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Subtleties in the manufacture of kitchen of solid pine with their own hands

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Every person aspires to equip your home so, that was it nice and comfortable. Major role in creating a favorable atmosphere in the house or apartment of play materials, used for interior decoration, and quality furniture.

Kitchen wood
Classic kitchen in wood

Why choose wood

On the modern furniture market leading products from synthetic materials, since they have excellent performance, attractive appearance and inexpensive.

But lovers of natural materials prefer luxury wooden furniture. Therefore, the production of furniture facades from an array of profitable business. Wood - a natural, ecologicaly clean, breathable material, so these products are very popular and always in demand. Kitchen furniture from the array looks elegant and presentable, in harmony with the surrounding environment. The facades of the array pine, beech and oak - is evidence of good taste home owners and good stylistic decision, which is appropriate to look in any interior.

Set with facades made of wood for the kitchen gives the room a stylish look, bring a home comfort, harmony, warm energy and freshness. Wooden facades are made on the newest technologies, so they are a clear example of the spectacular combination of elegance and modern technology. Special processing wood gives increased strength and moisture resistance, therefore the original look persists for decades.

The facades of the array
The facades of the array looks stylish and expensive

According to statistics, most kitchens in solid wood choose secured older people with conservative tastes. Compared with headsets of chipboard, MDF or plastic, this furniture is much more expensive and is considered a symbol of wealth and material prosperity.

Properties facades from an array

wooden facades are undeniable dignity:

  1. Resistance to sudden changes in temperature and moisture.
  2. The ability to "breathe".
  3. Environmentally friendly.
  4. Excellent thermal insulation characteristics. In winter, the facades of the array retain heat, in the summer - do not allow the building to overheat, maintaining it in optimum temperature.
  5. High level of sound- and noise insulation.
  6. attractive design, unique texture, drawing depth.
  7. magnificent view.
  8. Longer lifetime.
  9. A wide choice of colors (specially designed toning highlight the texture of wood).
  10. Neprytyazatelnost to get away.
  11. Ease of restoration and repair.

Among the shortcomings - the need from time to time (every 10-12 months) Furniture handle facade of pine or ash special antifungal compositions. But this procedure is not labor does not take much time. During the acclimatization of the material can dry up or swell on 1-2 mm. Constant exposure to sunlight leads to a partial fading facades for the kitchen from pine.

spacious kitchen
The island in the center of the dining area

Production of wooden facades

Wooden fronts made of solid rock, which is not afraid of tough operating conditions of the kitchen environment, - ash, walnut, acacia, noise or dub. This is a classic, which is decorated with carvings and various artificial effects, Patinir or purposely sostarivayut. These headsets are very easy to restore in case of damage. Soft rocks are also used, but first they carefully craft (Pine, ale, cherry, poplar). Kitchen made of solid pine - the most common and a budget option compared to other.

Wooden furniture facades made of pine for "antique" dishes - an integral part of country style, warm and cozy in every sense of the word. In the classical interiors facades for kitchens mahogany are often decorated with carved elements and bars.

Untreated wood during sudden temperature fluctuations may warp or crack from dryness. Therefore, production requires strict observance of technological norms. Making furniture fronts Solid - a complicated and lengthy process. Wood thoroughly dried, and treated with antiseptic impregnation varnish in 5-6 layers.

linear kitchen
Linear kitchen with beige wooden facades

Tools and accessories

Is it possible to make the kitchen of solid pine with their own hands? the, who has a basic understanding of carpentry technologies and know how to use tools, it is hard to do. The process of manufacturing framed furniture fronts (Pine) It consists of the following stages:

  1. Selection of dry blanks (humidity no more 10%).
  2. Measurement of the future cabinet and the drafting drawing paneled design. For one door need two vertical beams, two beams and paneling.
  3. Manufacturing preforms using a milling machine and jigsaw. Jigsaw cut pillars and beams. Machine saw through the grooves on the side edges. At the ends of the two bars form spikes.
  4. Machining of workpieces (grinding). Edges treated with fine sandpaper.
  5. Assembly, bonding and fixing paneled design. First, a panel inserted in the slots of bars, then, connecting pins to the side walls, set the lower and upper crossbar. Further design dismantle, in the binding sites smeared with glue and collecting definitively.
  6. Impregnation of antiseptic.
  7. Lacquering to protect against ultraviolet rays and moisture. Facades of pine can be painted in any color of interior or alkyd enamel.
  8. Mounting hardware and hinges.

Modern technologies allow to realize the most daring fantasies, so the furniture from solid wood with their hands - it's a real reality. The main thing - to maintain in kitchens optimal parameters of humidity and temperature and to properly care for the surface. As a protective agent suitable wax, when cleaning, use a damp cloth. With proper care, wooden furniture will stand for more than a decade, and will pay money for a few years, spent on the purchase and production of the headset.