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Effective techniques of the game of color and light in the modern interior of the kitchen: design tips

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harmonious selection colors combined with the right lighting provide a stylish and comfortable design interior of kitchen. Interesting ideas for home use of literate and design techniques can give the desired mood and the type of space. The choice of lighting and color depends on the characteristics of the premises and the required stylistic parameters.

color and light in the kitchen
The play of color and light in the kitchen - it's beautiful

The kitchen is the heart of the home stands, collecting at the same table households. The room should be different functionality and comfort for cooking, eating food. Traditional cuisine focused on usability and increased exploitation of. Modern interiors kitchens operate mainly decorative function, embodying the stylish ideas and solutions.

It is important to use the spectacular combination of colors, light game, creating accents, embody individuality and unique style.

Color and light in the kitchen room create the right atmosphere, filling the room with warmth and comfort of home. Design involves the use of modern methods and techniques of organization and design of the space. Irregular colors do not exist.

cozy kitchen

Color variations and colorful combinations kitchen space

Bad choice of colors is able to create disharmony in the interior. The theory of harmonic color combinations based on the organic interaction of colors and textures of finishing materials, furniture and accessories. Modern design allows the use of different solutions. The kitchen can be variegated and bright, filled with lush tones, or delicate and ornate shades.

Kitchen design is done:

  • with monochrome tone (achromatic style);
  • in multicolor embodiments with predominant shade (chromatic interior).

It is important to consider the basic properties of color solutions. Dark colors in the interior visually make the space less, light - on the contrary expanding.

Limited kitchen area is recommended to make out in pastel colors, giving the room light and airy. The spacious room is allowed to perform in the dark saturated shades, combining with bright accents.

original lighting

Unique design techniques and solutions

Effective methods of color solutions for the decoration of the kitchen facilities:

  • classic versions advantageous situation look in white (It creates the visual effect of cleanliness and space);
  • White color in combination with the yellow saturated colors energizes, It emphasizes the cheerful mood and interior freshness (will be a beneficial addition fixtures, walls, or a kitchen island in yellow);
  • combination of white and green colors closer to nature, It combines with natural materials, metallic elements in the decoration;
  • white color can replace ivory hue, advantageously supplemented blue colors in the design apron, or furniture (chrome fixtures perform an optimal solution);
  • It should take special care to use the color purple, avoiding overload the interior of saturated colors and variegated (original lamps, blacks in the decoration will give a unique atmosphere of charm);
  • gray scale shades are traditionally win-win in the design of kitchen interiors, thanks to the practicality and elegance of the noble colors.

beautiful kitchen

When choosing colors for the kitchen, it is important to take into account the properties of the applied color. Cold colors create the illusion of freshness and coolness, calming effect, reduce appetite. Warm shades give a burst of energy, vivacity, improve digestion.

Choosing a color scheme and design ideas in the kitchen with his hands

Modern interiors kitchens are made in accordance with the color wheel:

  • contrasting (selected color opposite meaningfully, character depends on the intensity of the colors);
  • monochrome scheme (It uses one color in different tinting variations with smooth transitions and semitones);
  • analog circuit (main color, dominant, two additional - act as a colorful accent).

The kitchen with the right design creates a unique comfort and style of the room. The harmonious combination accentuate the original design and completeness of the situation. Effective methods will give comfort, fill the room comfort, and emphasize the individuality.

green kitchen

The best options for lighting kitchen areas in the interior of modern dining room

The right choice of lighting is beneficial complement interior of the kitchen, allocate the desired design accents. The functionality of the room will open new frontiers for culinary achievements with high quality and well equipped lighting fixtures. The working area will require to pay special attention to comfort cooking, food processing.

The dining room often combines the daily food intake, celebration and friendly gatherings. It is recommended to properly consider the types of coverage for each case. The dining table acts as the central element of the dining area. A preliminary calculation of the basic details of lighting devices allow harmoniously embed. It should pick up combination of shapes and styles of lamps with a common interior at the initial stage arrangement.

turquoise kitchen

Development of kitchen lighting scheme takes into account the basic requirements and tips:

  1. It is important to find a suitable design of lamps to illuminate the work surface. Spots in the interior will help to save space, without cluttering with unnecessary details.
  2. halogen lamps create high-quality simulation of daylight, They are economical.
  3. LED lights do not produce heat, and will perform the original halogen replacement devices.
  4. LED lamps in the form of unusual belts accentuate the desired line of furniture, organically fulfill the function of zoning.
  5. Advantageously complement the interior of the light multilevel ceiling structure in the dining area with embedded spot.
  6. Pendant lights look stylish in a modern design, allowing you to arrange island, or the bar.

Alia kitchen
Pick the original combination of color, and illumination in the kitchen

dining room area does not limit the embodiment of designs and techniques for lighting arrangement. It is important to keep a sense of proportion, creating a harmonious combination. Asymmetry, or a sequence in the arrangement of the instrument depends on the style of the room. form ceilings, performance style and size of lamps and chandeliers should be consistent with the overall design.


the right combination, the play of light and color in the kitchen will fill the space of the room a unique comfort and warmth. The harmonious combination will create the desired effects, highlighting the elegance and style of the situation. Interesting design solutions will help bring intricate ideas and preferences.