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The original kitchen aprons: beauty in everything

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The most visited room in the apartment - this is the kitchen. In this room, each family spends a lot of time for sharing food and conversation. To improve mood and create comfort, kitchen should be comfortable and practical. A big role in this case played a kitchen apron.

kitchen apron
Kitchen apron has a right to be beautiful

Basic requirements for the kitchen apron

options aprons for kitchen varied by type materials, from which they are made and the shape, they must meet the requirements, requirements to the interior:

skinali with dolphins

  • Strength. Apron - worktops, which is subject to continuous impact of these negative factors, as humidity, higher temperatures and more. When this element should pay attention to such details, like material, from which it is made.
  • design. Trendy apron for the kitchen, either the standard model - element must fit into the interior of the premises, creating a harmonious and correct ratio.
  • The size. Determined based on the area of ​​the room. For a small room does not fit too large, attention-grabbing elements, visually reduce the space, better to stay in a neutral and concise product.
  • Easy care. Considering the idea of ​​the apron for the kitchen, We should pay attention to, how easy it is to remove impurities from the working surface. Clean the items with a large number of furrows, porous structure - a difficult task, which are used to perform chemical means.

calculation of the size of the apron with his hands

If the assembly and installation of the apron is made with their own hands, requires counting the number of sacrificial material and additional means: glue, liquid Nails, silicone grout and other. To calculate the area, which will be finishing, take into account several aspects:

designer kitchen apron

  1. In the first place it is taken into account height, which will prepare food. On the basis of this value set cupboards and calculate the area of ​​the apron.
  2. Next, take into account the style of the room. In this case, we mean the following - whether the wall will be closed apron, as the modern working Interior different options mean.
  3. The next step of determining the size of the apron - measurement area workspace canvases, which extends beyond the lockers.
  4. further defined, where there will be power outlets to connect devices. These readings are taken into account when determining the final size of the canvas.
  5. In addition to the working area of ​​the apron should determine the amount of additional materials, spent during the installation of the apron, to be able to prepare everything in advance. As an option: if you use ceramic tile, additional calculation required amount of material, i.e, adhesive and grout, needed for installation. The total amount is calculated on the assumption, how the grout will flow to 1 m2.

the color of the apron under the color of the kitchen

types aprons

Depending on, using what materials the production of manufactured kitchen aprons, they are divided into several types, are most popular:

  • Ceramics.
  • Plastic.
  • MDF.
  • Glass.
  • Metal.
  • Mosaic.
  • A rock.

Each of these types has advantages and disadvantages. To select a suitable option, should be familiar with each of them.

Apron furniture in the kitchen

ceramic tiles

Masking the work surface with the help of ceramic tiles - a kind of genre classics. With this material you can realize any ideas for apron, as there are plenty of options for ceramics, presented a wide range of color choices and textures.

Tile has several advantages - it is durable, not susceptible to deterioration and decay, easy to operate, it is easy to wash and clean. Subject to proper care this apron is able to serve more than a dozen years, without losing its original appearance.

There are some downsides to the use of said material: tile installation - time-consuming process, requires skills and knowledge, which initially involves incurring expenses for the use of the appropriate specialist services in this area.

a beautiful combination of apron and kitchen


This material is distributed and is popular due to the relatively low price and high quality level. He easily processed using scrap materials, It does not require any difficulties during the installation, and easy to operate.

Plastic can manufacture any original apron. The material is presented enormous elected next colors and shades, and you can do the cloth under a rock or tree. Funny aprons for kitchen with inscriptions or drawings of the most commonly made of plastic it.

MDF with photo printing

MDF - high-quality and resistant to external damage material, has aesthetic appearance. It is easily attached to the wall with liquid nails, a frame of wooden planks, that is particularly useful in the case, if the room walls do not differ a great smoothness.


Idea apron for the kitchen made of MDF not the best option in that case, if there is no ventilation in the room, since humidity may eventually lead to deformation of the material.

Glass - the original material of modern cuisine

The original apron for the kitchen, meets the demanding requirements - made of special laminated glass. This glass is not dangerous even in case of damage, as in this case, the glass does not break, and crack, without creating cutting fragments.

Laminated glass made unusual aprons. They can be transparent and colored. In addition, the material may be smooth and textured.

Glass Apron

These elements of the interior is easy to install, wash, they are resistant to high temperature conditions, humidity. The disadvantage in the use of glass aprons - high exposure to pollution. On the smooth surface of the spots and streaks clearly visible, that is inevitable in a kitchen environment.


Unusual apron for the kitchen - made of metal. The use of this element of the interior initially provides a bold design, since a standard kitchen metallic apron will look out of place.

The canvas is made of stainless steel, which is not subject to corrosion due to increased levels of humidity and is resistant to high temperatures.

The original kitchen apron made of metal


bright, Funny aprons for the kitchen are made using mosaic, which, It is essentially the same ceramic tiles. Use of this material allows the use of multiple colors simultaneously.

The only disadvantage of the mosaic - the complexity of the care due to the abundance of seams. Quickly to clean a surface will be difficult. The rest of the universal material - it is resistant to moisture, temperature and damage.

kitchen apron mosaic

A rock

The most fashionable aprons - made from natural, or artificial stone. This will give the interior decoration element luxury. Material requires certain difficulties during installation, which is better left to professionals.

With regard to the operation, then take care of the stone in the case, if it is not textured, simply and easily. If the material is natural, it requires periodic treatment with special compounds to prevent deformation under the influence of moisture.

Kitchen apron Stone


Mirrored apron - a perfect solution in case, If the room is small. The reflective surface allows visually expand the area, give the interior a sophisticated look.

Mirror, even made of tempered glass - naughty stuff, which requires certain difficulties during installation and during operation. it misted, it can be seen even minor contamination, at the same time it should be cleaned exclusively designed for this purpose chemicals.


The correct choice of the apron is made in accordance with the following criteria: strength, Resistance to humidity, simplicity and ease of cleaning, long life.

Kitchen apron design premises
Kitchen apron in room design looks great

Do not use cheap trim elements, usually they are made of cheap materials and do not meet environmental requirements, i.e, can release into the air when heated harmful compound. More fancy and original apron for the kitchen is provided to you.