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Red and white kitchen— classic method in the design of interior

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modern kitchens, made according to the latest trends in the global industry, long ceased to be an expensive luxury. Range of quality materials and fashionable furniture gives the opportunity to realize in reality non-standard ideas. In the wake of the popularity of individualism bright colors do not shy away from even the die-hard conservatives.

Red and white kitchen
More recently, the kitchen design white and red seemed riding originality and impracticality, and now it is the classic method in the design of interiors.

The complexity of the application in practice of red and white shades is their specific conflict each other. They have a different impact on the person and are contradictory messages. Achieve the desired results depends on the correct "dosage" rich colors.

Making your home, in fact, personal living space, key process, requires attention to detail and understanding of the value of realizable ideas.

An old proverb says: "What house, so is the boss ". Modern psychologists hold a similar view. Choosing to home favorite colors and furnishings, the owner does not go on about the momentary desires, he unconsciously puts it in a certain sense, reflecting the state of his own soul.

Red and psychology

Difficult to find a spectral component capricious. Part of its characteristics directly contradict each other. Romans correlated with the red planet Mars and the eponymous god of war, disaster personified, alarm, pain and blood. Most ethnic groups raised scarlet flag meant the beginning of hostilities.

At the same time among the Slavic peoples of the red was a symbol of vitality, love, Beauty, aspirations for a better. Asians since ancient times to the present day symbolized the color from the higher authority, passion. Until now, the common human understanding red is considered a symbol of warmth, cosiness, wealth, passion, mutual love.

modern experts, studied the effect of the color spectrum on human psychology, primarily associate the color red with the aggressiveness, domination, sexuality and the need for self-expression.

Red -color leaders
Red color favored people - leaders

This strong-willed personality to the brim full of vitality. Red and white kitchen in the interior of the house indicates that, that the owner is inclined to originality and creativity, not giving way to obstacles and moving forward with a smile, despite adversity. They are moderately persistent, passionate and persistent in the realization of desires.

Calm personality also occasionally choose bright shades of red. This happens in moments of great emotional lift, when using krasoklyudi convey to others the emotions and share them.

As regards white formed a consensus in the world. It correlated with the purity of the soul, PE neporochnostyu, bright hopes, gladly, good. Making white indicated the significance of the event and its supreme law. So, in ancient times, the judges and the elders were dressed in bright clothes, to show affiliation to power and divine powers.

Despite the positive attitude, in absolute manifestation of cool white kazhetsyabezzhiznennym. So express renunciation of all worldly, abandonment of bright emotions and impressions. Sterile white shades evoke thoughts of emptiness and incorporeal, end of life. In the countries of East and Asia, instead of the usual dark clothes in a sign of mourning wear light garments.

White people prefer pedantic, who appreciate order and strictly relate to themselves and others. they are purposeful, critical and distrustful, They know exactly the price of desire.

White color in the interior
Surround yourself with bright interiors and are thoughtless person, seeking to emphasize youth, beauty, a simple approach to life, and simplicity

kitchen interior in red and white colors

The combination of red and white in the design of the most visited places in the house interesting, but risky move. In this case, it is important to know the concept of the golden mean. When choosing the color balance in the interior of the kitchen it is necessary to take into account the distinctive features of the premises and housing characteristics as a whole. When creating the design of the project and determining the dominant color pay attention to:

  1. The area of ​​the future kitchen;
  2. The height of the walls;
  3. configuration space;
  4. Number of windows;
  5. orientation of windows;
  6. architecture house;
  7. The functional purpose of adjacent premises.

Pay attention to the architecture and the functional purpose of the premises adjacent to the kitchen is important in homes with open floor plan. Juicy colors attract the eye, mind boggling, and do not give to relax, so too bright kitchen interrupt impression of the interior of other premises and reduce their functionality.

Living room in white
In a good living can hardly create a cozy atmosphere, if flaming red gloss kitchen through the arch

With respect to other characteristics, room size, ceiling height and its layout - it is the main position, determine the future design project. The less, lower and darker room, the simpler form, the more often it is used light shades, creating the impression of space and lightness.

In the opposite situation, with a large or complex kitchen architectural (with niches, projections or arches), preference is given to red. It eliminates the feeling of sterility and "office", inherent in a spacious room, visually enlarges and brings home furnishings.

White tone - the basic

Red and white kitchen with the dominance of bright colors chosen homeowners in apartment buildings. Premises in the standard "kopeck piece" or "treshki" are not distinguished variety of architectural solutions. Designers have to work with a small kitchen a square or rectangular shape, area from 9 to 15 quarter. m. Ceilings in these rooms are not above 2,5 m.

With such characteristics neutral choice would be white, Optical disclosing the limits of available space. Dominance light organically looks in a wide range of styles - from conservative to trendy retro hi-tech.

The kitchen in red-white color rarely involves the use of only polar colors of the spectrum - the flame of scarlet and snow white gloss.

Several shades of red in kitchen design
Designers often combine in the interior of several shades of one color

White combined with similar tones, diluting and smoothing effect of the color of pure. for example, with the following:

  • Pearl;
  • Ivory;
  • Ash White;
  • parchment;
  • Lactic;
  • Linen;
  • Milk with coffee (cream and brown notes);
  • Beige;
  • Almond;
  • Etc.

