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How to choose wallpaper for the red kitchen? Tips and tricks

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Red color is distinguished by its pretentiousness. For it is difficult to find harmony shades, and besides, the red color is not popular due to the aggressive look. But some people manage to direct the stimulative effect of red tones in the creative channel - to lift the appetite and improve circulation, and because they are not against the individual for the sake of diversity and decorated in red tones, even the kitchen.

harmonious interior of the kitchen
Create a stylish and harmonious interior of the kitchen, using red tones

Red design feature the necessity of combining it with fragments of decoration in each element of the room. Therefore, when it comes to the kitchen, that red furniture should be combined with the wallpaper, curtains, and floor covering.

Therefore, that coverage for the red room must meet all design decision , and not be combined with a separate element of the room.

design solutions

Many red looks tasteless. Therefore, the kitchen, with paneled walls in red tones, ceiling and the floor is only found in a frank bad taste. Permitted presence of red - a contrast wall, or a kitchen.

The red color is so stands out because of its rarity, that the room can be called red even if there are several elements of this color. Therefore it is necessary to allocate three basic designs for the kitchen with red:

  1. with red furniture;
  2. with red accents;
  3. with red trim.

Design with red furniture

The kitchen will fit furniture with facades in shades of red. For this purpose, suitable burgundy, Burgundy, or shades lighter: cardinal, carmine and crimson. Do not make the facade of the headset in single-color background caustic shades, like scarlet, with blood-red and poppy seed - these shades do not increase appetite, After all, whom he appears in the kitchen resembling hell.

red color in the interior of the kitchen
Add the red color in the interior of the kitchen with the help of furniture

But other kitchen furniture, such as dining table and chairs can be decorated in bright colors. When choosing such furniture should be discarded from the bright colors and non-standard household appliances, welcome:

  • beige,
  • classic black,
  • white
  • metallic shades.

The same goes for the kitchen decoration. color Wallpaper, tiles and other wall coverings ceiling and floor should be unsaturated pastel tones. fit:

  • beige,
  • woody,
  • Other shades of brown.

However, the kitchen furnishings fit with red and Mural in contrast wall, and tile patterned.

Design with red accents

Despite the originality of red, his accent can be done in any kitchen. If the room is made in the popular wood and beige-brown colors, they complement: or burgundy color of rotten cherries, plain curtains. If the room is dominated by eco style, it is possible to arrange decorative plants with scarlet flowers: tea rose e.g., and decorate the dining table of dark cherry or garnet cloth.

Emphasis will contrast the wall, red wallpaper which will emphasize basic shades, which made the rest of the premises. This design fits perfectly in the kitchen design, in high-tech style.

Design black kitchen
Design black kitchen with bright red accents

Design with red trim

It is best used in the design finish no more than three colors. This is logical because not every modern equipment is available in red or close to the color. For red finish is best applied wallpaper. Red background is not nice to look sharp transitions, which are inevitable if we use tile battens or. Wallpaper is available with a large selection of drawings, which will provide background to the desired combination of colors.

Red combined with related shades, and with the classic tones: white and black. It is understood and manufacturers of finishing materials, so the market a lot of material based white and red black background. So black and red background wallpaper in harmony with white suite and dining furniture. Kitchen utensils can be light brown shades. Black and Red is considered a noble and give design elegance kitchen, even if simple and inexpensive materials used in it. Similarly, the white-red background wallpaper harmonious with furniture in noble-black tone, as well as in dark wood.

Important: In the kitchen, with a predominance of red tones is not recommended to use furniture mahogany, as it will merge with the general background.

How to choose a wallpaper?

Design in red tones
Design in red tones for a small kitchen

For, to choose wallpaper for the kitchen in red colors, you must first determine with the furniture, its contoured, style features, and the texture of the material of kitchen cupboards and the rest of utensils. If the room is carried out in a bright red tone, wall coverings should be sure to shade it, so better choose another color, depending on the wishes of the apartment owners.

Red has a high energy charge, such color gamut selected vigorous, strong-willed and sensual nature. Kitchen in red colors may look light and easy. In order to enrich the interior lighter, balanced mood, you need to add to the design of shades of white wallpaper, This design decision will make the room light and stylish.

Nor should we forget, that in this room, quickly get dirty wall. Therefore, it is best to opt for the types of washable. This will allow for a long time to keep the premises clean and to keep the budget. For lovers of classic and country style suit wallpaper red-brown and chocolate tones. This color will give the kitchen headset feeling of warmth and generosity. Especially if these colors are matte and plain. If we want to make repairs in a room in a playful and creative spirits, help cover the light dairy or beige shades. In this case, you can add all sorts of little things, in furniture interior, and on the wall. This may be a chocolate color and dark green.

You can experiment with a picture - select the wallpaper beige in small multicolored polka dots. Certainly when choosing cover any tone you need to ensure that, that they are of good quality and free of chemical additives. Very harmful vinyl wallpaper, so when you buy should pay attention to the brand of the manufacturer and the quality of the vinyl material.


Still there is a caveat, if the owner of the house decided to take the initiative on their own and pokleit, better to choose a non-woven wallpaper, They are glued more easily. For sensual natures, which is important bright style, suitable wall decoration black color coating. This combination of furniture will play completely different colors. But still, What color will the wallpaper, and whether they are suitable for the kitchen in red colors, to solve always the owner.

Red kitchen - the original concept, but because it looks unusual, but make it look nice will need to work hard over the coloristic and the selection of materials. Now you know, What wallpaper to choose a red kitchen.