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How to choose the right color of the kitchen

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scientists have proved, that the color of the interior and the surroundings influence on mood and mental state. Suitable food color can be selected according to their preferences, and based on the, as shades of influence on our state.

How to choose the right tone

First of all, vote room size and amount of furniture, which will it be. If the room is small and a lot of furniture, We need to visually expand the space. To do this, fit bright colors of the walls and furniture. You can make a fully white kitchen or select multiple pastel. To white room did not look bored, you can add bright accents: decorative plates, blinds, chandelier.


dark tones, conversely, make the room a little and chamber. If you have a large room, it can be reduced by using dark furniture, to become more comfortable.

Types of colors in interior design

Color circle divided into warm and cool shades. Temperature - it is an objective characteristic, which can be measured. It is believed, the red - is a warm color range pole, and blue - cold. By proximity hue to one of the poles determine its temperature.


Achromatic colors - white, the black, Gray - are considered to be universal. They are suitable for any interior and blend with all shades. In the kitchen space you can use them as basic shade or complement of other colors. White - the right color for the kitchen, it symbolizes the purity and sterility.


Red, yellow, and orange shades are warm. It is recommended to use them in rooms, where there is insufficient natural light, eg, the kitchen is not on the sunny side, when windows are located on the north side. warm


To balance the abundance of natural light, You can use the cool shades: blue, Violet, blue. They give a sense of coolness, relax, associated with purity. Kitchen on the sunny side, that a lot of light, best done in cool colors.

Making color: a photo

Choose the color in the kitchen, you can use the following tips:

  1. In addition to room size and light, consider the style of the interior. Each direction has a specific hues, which must be present in the room. Only then will become a recognizable style.
  2. Keep in mind the age of the household. bright, flashy colors can cause anxiety, anxiety, increased activity and blood pressure. For children it will be sluggish plus, and for the elderly - minus.
  3. If you think, how to determine the color of the kitchen, remember, what time of day your family is most often in the room. If in the morning, you can use bright colors, that help to wake up and awaken your appetite. If the evening, it is best to choose a quiet pastel shades.

The most important rule - the color of kitchen furniture should please all members of the household, one should not irritate. There is no definite answer to the question, a kitchen color is most favorable - each family chooses their own.

red headsets

Red - symbol of love, passion, fire. This vibrant shade, it helps to awaken the creative force, activity, and also contributes to high blood pressure. Completely red room has a depressing effect on a person, so the choice of color for a kitchen is better to stop on his shades. Red is suitable for the headset, and the walls and other surfaces better to neutral - white or gray. Who chooses the red color of the kitchen: confident people, who know, what they want.

orange wall

Orange is associated with the heat, gladly, hospitality. It is suitable for people sociable, for those who love long conversations at the kitchen table. He awakens the appetite and energetic people fit. On the calm temperament of people can have a depressing and tired eyes. Therefore, it is necessary to dilute other shades: white, green, yellow.

yellow tiles

If you do not know, Which color is right for the kitchen, feel free to choose yellow. This cheerful tone fit into any style and any lifestyle. It stimulates the appetite, It gives a good mood and treat depression. But be careful, a large number of yellow objects around worrisome. It is better to dwell on one yellow accents: e.g. tile around the working zone.

green wallpaper

Choose the color of the furniture in the kitchen can be with an eye on nature. The combination of green and brown will give you peace and tranquility. In such an interior will want to spend time and relax. the main thing, choose calm, not flashy shades.

blue ceiling

Not everyone likes blue tint and is not suitable in every interior style. But you can always supplement the kitchen blue ceiling, which will remind you of the clear summer sky, even if the window behind the clouds. Blue headset looks cold and repulsive, but it is associated with purity and freshness.


Blue - the color of wisdom and success. It is believed, his chosen motivated people. If you do not know, in which colors make the kitchen, try blue. This interior will look unusual and mysterious. As it is quite dark tone, better to dilute it with neutral shades.


Lilac and purple - are the traditional colors of royalty. It is associated with wealth and luxury. If you think, what colors suited for the kitchen in the Baroque style, stop your choice on a purple. It is well combined with gold, silver and white. But do not add too much of the hue: excess looks disgusting and uncomfortable.


Natural wood hue is associated with warmth and comfort. the question, what color will suit the style of the kitchen in the natural, the best answer - Brown. You can buy wood furniture and headsets, supplement them with white or light-colored walls and stylish interior is ready.

Black countertop and furniture

It is believed, that black - it is a shade of rebels and nihilists. Mirror black surfaces in the kitchen are looked beautiful and unusual. But this is not the best color for a small kitchen, as it makes the room smaller. Besides, he oppresses and causes depression in some people.

White, beige

Kitchen neutral color - it's a blank canvas, you can paint with colored accents, as you like. White, lactic, Beige associated with cleanliness and order. If they are not supplemented by other tints, can evoke a hospital ward. Therefore it is recommended to add vivid details - Chandelier, blinds, chairs.

Gray washing and other elements

Usually gray or steel - a color wash. But you can make the whole set of the hue. If you do not know, what better color to the kitchen, Choose gray and brown complemented by its, blue, red. Next to the steel Other colors look brighter and deeper.

Pastel shades for a small room

Small kitchen, what color it is better to draw, to expand the visual - a question asked by many housewives. Ideal in this case is the pastel shades: pink, lime, blue, citric. They create easy, a playful mood and distract from the meal.

A color scheme

Question, how to choose kitchen color, easily solved by a combination of different shades. You smooth the impression of a very bright tone, if you dilute it with pastel or neutral shades. Select a color for kitchen furniture in this case is simple - give preference bright headset, and the walls and floor to make light.


If you do not know, how to choose the color of the furniture in the kitchen, refer to your preferences. Make your favorite shade of the main and supplement it with accessories in neutral colors. Then no question, a floor color to choose for the kitchen - it should be light, so as not to distract from the cooking process.