The red and white kitchen with dominant white color red draws the visitor's attention to the important design elements or interesting interior objects. He makes the room warmer and "home", Optical brings some things.

Spot the use of red in the kitchen design
Advantages of using the red dot - is the ability to use very bright shades in small spaces (scarlet, coral, amaranth and crimson)

In small concentrations, they create the necessary focus and not hurt the eyes.

In small spaces can supply all red kitchen or a corner, but in contrast to the bright color all the major plane (walls, doors, floors, ceiling, ends and furniture legs) get off in shades of white. To prevent the color of the "conflict", interior complement decorative objects and textiles of mixed colors (red and white aprons and skinale, cream curtains with fine scarlet pattern, single-piece cookware, etc.).

The basic tone - red

Design red and white kitchen, It is dominated by the red color palette, - the choice of the lucky owners of spacious houses and studio apartments. Large areas conceal screaming color brightness and give vent to imagination and experimentation.

The dominant red makes the room visually less, It brings walls and creates a warm atmosphere. Juicy palette warms the room, while giving peace of home comfort. With regard to kitchen, Red has beneficial effects on digestion and well-being, It awakens the desire to live and tvorit.Malenkaya red kitchen "wake up" in a sleepy winter morning, provoke appetite, and push to culinary experiments.

An overabundance of red in small spaces acts overwhelmingly in the mood of residents. It promotes the growth of aggression and irritability, It stimulates the growth of blood pressure.

Kitchen in red
Melancholic people are under constant environment bright colors begin to feel a sense of causeless alarm

Colors used in game situations, when you want to change the room, without making fundamental changes in its structure. narrow, but spacious kitchen gives habitable by selectively wall design and the use of a stretch ceiling muted shades. Dark ceiling makes the room below, and the red color of the room farthest from the center of the wall harmonizes the amount of space.

The play of color helps designers to dilute and soften the impact of the two opposing colors. Together with the classic red shades following apply in the interior:

  1. Tyerrakotovyi;
  2. vinous;
  3. Cardinal;
  4. Crimson;
  5. Coral,
  6. tomato;
  7. Kashtanovыy;
  8. Cherry;
  9. Burgundy;
  10. Etc.

When you create a design project premises operates an unwritten rule - if the bright colors furniture, then other things and piece elements trim color much softer. Similarly, when, when part of the interior is formed in muted tones, "Revive" and add accents in a conservative style kitchen help bright furnishings - textiles, floor vases, lighting, tableware, etc..

Red and white color and style of kitchen

Kitchen in red and white colors
Kitchen design in red and white colors requires a careful approach

It is not necessary to pursue a strong visual effect, or the latest fashion trends. Do you need to measure, otherwise, given the intransigence of colors, not easy to create a unique creative project, and vulgar embodiment of vague ideas about design updates. It is important to correlate the selected style and the desired color gamut.

Hot raspberry kitchen blends well with art deco, high-tech, eclecticism and constructivism. These areas tend to the abundance of monumental, Fine but architectural compositions. Bright, but unobtrusive crimson shade allows to place necessary accents, without overloading the human perception.

The ultimate version of a kitchen "red satin and fresh milk" looks very impressive in the area of ​​the premises 24 quarter. m. north oriented windows. Flaming scarlet highlights like interior looks nice and even on cloudy days. Eye-catching gloss as if created for minimalism, high-flow, avant-garde and expressionism.

European kitchen interior
European style known propensity for open plan spaces and unification

Instead of monumental wall housing is divided into functional niche screen, shiny walls and intricate arches. Well-chosen color also helps to identify the space. Red gloss kitchen as if created for studios in European style. It clearly renders the cooking zone, It becomes the logical center of the design plan.

there is an opinion, that the loft style (modern decoration and furniture with old elements) hard it combined with an abundance of bright colors and shiny surfaces. But implemented in a similar vein, the project impress. for example, red with a white kitchen in terracotta and crimson shades organically fit into the interior with ash-gray stone walls and faded by time, wooden beams. It turns out a kind of bastion of ultra-modern design and surrounded by deliberate antiquity.

The interior in the style of the country, baroque, Antik, Classicism and Gothic peculiar abundance of muted tones, use in the finishing of natural fabrics and materials (wood, vine, stone).

Where appropriate kitchen with mahogany
Where appropriate kitchen with mahogany

Warm wood tones in a skilful combination with textile accents to create a home-like atmosphere even in a luxurious baroque. The decoration often used Brown, maroon, wine and cherry shades palette.

In a typical English style or classicism in noble tones of mahogany completely different role. They bring into the room a sense of antiquity and reliability, "Dust of centuries". It can be friendly interiors for family or ambitious person, Try to emphasize the high social status.

Summing up, you can say with boldness, that the red-and-white kitchen - it is not a momentary craze, a profitable investment talent, effort and money. The wide variety of styles and a huge selection of kitchen furniture every one is able to create its own kitchen in red and white colors, which eventually lose its relevance and will be for a long time to warm his luscious palette of guests and hosts.