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The original kitchen design studio 18 sq.m: the uniqueness of each style

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The spacious kitchen opens up a wide range of interior design solutions, allowing you to create a functional and comfortable environment. Limited floor space requires an unconventional approach. The modern layout of the studio 18 sq m is combined with a rational and space interior thoughtful. Design techniques involve the use of original stylistic solutions.

kitchen studio
The studio can be very original

Functional zoning is aimed at the proper organization of kitchen space.

Basic techniques and features of registration

Rational placement of furniture and equipment must take into account the location of the communications, window and door openings. Each zone is determined by the amount of the desired space and furniture. design studio 18 sq.m It must be harmoniously combined kitchen and living room, creating a comfortable and holistic interior.

Features planning will require to take into account important nuances combined facilities:

  1. high humidity conditions, smoke and steam have a negative impact on the furniture. It is important to pick up items with a stable upholstery material, able to withstand intensive cleaning surface.
  2. The room will require frequent cleanings, so it is advisable not to overload the space of small details.
  3. Furniture and equipment should be compact and functional. Transforming mechanisms and technological tools will improve the ergonomics of the room.

Small kitchen
small , but maximum functionality - this is should be room

Kitchen studio 18kv m involves the installation of partitions. Modern versions allow you to choose stylistic execution. The partitions operate the separation space and protect living area from moisture. Sliding design successfully applied, or plasterboard partitions, glass, mirrors. Bar counter act the original interior complements, organically creating a dividing line.

design studio It means choosing the colors of the room. It is important to perform a smooth transition between the kitchen and living room. Color solutions in light pastel colors to visually expand the space, filling it with comfort and light. Admirers of bright contrasts can highlight one wall, or create an original division of space. Furniture should organically fit into the interior and match the selected color and style decisions.

Style options for the studio kitchen

Almost any style can be organically beat in the kitchen space. design kitchens 18 squares allows the use of original techniques and trends in the design. optimal solutions, combining practicality and functionality studio, act:

  • classic;
  • minimalism;
  • high-tech;
  • modern.

Art Nouveau Studio
Art Nouveau - it actually has many faces in our time

traditional classics

Kitchen studio in classical style characterized by the traditional elegance and brevity. Restraint and lack of pretentious décor create presentable premises. Finishing materials are natural and expensive. Kitchen set made of expensive woods, parquet flooring is used.

In the classical interior important to stick symmetry, using as the stucco decoration, gilding, paintings and bronze ornaments.

laconic minimalism

Minimalism fill the interior with light airy, cleanliness and space. The absence of bulky furniture, small details create an attractive and original environment. Restraint lines and geometric forms emphasize the simplicity and brevity of style.

The room is zoned using spectacular color transition, lighting. Predominant shade can be bright and catchy, placing fashionable design accents. The main requirement to the minimalist art and furniture is maximum functionality.

in the style of minimalism kitchen
Minimal style scents space, so it is very popular

Stylish high-tech

High-tech is different abundance of reflective surfaces and technological equipment. Metal, glass and plastic present in the facades, Furniture and decor. Kitchen set embodies the simplicity and brevity of strict lines. Bright accent the room can become a futuristic color plastics and textiles.

Interior parts must meet the highest requirements of durability and reliability. Compact and functional equipment integrated into furniture, creating a harmonious appearance. The organization of lighting in high-tech style It provides a sufficient amount of light in the work area and recreation area, so that there is an increase in visual space. The color scheme combines gray, black and cream color, creating a unique atmosphere of cleanliness and comfort.

kitchen - studio in the style of high-tech
Magnificent and flashy high-tech

spectacular Art Nouveau

Aesthetics and functionality of the Art Nouveau style embodies the dynamics of life, filling the interior unusual color solutions, textures and shapes. asymmetrical lines, smooth curves and good lighting create a sense of ease and breadth of visual space. Interior parts are made of glass, metal, plasty. It is important to take into account the compatibility of elements for harmony in room design.

The basis of the style can be carved and forged attributes with smooth, soft lines. Modern does not limit the embodiment of design ideas strict frameworks and regulations, opening up the possibility to create an individual design. gold, bronze, lilac shades with a glossy shine textures, or mother-emphasize the refined beauty style.

The original mix of different stylistic directions

Kitchen studio effectively using a combination of different styles. Applying proven techniques and tips designers can achieve the desired result, performing in different areas of interior areas. It is not recommended to use the same room for more than two options of styles.

It is necessary to clearly define the clearance zone, not combining the classic with modernity in one area. Harmonious appearance is achieved through the use of similar materials, textures, inherent in two styles. It is important to keep the cozy and comfortable atmosphere of the room.


Individual projects will help bring complex and intricate ideas into reality. The correct choice of stylistic solutions give a harmonious and high-quality design. Reasonableness and rationality will fill the kitchen studio comfort, creating a full-fledged space for cooking and recreation.