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kitchen red— always beautiful

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Red - not only the most powerful and brightest from across the color palette, but also excellent color scheme for the interior of the apartment. Special, If properly combine its shades and variations. Where? - in the vitality zone. The best place for this kitchen. After all, any shade of red awakens and excites our nervous system. In humans, looking at him (even if he does not attach any importance to this), improves blood circulation, accelerated heart rate, increases metabolism, increases appetite. Pay attention at your leisure, that almost all fast foods, departments, selling meat, pyshut red.

Red kitchen
The kitchen is in the red for the energetic hostess

Kitchen design in red awakens and recharges your activity for the day. He animates the conversation after a tiring and sometimes monotonous working days. There, where the kitchen in red and movements faster, and communicate more actively. noticed, that if the people surrounding the interior with red accents, Ten minutes later increased productivity - at nearly 30 %, acute reaction!

Design red kitchen

It is only important not to overdo it with him. Even the most active, life-loving people will sooner or later get tired. While the room in shades of red will require their owners to add and add life charge, which is fraught with sad consequences: prostration, irritability, aggression, depressed mood. Little of, on 20% It reduces the number of correct decisions made, performance falls almost 35%.

So it is necessary to provide, if you plan to design red kitchen? try to understand.

When the red in the interior - a dangerous

Excellent cuisine
Kitchen design in red arouses the appetite

In the first place ... remember geography, a little guidance and define - which side is located kitchen. Why is it so important? Design red kitchen strictly prohibited, if its window facing south (not very good, when the south-east or south-west)! In the sun room windows and heated, and even if the room has a powerful split system, Red will be the catalyst for a complete discomfort. He will provoke the feeling of a red-hot desert - without air and safe shelter. Room mercilessly flamed. In this case, the smallest and, it would seem that, slight accent, eg, red curtains in the kitchen is not able to cheer, and perevozbudilsya nervous system, and you have the whole day will be knocked out of the rut.

Red variations - moderation in priority

Pay attention to the area. If the modification of the budget plan option plan apartment kitchen design:

red kitchen

  • "Khrushchev";
  • "Moscow";
  • "Old Moscow";
  • "Breznev" (chimney in the kitchen);
  • "Ulyanovsk";
  • "Tashkent";
  • Leningrad;

red shades (not a monolithic color!) in the interior is better to use locally. Enough to put a red kitchen table, set in the work area or over the sink red apron. A lot of red in a small room and an emotional outburst is provided to you. Usually, kitchen - multi-module premise and it is better to get along a combination of warm shades of color or the game of contrasts.

Kitchen for connoisseurs!
Red kitchen - the brightest of the entire color palette, but also excellent color for a kitchen

The combination of red in the interior with white glossy, black, gray, green, brown, brick

That is suitable for the kitchen interior color combination options:

