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How to combine city and countryside: country-style kitchen

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Crazy rhythm of the city sometimes I want to change to an unhurried atmosphere of the village: a break from the worries and hassles, get a charge of vivacity and energy. It is not necessary to leave it in the taiga. Small rustic coziness and warmth, you can create in a city apartment. kitchen country style It combines practicality and beauty of a village house.

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Kitchen design in old-style - just great

What is the style of Country

country-style kitchen

Village style - is thoroughness, reliability, practicality. The kitchen finishing preferred natural materials and no chrome elements. The furniture in the style of the country represented by the plainness of wood items. life veiled rudeness openwork napkins, embroidered table cloths and towels. Decorative items made his own. The kitchen is bright and comfortable country. focus hostess soul lives cuisine throughout the interior and gives warmth to guests and members of the household.

Country style does not tolerate deliberate clarity. Kitchen in a rustic style - it, first of all, restraint and functionality. Too much detail and gift a la Village spoil the whole plan. But traditional ornaments and painting the kitchen will give a festive look.

country-style kitchen

The basis of style Country: choose wall, floor and ceiling

Where to begin, If you choose to create in the kitchen interior in country style? prepare the ground: walls, floor and ceiling.

The floor is made of wood, stone or tile. If selected to cover the wooden floorboards, they are painted in dark colors brown color or lacquered. Floor tile made of ceramics corresponds spirit of the village. It is decorated with national ornaments, or monochrome. stone floor tiles - expensive material, how justified those costs to solve the owner of the kitchen.

Floor mats with their hands revive kitchen interior.

A budget option. Modern materials perfectly imitate wood coating. Help save the laminate, parquet or linoleum. Practicality of such a floor is not ustupaet physical prototype, and the price of half.

Country ceiling does not differ a perfectly flat surface. cladding options are simple: simple wooden panel or whitewash.

The apartment with low ceilings, wood trim natural colors visually reduce the space of the kitchen. Way out - panels of wood, whitewashed.

Kitchen in different colors
Unusual kind of furniture in the kitchen of different colors

Massive wooden beams make the country more expressive style.

A budget option. Save time and energy to help the suspended ceiling. Mandatory requirement - it should be opaque. Country style does not like obsessive shine.

Decorating the walls: clever design secrets

The walls of the village houses are not irritate blatantly finish. For their cladding use natural materials and natural shades.

Country kitchen

Wall finishes:

  • Painted in pastel colors of the warm sector: beige, pale green, white, light brown.
  • Plaster. In any other style plaster walls of a preparation to the decorative trim. For the country is the final stage. The rough plaster surface will give a natural design.
  • Wooden panels. It is absolutely logical decoration of the walls in the village. Painting wooden walls is optional. Natural wood tone looks concise and complete.
  • Brick. Decorating the walls under the brickwork gives the interior a patina of antiquity. Do not make all the brick wall in the kitchen. Kitchen in the village should be a lot of light and air. Brick walls create a sense of space is closed. In a small city apartment wall cladding for the brickwork is suitable for isolating a dining or work area.

country in the interior

A budget option. Wallpaper, whitewashing and plastic panels for interior decoration under a brick is easy to replace natural materials.

For the apron in the work area using tiles in country style or brickwork. If you opt for a brick, it must be treated with a special composition, which protect against the harmful effects of moisture. Ceramic tiles in country style decorated with ornaments or drawings on a rural theme: chicken, baskets of vegetables, etc..

The beautiful rustic style, that almost all of the work you can do yourself.

Whitewashing the ceiling does not require major construction skills. It did not take long, because the surface is not necessary to align the. Decorating the walls with his own hands under a brick is possible with the help of modern materials - plastic panels, perfectly imitating brickwork. The square shape of the panels make them easier to stacking. Resistance to humidity, changes in temperature and high strength make it an excellent material for the walls in the kitchen.

Furniture for kitchen
The ceiling in the kitchen with beautiful antique beams - original look with a light-colored furnishings

Subtleties of lighting in the interior

Beautiful finish in the style of the country - that's not all. You need to consider this item, as lighting. Wrong choice of light sources facing the entire project complete failure.

Kitchen in country style typical of natural light. Large windows let in plenty of light during the day, soft yellow light bulbs will keep in the dark charm.

For the convenience of the work area to better organize additional light source. Directional spotlights make a comfortable work in the kitchen at night. With the hotplate surface cope drawing bulb. Over countertop recessed lighting can be placed along the bottom of the cabinets or shelves.

bright kitchen in country style

Lamp for general kitchen lighting must be original. Wooden or textile ceiling will look best in a rustic style. Shade of lace own hands accentuate the warmth of your kitchen. Whimsical soft shadows on the walls and ceiling, will give a touch of mystery and flirting.

