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All the secrets of the kitchen design American style

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American style is an amalgam of cultures. A variety of eclecticism gives serious reason to doubt, that there is a single version. However, American kitchen designers to display Following. The thing is the abundance of functions, universality.

beautiful white kitchen
American style kitchen captivates at first sight

Views of foreign-made films evoke thoughts, that the kitchen in America cozy and cute. They are demanding to technology, full furniture setting and a separate dining area. This is is an eclectic mix of styles and.

Typical style details

The main feature of the American style is focused on a wide space. To achieve the effect of, Designers are combined with kitchen living. Equally successful option for home and small apartment.

design American kitchen

American style kitchen has additional features:

  • Self-made accessories
  • Wooden furniture
  • Exposure to light, warm shades
  • Many household appliances
  • Demarcation of areas without walls
  • Dismemberment (islands) headsets

wooden furniture in the kitchen
Wooden furniture is the characteristic feature of this kitchen

Another feature - the presence of natural light. If the window openings are too small, then employ fixtures, Fluorescent Lights. the main thing, maintained to naturalness, naturalness.

It is not allowed the presence of fanciful forms - decorative elements, pieces of furniture, posudnыh service and t.d. Only simple lines, details.


American interior design involves finishing:

  • Walls crumble in light colors, glued over the warm shades of wallpaper or hooped wooden board (seldom). Bright colors are not used. To raise the level of practicality "dirty" area covered with ceramic tiles.
  • ceilings, the walls, not made colorful, bright. Ideal - a white smooth surface. Exception of zoning, the ceiling is also involved in the process. Welcome wooden beams, if the walls are covered with board.
  • Designed in the American style is based on two shades of the floor. In the working area it is covered with large light tiles (easier to wash). The rest of the - wood, made of solid boards.
    beige American style kitchen
    Very attractive warm colors in the design of a kitchen interior


If you are using an American-style space is divided into zones. You can do this in several ways:

  1. Different materials and finishes
  2. Arch protrusions or walls
  3. Playing on the floor / ceiling level
  4. bar counter
  5. decorative partitions (1-1,5 m)
  6. Working surface, divided into "islands"

American style interior has attracted owners of apartments. Today it is fashionable to make out the studio. This style corresponds to them. It allows you to save valuable space.

American style kitchen

Color palette

The color scheme is gaining plenty of warm, bright colors. tk. great attention is paid to the space, the designers used any solutions, allowing visually enlarge it. Light colors cope, visually expand the territory.

Making rarely based on one or two colors. Often involve prints:

  • "The skin of the calf" - light background, dark spots;
  • "US Flag" - a light blue background, stars and red stripes;
  • cell (small, largest);
  • "Ancient Map" - faded image of a particular area;
  • "Patchwork" - patches of different colors and sizes.

With the latter embodiment of the print must be neat, tk. there is a risk to overdo it with the filling color.

monochromatic white kitchen
Another characteristic feature of the background in the design -svetly

Design executed American homes light. This provides a space of freedom and democracy, making it a wide, spacious. Also thanks to these qualities of love, table is always located in the center, he was not put to a wall, there - a place for the headset and Technology.

Eclectic in style

American style now it is becoming popular, tk. here there is the comfort of home and family. Here there is interweaving of several interiors: high-tech, Country and modern. Eclectic decor and confirmed the freedom of a democratic environment.

Due to zoning can be used different furniture. Built into the living room in a modern style with wood veneer or upholstered in harmony with the typical American headsets. And upholstered furniture is enough to supplement one or several rocking chairs.

Mixed interior in the kitchen
Mixing styles never will not miss the hosts a kitchen

The apartment is in the American style is not without manual details and elements. Usually it blankets or pillows, furniture, antique or restored items. And it does not matter, what their style, the main thing, to match any color, either in texture.

But the foundation of the American eclectic style - minimalism, combined with natural materials (tree, a rock). No strict texture is not observed (as in minimalism).

Furniture, decoration

Furniture, American-style does not tolerate "pruning". It - only full. To clearly stand style, We need a classic table, complete with chairs set. If it does not fit, then you can get a breakfast bar with wooden stools. But the complete number is kept strictly.

Set is performed in the form of "U", of which the center is the table (bar). It is distinguished by the variety of shelves and drawers. There are departments for technology. Last too much. This is at least the fridge, gas stove and dishwasher, not to mention the small electric tools (toaster, blender, etc.).

White American kitchen
The presence of multiple accessory in the kitchen does not prevent, and makes it more comfortable

Decor is close to naturalness and natural. It looks good plant of South America in painted pots. Embroidery - another element of decor, it is celebrated on the tablecloth, napkins, curtains and other fabric items. Preferably the presence of children's drawings, applications, photos and letters.

Constructive decisions

Interiors in American style are good, they are not limited in size. If you work with the apartment, the structural division into zones is in the bar or materials. When the front of the house designer, it involves fantasy.


American style kitchen vaguely reminiscent of Slavonic motives. One difference - they correspond to modern ideas. Therefore attract consumers and designers.