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How to get rid of ants in the kitchen forever

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With the onset of warm days houses and apartments infestation of small ants. Pesky insects penetrate all holes, live under baseboards and vents, in tears, wall and ceiling. Household ants can bring a lot of problems of the residents of the first floor and private homes. Uninvited guests have to shake out of the books and clothes, shoot with food and clothing.

Get Rid of Ants
There are several ways to get rid of pesky insects

Household called red ants, choose warm space for arranging the nest. they are omnivorous, so eat foods, remnants of insects, cloth, insulation in electrical devices.

The methods of struggle

Get Rid of Ants in the apartment and the house in several ways:

  • Process surface insecticidal aerosols or special gels;
  • Use pencils or dust;
  • put traps;
  • Ask for help to the folk wisdom.

To fight you need to know, like live ants home. Get rid of folk remedies or synthetic drugs can be, taking into account the hierarchy of ant colonies. insects, which we see in the kitchen, - it is workers, obliged to feed prolific ewes, never leave the nest. Usually colony center is located in the floor or wall, and to reach it is extremely difficult. Poison ewes and get rid of the insects can be only through the worker ants.

chemical agents

Get rid of red ants in the apartment can use the gels, sprayers, soluble poisons and other chemicals. Each of them has a number of advantages, but they all dangerous to humans and cause addictive insects.

Red ants in the apartment are indifferent to the action of ultrasound. scarers, working on the basis of ultrasonic radiation, have little effect, or even its complete absence.

ultrasonic repeller
Ultrasonic repeller rodents and insects Weitech-WK600 ineffective against ants

To get rid of household ants need to use more synthetic means:

The drug is available as a capsule with a high content of chlorpyrifos. Used as bait for ants. Not dangerous for plants and living creatures. The contents of the capsules mixed with cooked hard-boiled egg yolk and is distributed in the centers of clusters of insects. Infected ants die nest, spreading infection among relatives.

  1. DEET, Angara, Taiga.

Popular, effective drugs, containing diethyl toluamide. This material was developed by Americans in 1945 year for the fight against bloodsucking parasites. But it turned out, that it can be used to get rid of red ants.

Preparations are different white hue, thick, viscous consistency, a characteristic sweet smell. Applied several times a day on the ant trail to the complete disappearance of the insects.

  1. Spray "Raptor" - a quick way to deal with household ants.

Effective means molnenosnogo action. With the right approach you can get rid of ants in the house for one use. To achieve the effect of the aerosol spray near the ant nest. Otherwise the result will be a low, and the family will recover in a few days.

insecticide sprays
The insecticidal aerosols are effective against ants, but read the instructions for use

Before treatment is necessary to remove from the premises of living beings, remove products, wear a respirator.

  1. Kombat.

Produced in aerosol form and floor adhesives lures. Characterized by delayed action. Ant "carries" the particles of poison in the nest, which infects their relatives, larvae and queen.

  1. HLOBOL.

Modern means of a quick result on the basis of d-phenothrin. Available in the form of sprays and baits. 1 bait works for about a month, designed for 15 m2. Prior to use, you need to remove the cap, crushed shell, back cap in place, set the bait. Using aerosol should take place with the windows open.

  1. "Masha" (pencil)

Affordable, but very effective way to get rid of ants in the home. The package contains 2 White "pencil" of cylindrical shape, calculated on 30 m2 each. With their help, you need to draw a line on the border of ant trails and habitat foci. Do not erase the traces as long as possible.

crayon Masha
Crayon Masha familiar inhabitants of our country for nearly 20 years and has proved popular

  1. pyrethrum (powder).

Bane of ants in the apartment of natural origin. Active agents are chamomile head. Powder have the lowest addiction insects.

  1. traps.

To combat insects single suit special traps - plastic boxes or thick paper with a few inlets. Placed inside bait with poison. Working individuals eat poison, carry her to the colony, which infect their relatives and uterus.

Examples of such devices - Combat Super Attack and Raptor. The set consists of 4 or 6 traps, respectively, which can be mounted on horizontal or vertical surfaces.

Fighting improvised materials

Available means of ants in the apartment are different:

  1. Small white ants do not tolerate baking powder flavor (baking powder) and mixed with yeast, sugar.
  2. Ants in the house do not like mint flavor, lemon, garlic, camphor. Regular processing baseboards, thresholds, kitchen surfaces will permanently scare away intruders. Unfortunately, inefficient method, If the nest is composed directly in the room.
  3. Fatal to insects coffee grounds, mixed with jam, syrup or sweet juice.
    Coffee grounds with syrup
    Coffee grounds with syrup- folk remedy against ants in the kitchen
  4. acetic water. Ants home will live long, if the spray liquid on the pockets of their flocks, wipe the floor, threshold, the front door. Found the nest to sleep a lot of baking soda and pour vinegar.
  5. rice, starch, corn or wheat flour are not digested by ants. limp, Products torn stomach, and the insect dies.
  6. Scare ants barrier salt, cinnamon, red or black pepper, talc, dry detergent. Obstacle build in places insect penetration. The maximum width of the barrier - 5-7 mm, length - by processing scale.
  7. Boric acid from ants.

White crystalline powder, odorless and tasteless. Available in pharmacies. Poisoned insect returns to the nest, infecting relatives.

Boric acid of ants in the apartment is highly efficient. There are several recipes for its preparation. according to the first, You need to mix the powder with sugar and scatter in the centers of clusters. In the second case it is necessary to take 50 g. Sahara (honey or jam), 5 g. acid, some water, mix, pour saucers and place of marching ants.

bait with boric acid
Mix and sweet boric ant bait

Poison for ants of boric acid can be stored for a long time. In a refrigerator the mixture of 4 ch.l. glycerol, 2 st.l. water, 1 ch.l. borax and honey will retain its properties for 4 months. Pre ingredients should be heated to obtain a homogeneous mass.

Bait with boric acid is very dangerous for living beings. It will help reduce the risk of the use of ordinary cans, where the mixture is placed. Punch holes in the lid and lubricate their sweet bait.

  1. Get rid of ants in a private home help soapy water. It kills insects themselves and erases their tracks. Fill the dispenser with a mixture of water and detergent (to enhance the effect can add a little mint essential oil), spill any group of insects and their tracks.

warn easier, than cure: prevention methods

Red ants - creating crafty. Invasion can be prevented, if you act in a certain pattern. First of all, We need to remember, that individual insects in the kitchen - a warning. They "scout" territory, check its suitability for further invasion. On returning to the nest the little spies inform relatives, whether it makes sense to move to your kitchen.

Ants recognize the area unsuitable for be lived, if you follow the simple prevention measures:

  • Wash the dishes immediately after meals, when cleaning kitchen surfaces use a cloth soaked in vinegar.
  • Tightly close the trash.
  • Tidy up your favorite ant "goodies": sweets, bread, meat.
  • Used for storing fruits tightly closed containers or refrigerator.
  • Daily sweep the floor in the kitchen.
  • Remove the bright smelling agents (cream, deodorants), capable of attracting the attention of the original insect.
  • Traced through which holes the ants scouts were in the house. Plug the gap with glue, silicone, solution with added ash and sunflower oil.

Household ants do not like the smell of parsley, a tomato, Luke, garlic. Place the pots in the kitchen with these plants. You can not wait for the fruit, but precisely deter ants.


Ants - insects savvy. They easily adapt to various poisons and traps. For maximum effect, better to use multiple methods simultaneously. Besides, getting rid of ants in an apartment house should take joint efforts of all the neighbors. Otherwise, the work will be ineffective, and insects reappear in your apartment. Now you know, how to get rid of ants in the kitchen.