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How to decorate the kitchen in country style: basic rules and features

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Kitchen - central house or apartment, his heart. Therefore I'd like to equip this space with maximum comfort, comfort and functionality. But also do not want to give up the fashion trends. What to do in such a case,? The answer is simple - to pay attention to a stylish and at the same time eco-friendly country style. Comfort, the nature and the simplicity of it combined with ergonomics and elegance. Country-style kitchen is a favorite gathering place for all family members: and children, and adults.

Antique kitchen
Furniture in the kitchen with a beautiful antique coloring

Features Country style

Craving for a natural and environmentally friendly materials has led to, that the country style in the interior is increasingly being used. But in order to understand how to properly equip the kitchen in a rustic style, consider the features of the interior, Decorated in the spirit.

First of all, should understand, what interior in country style in different apartments may vary significantly and again here's the. A key feature of this trend - the spirit of rural processing facilities, but the country, character is displayed in the interior depends on the preferences of the inhabitants. It is from this choice will depend on colors, forms of furniture and numerous small attributes.

country-style kitchen

Let us consider some traditional cuisine in the country-style.

  1. The kitchen in the English style is characterized by a refined rigorous comfort, achieved through uncomplicated furnishings, using only the necessary interior. English cuisine in the interior of high-rise apartments different natural tones: green, brown, red. Kitchen set made from such wood, as oak or cherry. The main decoration of the interior English style is an island in the center of the kitchen or a decorative portal with a niche, located above the cooking area.
  2. Practical American style kitchen interior in the spirit expressed by Indian motifs and ranch. Here welcome textiles stripes or a cage, cloth patchwork and embroidery. Colors, used in the design of the walls and furniture upholstery, predominantly bright: red, blue, white. uncomplicated furniture, made of gold cherries and maple, decorated with carvings.Country style in the interior of the kitchen
  3. Country kitchen in Italian design combines the rural motifs and exquisite decor elements. Sets of furniture made of cherry, cherry or oak reddish shades. Showy accent is considered massive hood, decorated with all sorts of carved elements. Color spectrum, used in the design of the room surfaces, close to pastel tones: dairy, light blue, nyejno salatnomu.
  4. French country style in the interior of the kitchen welcomes bright cheerful colors: blue, yellow, white, turquoise. The preferred material - antique wood pale colors. Attention is focused on the interior of the massive sideboard, fabricated as an integral structure or individual pedestals, in the windows of which put up dishes, decorated with traditional patterns. Wooden articles of furniture are complemented by wrought iron elements, wicker baskets and textiles with floral print.

Kitchen in bright colors
Wood furniture in bright colors with open shelves

Main features, combining rooms in country style, typical for different countries and nations, are:

  • the use of natural materials: wood, shoeing, plaster;
  • rural spirit, characterized by the absence of new-fangled piece of furniture and decorative elements;
  • colors tends to be naturally soft colors: green, Sinema, beige, pastel yellow;
  • furniture is sustained in clear, straight lines without elaborate decorative elements.

Country style kitchen

How to decorate the kitchen in country style with their own hands

In today's small apartment kitchen in the home country will make the atmosphere of coziness and comfort, It helps to get in touch with nature, what is missing residents of megacities. Depending on your preferences, you can carry out the repairs in the English style or recreate the romantic atmosphere of France or practicality American design. To create a rustic style interior with their own hands does not require large investments, because some furniture may make his own, as well as textile elements.

wall design

Country style in the dining area

At the stage of repair the first step is the choice of finishing materials for wall decoration.

Organically in the kitchen country looks decorative plaster. Moreover, its application does not require any special skills, as stains and inhomogeneities emphasize the stylistic orientation of premises.

Stone walls profitable emphasize the spirit of rural cuisine, especially when used in the cooking zone. If the use of natural stone masonry for any reason it is impossible, pay attention to the plastic panels, stylized brickwork.

A distinct advantage in the interior walls in the English classical style panels are made of precious wood species. The variety of materials allows organically fill the kitchen space with wooden trim elements, without overloading the room.

The original style of the country in the interior of the kitchen

Old board in the interior of the kitchen, used as a floor and wall covering material or for the manufacture of furniture, will give the room the spirit of the past.

