude from the wall a slight distance, but fall short of the width of one meter. In such cases, any technique in the fifth corner is not the best solution, but the semi-circular tiered rack serve as an excellent storage for small utensils. If the kitchen is kept in a classic style, it is preferable to use a wooden shelf, which will accommodate, for example, spice. for kitchens, more 10kv.m., ergonomic solution will be built-in appliances or, e.g. U-shaped section, the envelope of the projection. Plus, such a decision is, acquiring section that can be individually, depending on the protrusion depth.

the idea of ​​decorating the box
Great idea decorating boxes- masquerading under the fireplace

There are also disadvantages to this arrangement, the box: often acting depth is less than the standard size tops and they will have to do a custom, or trimmed to the desired size. On the other hand, not necessarily specifically embedded countertops, and allowed to leave the original size, and stenuventkoroba decorated semicircular worktop, which is much easier to adjust to the desired size. This design take ten centimeters square, however, it will be possible to make the whole kitchen appliances on the countertop itself.

The second stone of stumbling to the kitchen airbox such a sample - fails standard size of the large depth of kitchen equipment box, and ordered the same gas stove unique size - it's not cheap.

Non-standard forms or Geometry for designers

Consider one of the labor-intensive for this with a projection cuisine, case, when the form is not far from the square or rectangle, but, eg, step shape. there is a problem: instead of one additional angle we get two. What to do in such cases,? Optimal - placing the plate between the two angles boxes or any suitable technique and the size of the two outer corners rounding ganging worktops.

This kitchen with a ledge in the corner is asymmetrical, which creates difficulties in the selection of the design and it is this asymmetry determines the best option of the situation. so, what is permissible in such a case,:

  1. Most of the permeate side of a one-sided the bar, under a countertop customize angle so, to receive the angled section
  2. Aligning the box by masonry or plasterboard, and then use one of the standard methods of decorating
  3. Creating a distinctive niche cabinet in place, the inner part is equipped with various storage sections
  4. Placing on the walls, inner angle formed, rails, hooks and magnetic strips to store small cutlery

box as a decoration element
Not necessarily highlight or hide a box in the kitchen, you can just use it as an element of decor

In the first case worktop hides asymmetry boxes and can be used as working surface, or to install a small equipment. In the second case there is a problem with a place, but it avoids the waste of resources for the purchase of the necessary hardware. Kitchen design with ventilation ducts in the corner of the third method - the optimal method of arrangement. First of all, competent use within such cabinet swivel mechanism will allow to store the necessary utensils in one place, and the rest of the kitchen space is used exclusively for functional equipment. Secondly, built-in appliances can be placed at the bottom of the cabinet, such as a dishwasher or washing machine.

Ventkorob as a natural element of decor

It happens, sometimes it makes no sense to change the form or you can not ennoble box, Then a simple and budget option - use it as a decor element. There is no any common ideas on registration, however, ventilation ducts decoration should not be unduly alyapistym and go beyond the selected style kitchen. But still, give some advice, resorted to when selecting a box arrangement ideas:

  • You can oblitsevat protrusion mosaics, ceramic tiles or stone art
  • At leastaboutproc eed side put decorative fireplace, And over it to use small shelves and fixtures
  • A lot of traveling - decorate ventshahtu photos or skeet from sunny countries
  • Fans of plants placed on the box bindweed with mesh to create a "green" wall

Summarizing, remark, what, despite the apparent difficulties in design of the kitchen with a projection, actually pick concise and affordable furniture is not so difficult. Everything, that you will be required - this is a little ingenuity, patience and a clear idea, what you want as a result of, and the rest - a matter of time and search.