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Stylish ideas for the kitchen 9 m: variations of design decisions

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Properly thought-out layout and arrangement of rooms allows you to create functional interiors even in a limited area. Organization kitchen space must comply with the main requirements of ergonomics. spacious room, made in the original style, give cooking comfort and deliver a comfortable venue for family dinners, good cheer.

kitchen 9 square meters
even on 9 squares can be perfectly unfold

Zoning space will allow to plan the location of the required elements. Pre-compiled furniture layout, kitchen appliances necessary for accurate calculations of circuit wiring and lighting quality.

It is important not to clutter the space with unnecessary items, maintaining the visual perception of lightness and airiness.

Design kitchens 9 square meters has many variations, the choice of which depends on the individual preferences and characteristics of room layout. Stylistic decision may be subject to the necessary changes, focusing on the shape and area of ​​the room. Warm and bright tone finish surfaces visually expand space. The general recommendations may include use of simple, the same type of textured materials, Do not overload the background design.

bright kitchen
Bright colors really expand the space

General styles for kitchens 9 quarter. m

The interior space must combine general idea, creating as a result of a harmonious and coherent space. Suitable styles for small kitchen spaces act:

  • classical;
  • geometric;
  • high-tech;
  • minimalism;
  • country;
  • modern;
  • eclecticism.

eclectic style kitchen
Eclectic style - a very trendy and modern version of the processing facilities

The classic design of the kitchen will be a choice of admirers of traditional solutions. The use of natural materials will give a beautiful and cozy atmosphere. Tree, a rock, or qualitative simulation, stained glass elements perform premises original decor. It is important to follow the generally accepted principles of style, maintaining stylistic norms. Timeless style of urgency will create practical and pretty functional interior.

Geometric style involves the creation of visual effects through a variety of lines and shapes. Bands can increase the space, make high ceilings, spacious room. It is important to choose the right colors and leverage contrasts. The use of modern high-tech style stands out the monotony of tone, glossy surfaces and the lack of spare parts. Minimalist interiors allow you to create light and airy space, with smooth, simple lines.

country style fill the room warm and cozy home. Natural materials accentuate a homely atmosphere. The combination of modern shapes and technological devices are the foundation of the Art Nouveau style. Kitchen gets notes of personality. The decor is virtually absent, creating both simple and austere interior. Eclectic solutions are not clearly limited by the rules, organically combining the techniques of different styles.

interesting kitchen
The unusual combination of different styles in the interior like many

shades game: colorful accents and contrasts

Kitchen interior design 9 sq.m involves the use of visual effects, which are based on the game of shades and light in the room. Calm colors filling the room spaciousness. Each element of the decor and furniture should always be in harmony, creating a single entity.

The high reflective capacity of surfaces increase the amount of light, further expand the space.

Game of contrasts achieved through the dark parts. The method is a combination of finishes and kitchen furniture. The bright parts look favorably on a dark background of wallpaper with prints, made in one color with the garniture. classic Ideas for the kitchen 9 sq m given in the original combination of black and white colors. Admirers of bright contrasts will come red and black tones, prevailing in the kitchen furniture and appliances.

Original ideas for apron: main types and versions

Kitchen Apron 9 meter area should be practical and have a decorative appearance. Modern tile meets the generally accepted strength requirements and hygiene. Working wall clearance is carried out using a variety of materials, the choice of which depends on the style of the kitchen and the desired result. As the fabric is used:

  1. Ceramics.
  2. Fake diamond.
  3. Mosaic.
  4. Metal.
  5. Glass.

Apron made of glass
Apron glass - elegant solution for a working wall

The number of tiles is calculated from per meter finishing area. The size and type of material is chosen individually. It is also important to take into account the degree of stress of the interior tiles and determine the level of functionality. Hot spray and steam may be required to carry out regular maintenance of the surface. It is recommended to take into account the cleaning material comfort and resistance to thermal and mechanical stress.

Classic options facing original complement a still image on the surface. Apron of photo tiles can be a beneficial addition of an interior, or to perform a bright accent. Color reception based on contrasts looks the most profitable in small spaces. The unique effect is achieved by the realism. Traditional prints fruit suitable for the kitchen in country style. Plain tile with an unobtrusive textured satisfy conservative tastes.

Glass apron least decorative and capable organically combine practicality and beauty of the material. The play of light filled the room interesting highlights, creating an extraordinarily stylish interior. Mirrored versions are appropriate in the kitchen in a modern style, high-tech, minimalism. The room must be a minimum number of small items of decoration, which reflected the effect will create confusion.


Applying proven design techniques and solutions, It is given the opportunity to implement complex stylistic ideas. Harmonious appearance kitchens give unlimited comfort and the pleasure of staying in the room.