  1. red, as a central bar and pale pink, as an additional. Oddly bright pink to red would look dull and depressing. But the crimson and scarlet - a tasty and neizbity. for example, red top and pink and crimson apron;
  2. red can be combined with scarlet, maroon or let in the interior of variability from him - terracotta color. for example, mahogany table, and above it a light terracotta shelves or cabinet - a win-win, emphasizing the way of status thing, it may simply be lost, if the kitchen facades will be supersaturated with classic red. Will look stylish combination of terracotta color with other colors, basified dominant shade depth and expression, and your mood festive cheerfulness. It can be bright orange bar, light orange accent, yellow ginger addition (blinds, tablecloth, napkins, framework);Design red kitchen
  3. red and sunny yellow - the, what the doctor ordered for the expression of melancholic, sangvinikov, people prone to depression and discouragement. For holerykov, better to combine the red and brick color or gold, daffodil, shafranovыy, color dry mustard, sand;
  4. red and juicy (not warm, yellowish) Green - an exotic contrast individualists, and adventurers, eager constant adrenaline injection into the blood. Vibrance of color will not tire, however, and those, who constantly communicate with people on the nature of their activities, especially if the greens povarirovat, add a touch of mint shade, emerald, turquoise. And here's the pistachio or olive emphasize the aggressiveness of dominant;
  5. red and blue - the balance of heat and cold. Safe to use, when the kitchen windows are located in the south-west or south-east. Blue will not flare up stifling flames scorching sun, red - keep warm mood with furrowed skies. It is advisable to apply for smoothing the joints contract color cornflower blue tint, azure, heaven- or pale blue. Stylish looks red apron on the kitchen worktop and cornflower;red and white kitchen
  6. red and purple or violet, vine, sirenevato blue are able to raise not only the appetite and increase efficiency, but also awaken the dormant affection couple. Besides, such combination peacefully and calming;
  7. red and shades of brown - very tolerant, ladyaschego with almost the entire range of colors. Mistake to assume his color of the floor and conservative furniture. Kitchen interier, where will, eg, Brown suspended ceiling creates a comfortable and refined atmosphere, catalytic mental centers. At the same time it neutralizes the tension, if the multi-level ceiling with color transition in color: from cherry-brown to light-brown, coffee-to mellow wheat. Stylish and cozy looks zoned shades of brown kitchen: Dining area - red, work area - wenge and melted milk;red-brown kitchen
  8. red and neutral gray, beige - classic, which give preference to people, having good taste. So, красно bezhevaya kitchen – верх элегантной строгости без будоражащих воображение излишеств. As appropriate lightness, adding charm kitchen, there can only be a red tablecloth white.

Council: color contrast to the predominantly red kitchen prefer the rounded corners of kitchen furniture. Sharp break color, smooth - complement

Red beautiful kitchen
Design a Kitchen says the ease and freshness

Creative trend - a corner kitchen: wallpaper design, curtains, apron, furniture of wood, walls

At the peak of popularity today, L-shaped or angled kitchen. demand for the secret is simple - the most ergonomic use of space of any configuration. Well if it looks red corner kitchen? - quite, when she shattered contrasting shades. harmoniously, if these additional shades:

red corner kitchen

  • steel;
  • gray;
  • brown;
  • white;
  • beige.

White door and red table top, or vice versa. Metallica, alternatively white, also nice.

creative design red kitchen

Having defined the colors (to the fore put no favorite bright color, and that, you will not be here a day or two - years), should take care about lighting. It is better, if it is multi-level and soft. Too bright lighting will enhance the inherent color of aggressiveness.

Thinking kitchen textiles, Do not discount the fact, that the classical curtains - not always the best option. Extravagant kitchen prefers unconventional approach, such as roman shades rich colors with white piping. Rare and beige lampshade, cream openwork cape on a chair seat.

Not superfluous and decorative addition: differently shaped plates, miniature figurines, paintings and even embroidery (a cup of coffee in a stylish box, red poppy on a white background).

corner kitchen
The interior of this kitchen makes it brighter and more beautiful

Council: monotonous red kitchen is not admissible in a small room.

  1. He eats it visually.
  2. Its effect on your psyche and well-being will be disastrous overwhelming.
  3. If small children or elderly people live in the apartment, suppress their identity and cause interruptions temperature.

And yet - in any case it can not be put there, where he lives hypertensive patient - his health will be thoroughly undermined

Red top or bottom

There is one more rule: red color is appropriate in the kitchen only, when it is present only as two components of the interior, regardless of the ceiling is, kitchen set, floor or ceiling.

red and gray kitchen

Red ceiling is contraindicated in small-sized kitchen - will beat her to the floor. Better than it looks in spacious rooms. And decorate them, if the shade softer or neutral shades.


The ceiling can be painted, okleit liquid wallpaper, but it is better suited for the kitchen Red suspended ceiling. It can be any shape and make (fish such as, if the kitchen in the Chinese style), and multistage, emphasizing the brightness of different-stage lighting. And then the kitchen will become even more interesting.