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Kitchen interior with balcony: the original decision

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Each hostess will appreciate the extra space in the kitchen. This can be done, if a unite the room and the adjacent balcony. This will allow the kitchen to be functional. This layout is successful the, that the working area is created on the additional area, a cozy dining room or a place for a comfortable stay. The main condition - balcony design is in harmony with the design of the kitchen. Such an option looks stylish and harmonious.

Кухня обеденная с балконом
Combining the kitchen with a balcony will increase the space of the kitchen facilities

design kitchen with balcony

To create a kitchen with access to the balcony is recommended to select the appropriate option:

  • If a large balcony area - it is recommended to arrange a cozy dining area. This solution is suitable for interior small kitchen with balcony. Parallel to the wall dining table is located, for which it will meet a friendly family. It is recommended to put around the high-backed chairs and a cozy corner. For such a small room is recommended for the size of the table. To save space, recommended model with a sliding table top. To decorate the dining area is suitable table glass.
  • From partitions will bar. Next to her house a modern bar stools. Such an element of the interior is required to decorate the room. Wide windowsill kitchen with balcony perfect for shelf or the same bar. If a narrow windowsill, You can install a new.
  • On the resulting additional space is recommended to create a recreational area, where it is pleasant to sit, enjoying a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. To equip a corner will allow the chair or sofa table, compact. design kitchen with access to a loggia it is necessary to consider every detail. When you create a specific interior is possible here and cooking, and proper rest.
    Зона отдыха на балконе
    The recreation area on the balcony
  • Optionally organized functional working area, It is used for countertops, which reclines. On the balcony, if it is insulated, it is recommended to place racks with different workpieces, who like to do the hostess. If the question arises: "Can I put a refrigerator on the balcony?"The answer is obvious: if it is insulated, this option would save the room space.
  • It is worth making a special closed-type shelves for tools. They allow to clean up the apartment and, wherein, the tool is at hand.
  • Suitable additional area for the winter garden. It will be appreciated the need to create a special level of humidity and light. Tropical plants feel well on the insulated balcony. Possibly growing seasonal crops.
  • It should equip and area for sports. Physical exercise in the open air - a good option.
  • When considering, Balcony Interior design, We need to remember, the balcony window and door to create a draft. Concerning, should place furniture so, that was comfortable in the room and nothing disturbed.

Обеденный стол на балконе
Dining table on the balcony - the perfect solution for a small family

To visually expand the room and add a sense of spaciousness, should be selected home furnishings light shades, and for the walls to use pastel tones. Room at the same time will be much brighter.

Design a small kitchen with a balcony - a separate issue. In this case, the combination of these two facilities will expand the space and make it more functional.

design pros

On the unification of the room with a balcony is pushing the owners, that does not suit layout. If the area is small - the combination of vital. In this case, the extra space is added. It is recommended to use every opportunity to increase the kitchen with access to the balcony.

At the same time achieves a number of advantages, among which the, that space is optimized. The functional area of ​​the room gets bigger. This is especially significant for a small kitchen with balcony. The advantage of, and in the, in the room there is more daylight.


Alterations can be made in different ways. The following design options kitchen with access to the balcony :

  1. Combining fully. In this case, the dividing wall is eliminated. Such a design kitchen with spacious balcony.
  2. Combining partially. Dismantled only window and door. The baffle serves as the basis for the stylish countertop. It divides the room into two zones.
  3. Dismantled the door and the wall part, which is located under the window. opening itself, however, remains the same. In this case, the bottom is necessary to glaze. Another option - installation of the "French window". When the above operation performed, radiators are rotated so, that they warmed the main room. Eventually, forms additional functional premise. Remains high partition in handy for the bar or table. This interior is unique with a balcony kitchen.

Кухня на балконе
Fully integrated kitchen with balcony. For the convenience of kitchen can be mounted in the window

Curtains for kitchen with balcony

Additional comfort creates well-chosen curtains. Due proemnoy asymmetry is difficult to find something suitable. To the hosts do not puzzle over, how to hide asymmetry, recommended zoning opening. For this purpose, the window hangs short curtain on pick up, and at the door - a long Tautliner. To hide from prying eyes and sunlight, recommended or Roman blinds. Alternatively still invited to consider blinds: vertical or horizontal.

If the preceding method seems too simple, it is recommended to use for decorating the room and light curtains pelmet. In this case, the blinds are hung outside. Good fit and curtains on the grommets - special rings, fixed on the upper edge of the article. Blinds of this type differ maneuverability. If necessary to easily move in the required direction.


Just due to the rings formed soft folds, giving curtains elegance. This embodiment serves as a real decoration room.