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Panels for the apron in the kitchen: 3 the principle of interior design

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kitchen. Where life abounds. In this word entered into almost all consumer sense of family life. Woman spends here most of my free time. And the main task of a loving man to make the space comfortable and convenient.

Beautiful mosaic picture, which will delight you for years to come

Practical beauty panels

Cleanliness and tidiness are cozy in the kitchen, and ease of cleaning of the working area - the key to usability. To hostess spend less time and effort to impose order designers placed on the wall in the working area apron.

this covering problem - protection wall above the cooking surface from contamination. A functional feature - ease of care.

Panels for the apron in the kitchen

Kitchen apron - the territory of creativity

The working area and the wall above it - the most visible part of the kitchen. They should be in harmony with the overall design of the room.

When choosing an apron for the working area you need to focus on the simple principles of design:

  • If the walls are made in soft colors, will appropriately brilliant version.
  • Pastel-colored kitchen units better shade fancy apron with catchy pattern.
  • For saturated colors and decorative elements fit kitchen monochrome coloring of the working area.

Panels for kitchen
Decorate your home with a beautiful apron is stylish, beautiful, modernly

Classic aprons in the kitchen ceramic tile

Traditionally, for facing the working area in the kitchen used:

  1. Tile,
  2. mosaic,
  3. tiles.

Ceramic tile or large tiles on the apron for the kitchen - reliable way of facing the working area. Proven over the years the advantages of tile:

  • easy care: Tiles are not afraid of household chemistry, from the surface are easily washed off pollution.
  • Thermal shock resistance.
  • low cost.

The main disadvantage - a laborious installation process. Installation of tiles made before the installation of kitchen units. It is necessary to strictly follow the design project, to kitchen clearly into place. Laid tile on the special adhesive or mortar.

Panels for apron

Start laying the tiles need to lower row, otherwise settle apron.

It allowed the installation of the tiles after the installation of the headset, but it is likely to damage the furniture or the tile itself.

Panels for kitchen skirt of the mosaic is made from ceramics or special glass - smalt. Mosaic - This tile is very small in size. As usual tile, it is convenient to operate: easily tolerates aggressive environments and easily washed from the dirt.

In modern mosaic design is applied to a special mesh base, easy installation. Display of the mosaic of the individual particles - consuming process. panels of Provence, made mosaic, It looks particularly impressive.

Making apron tiles - expensive pleasure. But the design is strong and durable. Tile - a ceramic tile coated with glazurevym, hand-painted. Often tiles are made with embossed pattern. Such panels, ideal for the kitchen Russian style.

The face of the tile resembles tile, on the inside it has a special guide for installation (rumpa). Stacking is carried out by means of screws and wire.

Beautiful kitchen
Such pictures attract attention and create a mood

Apron in the kitchen: new Horizons

Modern decoration wall above the work surface of the table - tabernacle. This panel of glass applied with the pattern. Strained glass, from which the skinali, It has increased strength. It is resistant to moisture. For the hostess kitchen apron glass - just a godsend. He is not afraid of cleaning agents and can be easily cleaned from the most stubborn dirt.

Robust and durable. Simple mounting with metal profiles or brackets as in a mirror will enable to cope with the installation of even a novice.

Skinali open up new possibilities for kitchen design. Applied to the glass surface any desired image. As a base panels on the kitchen on an apron may be appropriate subjects cuisine family photo session or a picture of someone from the household.

Panels for the apron in the kitchen

Cubism and kitchen - compatible concepts

Surprisingly, but Cubism - the direction of painting - found space for the realization of the kitchen. Where? The kitchen apron.

After finishing in the bathroom tiles were splinters? Do not rush to get rid of them. With the help of this junk material kitchen apron it is easily converted into an object of cubic modernism. Of construction waste it turns mosaic on the apron for the kitchen.

There is no limit for the imagination. Wall in the work area to complement the intricate pattern of randomly scribbled bits of broken tile or a completely self-contained with a picture conceived plot. It all depends on the skills and patience to master.

original panels for the apron in the kitchen

Stages laying ordinary tiles and mosaic tile fragments coincide:

  1. Preparing walls.
  2. tile layout.
  3. Grouting.

If there is approximately the same size tile, the mosaic will look neater. Different in size and shape pieces give greater textural and volume.

Grouting mosaic masonry perform better from a material based on epoxy resin. It is resistant to moisture and household chemicals. The canvas will be a long time to please the eye pristine views.

kitchen apron
Panels on the apron kitchen becomes the center of the room and pride

Apron Kitchen: selection rule

The main objective of the apron in the kitchen - protection of walls from pollution. Designers also complicate the task and decorative role. Today, it is an element of decor in the kitchen, the ability to put a bright accent in the interior. According to its complementary role, aprons for the kitchen may be neutral or bright, contrast and small.

keep neutrality

For neutral quiet colors using the apron. No special meaning this element does not play. It emphasizes the elegance of furniture and fulfills its function - protects the wall from the adverse effects of moisture and dirt.

Panels for the apron in antique style

A small detail of a large design

Aprons in the kitchen does not necessarily occupy an entire wall of the working space. You can place a decorative element only in the sought-after locations - near the sink and hob. This method is not used for cost savings, and to add accents.

Combining contrast

Contrast apron appropriate in monochromatic kitchen, where the walls and set practically merge. The panel in that case is selected in the color of the furniture - table and chairs. The bright spot combines different in the color scheme of the interior elements.


Emphasis on accuracy

Colored design aprons - the main element of the kitchen. They gather around him the whole interior and in every object left its bar. From the usual contrast they differ, that come into conflict with the entire kitchen at once. And at the same time all of its combined with the small decorative elements - door handles, legs of furniture, etc.. Even grouting hides selected color mood. Kitchen with juicy apron found in perfect order. Otherwise the design will become a highlight of tawdry carelessness. Therefore, such people work area called "apron for akkuratistov". Panels for the apron in the kitchen is original and fashionable.