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Kitchen apron made of ceramic tile: 4 nuance material selection

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All finishes in the kitchen must be beautiful, durable and suited for frequent cleaning. Is no exception to the apron, that protects the zone between the working surface and mounted lockers. Ceramic tile Kitchen on the apron is bought more often than other materials - it is available at a price, easy to clean, long does the. abundance of colors, drawings, size allows you to select a tile on the shower. for example, Keraminum tile has about 50 species, wherein available options with antibacterial coating. How can choose the right apron for ceramics and tile laying hold?

Apron made of ceramic tile
Ceramics - what could be better in the kitchen

Nuances ceramics for selecting apron

Not every beautiful tiles suitable for, to make it a ceramic apron for the kitchen. choosing tile, Pay attention to the appearance, the size, material quality.

kitchen apron

Appearance and design ceramics: Provence, mosaic, panel, Gzhel

Color and pattern are selected individually. general design principles to work apron - it is consonant with the environment, contrast, resonates with accessories.

Pay attention to the surface of the structure - ceramic tiles for kitchen, which is suitable for an apron, It must be smooth and glossy. Such a tile is easy to wash, and dirt will not accumulate in the embossed pattern lines. An interesting option is the brick tile with a glossy surface. It is used to produce the effect of brickwork.

If your hobby - making pottery, you can make your own exclusive version of the tile, at the same time it will even make the glaze for ceramics with his own hands. This will require a calcined glass shards, omit them in water, wait, until the glass is covered with a white cobweb. The mill grind glass into powder, Sift through nylon, mixed with water to obtain a dough. It remains to apply glaze to the surface and be burned in a muffle furnace.

Appearance ceramics
Appearance tektsury depends on the selected material and pattern

The size and number

ceramics size selected in accordance with the design of, but large tiles fit faster. Based on the size of the tiles and the area of ​​the apron, determined by the desired number. must be added 10-15% marriage and rezku.

quality tile

Check each plitochki impossible, therefore sufficient to consider the number of copies, to control:

  1. The integrity of the coating - in addition to the front edge of interested parties, because if they are damaged, after stripping chipped
  2. Smooth faces - two tiles are attached to each other face or underside. If the ceramic tiles on the apron has a larger gap 1 mm, the lining will go in waves or it will be protruding corners
  3. The magnitude of angles - should be 90 °. two tile faces to fold and put on a flat surface - the gaps should not be
  4. Altitude angles - allowable discrepancy 0,5 mm, otherwise bring down the seam

Treat seriously to the choice of ceramics, and get only from trusted manufacturers. for example, Keramin tile for kitchen on an apron installed without problems, because it meets the quality standards.

Tiles for kitchen
Tiles for the kitchen should be as qualitative

What should be done before laying tile

First of all, must be completely cleaned of the old wall coverings, which put tiles, adding a small margin on all sides. The plaster is removed completely. Oil paint does not get under, but using a grinder or chisel surface is covered with notches. Required to put about 100 cuts per square meter.

Tile dismantled in three ways:

  • To recapture a tile from the wall, not keeping ceramics, obtained by means of the gun with a nozzle-chisel - do not forget to wear sunglasses, respirator, gloves
  • Remove the tile without damaging it can be with a hammer, chisel or spatula. Moisten the tile joints, after some time, remove the grout. Break the top of the tile, under the next move or spatula chisel and a hammer knock
  • Carefully remove the tile, you can use the thick wire with curved hooks at the ends - wire plant just beaten off tile hooks and stretches himself. After clicking ceramics falls off

Slugger tile is always from top to bottom, so you do not fell the whole layer.

The second stage of training - the alignment of the wall plaster or plasterboard, if necessary.

Do not think, what tile adhesive, applying a thick layer, help hide uneven walls - after drying tiles lead or it will fall off

Laying tiles for the kitchen
Laying tiles should be carried out by specialists

The third step - laying electricians.

How to install and beautiful tiles in the kitchen 10na10

Laying ceramic depends on the quality. If the selected tile Keramin products for the kitchen or other serious producer, the result will depend on the skill and accuracy of master.

Kitchen apron made of ceramic tile

Stage 1 - preparation of materials and tools

Styling apron need the following tools and materials:

  • Tile glazed.
  • Glue.
  • Vodostoykaya zatirka.
  • Deep penetration primer for improved adhesion (optional).
  • Remote crosses - recommended size 1-3 mm.
  • Profile for the bottom row.
  • Spatula - smooth, pectinate (6-10 mm), rubber for grouting.
  • Drill with paddle-mixer.
  • Cutting Tool - Tile, Bulgarian.
  • Level, roulette.

A man puts a tile
Laid tiles need to gently and evenly

Stage 2 - preparation of walls

So when laying tile is not crawled, just below countertop level set perfectly straight metal profile - distance from the floor 75-85 cm. If the profile does not exist, then use a wooden rack. It is placed on the 2-3 mm below the border, to be able to adjust the tile - tree is not completely flat.

for 2 hours before the start of works covered wall primer deep penetration to improve tile adhesion to the surface.

Stage 3 - preparation of glue

Use should be prepared immediately before the elastic adhesive for tiles. Dilute portions of it should be according to the following scheme:

kitchen tiles made of ceramics

  1. Fill the bucket with water by one third.
  2. Carefully pour the dry mix and mix it with a drill nozzle-mixer.
  3. Achieve consistency of thick cream.
  4. Let the glue swell 10 minutes.
  5. Re-mix mass.

On the package given precise instructions for preparing the composition, storage, consumption. Usually in a bucket adhesive does not thicken a couple of hours, and leaves on the surface of a square meter 5 kg of mixture.

Cement tile adhesive without added plasticizers is cheaper, but can lead to cracking of the ceramic. For laying tiles on gypsum board is recommended to use a dispersion adhesive in the form of finished mastic.

Preparation of the glue
The glue should be of high quality, to tiles for a long time kept on the wall

Stage 4 - laying tiles

Installation is carried out poryadno starting from the bottom and moving up. The first angle is closed, which is on the mind. The second option - to put the first tile in the center of the wall, To trim parts fell on the edge.

Cut tiles should be incised on the back side of the line, not to damage the glossy surface.

ceramic tile in the kitchen

Step by step instructions for installing ceramic is:

  1. Apply evenly with a spatula on the part of the wall area of ​​about 3-5 tile adhesive mortar, Smooth out his comb trowel - thickness after pressing of a tile should be 2-3 mm.
  2. attach the tiles, press it into the glue, while the lower edge of the tiles is based on the user's profile.
  3. Check the level of the vertical and horizontal. Until the glue has dried, tiles can be removed, to re-lay.
  4. Between tiles install crosses to form smooth seam.
  5. Through 10 pieces, remove excess glue for tiles, that he did not have time to dry.
  6. Check the level of the quality of the first row and leave it to dry thoroughly - ideally on the day, but it is possible for a few hours, because the first number is the most important when installing.
  7. After placing all the apron leave it for drying for a day.
  8. After one day, remove the crosses, Rinse the tile and seams, remove profile.
  9. Grout for tiles applied with a rubber trowel, dried hour, then levels off, and tiles clean.

A few words about the main

On laying tile greatly affects the quality of ceramics. If tile is selected for the walls and floor tile Keramin, as well as products of other reputable manufacturers, then the work becomes a pleasure. You should not save on glue - he holds ceramics, assuming there is tension. Installation of tiles does not tolerate haste, so work calmly and carefully - set long apron and is often the most beautiful place in the kitchen.