An original way of self-made lace shade for a small living room, apartment, wooden house

materials: lace, PVA glue, brush, Balloon.

process of manufacturing:

  1. Pour the glue into a shallow bowl with a wide bottom and low bumpers.
  2. Naduti yellow. The size of the inflated balloon depends on the size of the future of the lampshade.
  3. Dip the cloth into the glue and wrap them ball. One-third of the ball the bottom left free.
  4. burst ball, When the glue is completely dry.
  5. Remove the remains of a ball.

blue and white country-style kitchen

Custom Shade impress guests at home and will ease in the kitchen interior.

country kitchen: Choosing furniture, technique, blinds, wallpaper, dishes, facades, curtains, tile

Furniture country style should be, of course, wood. If natural solid - too expensive, the suit of cheap imitation wood material. Finishing veneer gives similarity to the array.

Suspension Front - a mandatory attribute of country style. The modern embodiment of the suspension rack - rails. metal tubes, hooks that hold towels, small shelves with spices, etc..

The country hanging rack made of wood. It is used for open storage of kitchen utensils - pots, pans, etc.. The location - on the wall near the sink or on the countertop. Looks very colorful, this element of the decor in the form of a frame, suspended above the cutting table.

Country style kitchen with integrated appliances

The country kitchen set includes wall cabinets. The rustic, they can be in the form of doors or open shelves. Cabinet doors - a real field for creativity. They are made with wooden or glass with thread. They may be stained or wooden lattice with small mesh.

A characteristic feature of country style - oven. In the modern version of the role of this object passed extract. This is sure to dome design. A small shelf on the facade of small dishes will be functional addition to the decorative design of the kitchen.

Today the kitchen is inconceivable without technology. Fridge, microwave, multivarka - all the attributes of modernity better hide. The plate will not be able to hide, therefore, we need an option, that organically fit into the rustic country. The usual enameled pots have to be replaced by a cast-iron, Teflon or ceramic. by the way, handy electric kettle models presented in ceramic versions. From the comfort of not refuse.

Furniture antique
The kitchen is pretty fabrics for windows , table and chairs, and goes well with furniture

Couch in country style

Kitchen furniture in the style of the country - not necessarily hard surfaces and rough appearance. If you decide to decorate the kitchen sitting area, You can find quite suitable option.

It would seem that, sofas in the style of the country must be massive and flagrant, to adequately fit into the interior. but, Modern manufacturers offer lightweight models made of wood or MDF. They correspond to the style of coloring and design.

Sofa country is not equipped too soft and puffy cushions. Comfort is created with the correct shapes and strict lines. Modern furniture for filler - polyurethane (furniture foam) - cope with the task of creating a rectangular pillows. He did not sags over time, robust and reliable. For excellent hard surfaces sofa can be made generally without upholstery and filler. Nothing extra - only tree.

sitting area in the kitchen in country style

Sofas in country style can be angled, straight or U-shaped. For small kitchens provide comfortable mini-options.

The table in the style of the country is traditionally made of wood. Bold decision - table top with traces of antiquity. Abrasions and cracks in this case will play into the hands of. Such beauty is not necessary to hide under the tablecloth.

Country round table and, and square, and rectangular. The size and shape depend on the taste of the owners and the size of the room.

Square or rectangular table will be more appropriate for a couch or sofa. Round choice for the classic version with chairs.

The final touch - chairs and stools. No exceptions to the rule - only tree.

corner of the kitchen in country style

Village textile: design their own hands

The interior in the style of the country is always accompanied by the decor of the fabric. tablecloths, towels, prihvatki, napkins give too simple in appearance elegant cuisine ease.

Textile uses the same principles as in the interior of the country: naturalness and the naturalness. Suitable materials - flax, sitec, Baptiste, cotton. Perhaps the use of bright colors, but they should not oversaturate, generally, modest style.

A striking and distinctive element of the decor will be a rug for the kitchen on the floor with their hands. No need to be craftsmen and, to create such a masterpiece. There are many technologies, which do not require the ability to use or crocheted. Especially do not need a loom or sewing machine.

the usual country-style kitchen

Cute mat on the floor with your hands, you can make unnecessary things. Cut them into shreds and long braid in braids. Braids sew together by conventional needle and thread. The main thing - to choose the right color patches.


Country is not limited to the national colors. In your kitchen, you can create an image of any village: restrained in English or French romantic. The main thing - stick to the historical traditions of the country, whose rural way accustomed in your kitchen.