If you want to stop a choice on wallpaper, I advise you to use a discreet floral options or texture, simulating cloth.

The color scheme is prone to soft natural colors and shades. Beige, white, cream, celestial blue, pale olive green and cozy atmosphere perfectly reflect rural dwellings.

Beautiful kitchen
Beautiful natural wood furniture is ideal for the kitchen

Floors and ceilings

For the decoration of the ceiling spacious room is recommended to use natural beams: they display the character of an old style in the best way. If this is not possible, rational use of whitewash to cover any white paint.

Suspended wooden panel or a stylized tree on the ceiling look traditionally, wherein, without weighing the interior.

Floor covering for the kitchen, made in the style of the country, welcome with the following materials: decorative stone, ceramic tiles, executed under natural stone or materials, recreating the wooden texture. This may be sanded and varnished boards or laminate natural, imitating wood.

cozy country-style kitchen

Furniture for country kitchens

Highlight features rustic style in the kitchen should be and with the help of the furniture. They are fundamental emphasis space.

The basic rule, which should be followed when choosing furniture - the practicality and the naturalness of the materials and colors. Dressers and cabinets in the style of the country are massive structures, made of natural wood. Kitchen unit may be manufactured in pastel shades of beech and pine or dark - oak and nut.

If you are unable or unwilling to buy a suitable set, you can make furniture in the style of the country with their own hands. Make it easy: using colors available table or buffet will become white, typical Scandinavian Village, gray for the French Country or mint in the American spirit.

Country style in the kitchen

In addition to wood, intrusion of furniture glass elements. These may be the door hanging locker. It should be understood, that transparent glass is used, darkened and stained undesirable elements.

But from the lacquered furniture and glossy surfaces should refuse, they are not typical for the country style in English.

Dining area characterized by massive wooden tables and chairs or angular headset. If desired, make the room light is allowed to use wicker chairs and armchairs.

Projecting the country Interior Design, you need to think about home appliances, because you can not do without it, and choose the appropriate style is problematic. In this case, the solution will be built-in appliances, which masquerades as facades lockers. those devices, that it is impossible to build, preferably selected in the spirit of retro style or classic dark metallic color. Optionally independently decorate facades art floral motifs in the art decoupage suitable or use stickers.

kitchen decoration
Kitchen framed round table with chairs , chic tablecloth and curtains on the window and crockery on shelves

Traditionally, the country kitchen style involves emphasis on the stove. Because in today's apartments, the standard cooker, a key element of the interior can be a hood. Decorate border Dome exhaust system with a shelf for placing small items to replace the previously used fireplaces.

Decor elements in design

The special features of the country style include a large number of various decorative accessories:

accessories in the kitchen in country style

  • Earthenware and porcelain, exhibited in prominent places, ceramic flower pots on window sills support rural atmosphere of coziness.
  • A prime focus can be textiles. tablecloth, blinds, Carpets are widely used in the design of kitchen design in country style. The color range is diverse: from plain fabrics, to cells and floral prints.
  • When choosing lighting elements, better to stop the choice on a large chandelier with an abundance of forged elements, placed over the dining table. Thematic supplement will personally made from wood candle holders.
  • Small traditional decorative details, such as bundles of dried spices, bunch of red pepper, glass jars with cereals will support an atmosphere of comfort and warmth.

colorful kitchen Country

Particulars of the small kitchen interior

With spacious rooms easily deal, because you can realize any imagination and desire. But in small kitchens should be careful, so as not to overload the space of massive furniture and dark colors.

For registration of a small room in a rustic spirit it is important to observe a few moments:

Country style in the interior of the kitchen under the tree

  • use a wooden or stylized wood furniture, preferably light shades;
  • exclude contemporary details registration: chrome and glossy surface;
  • pick up the tablecloth and curtains in a single style, characteristic of the selected country carrier;
  • use traditional decor items: tuft of grass, hung along the walls, Puppet-domovičkov, saucer with patterns.

The atmosphere of the rural house, made his own, if a magnet will attract members of the family, wanting a break from the fast city life and feel surrounded by nature.