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Design elongated kitchen: 5 focuses on the design of the room

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Disproportionate kitchen space widespread phenomenon. It is found in the old housing stock, and in modern buildings. Remedy the situation will help harmonious design elongated kitchen.

The elongated kitchen
Kitchen as a rectangle to be furnished practical

Where to start repair

beautiful narrow kitchen

Hurry up with the purchase of materials is not necessary. Repair work is preceded by careful consideration of all details, since finishing surfaces, layout of furniture and ending with the right lighting facilities and a choice of decorative elements of an interior.

The walls of the small elongated kitchen-dining room

When making the walls preference is given to light tones. In addition to the warm palette of milk, peach, cream does not exclude and cool shades. If you are adherent high-tech style or modern, pale blue walls organically fit into the interior kitchen length. When choosing wallpaper for decoration, Avoid large picture, give preference to small patterns. Originally looks combination surface, when the main area is covered with a monochromatic paint, and part of the wall is decorated with photo wallpapers with panoramic image. Design elongated kitchen with a vertical pattern on the wallpaper visually pulls the ceiling.

oblong kitchen


The texture of the flooring does not play a special role. An elongated kitchen fits the traditional tiles, linoleum, moisture resistant laminate or trendy floor fillers. Attention should be color and the method of packing material. The following nuances will help determine the correct registration of the sexes:

  • Dark the color of the flooring adds the room height, light shade fills the kitchen comfort.
  • The tile is better to lay on the diagonal. Original design will fit into the long kitchen staggered arrangement of contrasting tiles.
  • Laminate flooring has a long perpendicular walls, This visually expand the kitchen space. Color coating is fundamentally different from a kitchen or be approximate thereto.

Council! Shift the focus will enable a bright rug with geometric pattern, Located in the center of the extended kitchen.

long kitchen

Useful tips on design premises

Harmonious design a small narrow kitchen is directly dependent on the furniture. It plays the role of color and headset, and texture of the material, from which it is made, and form. You need to choose furniture with the idea of ​​a compromise between functionality and attractive appearance. If the kitchen is long and narrow, primarily discard bulky volumes, compactness and capacity - a key principle of the interior. Get help from all sorts of design furniture - transformer. This includes folding or retractable tables and chairs. Noteworthy and bar stools, takes up little space and does not clutter the space.

Planning a long narrow kitchen often represented by a row of furniture, ranked along the wall. Kitchen set for narrow kitchens recommend choosing a narrow countertops, to ensure ease of movement in small-sized room.


The use of these design techniques allow skillfully hide flaws disproportionate space:

  • The top shelf is desirable to leave open or use a mirrored facades.
  • Improve the functional properties of furniture capable of closets, hanging lockers, equipped with shutters or doors, rising up.
  • Achieve larger capacity compact furniture will help non-standard dimensions of the hinged portion of the headset. The increased height of the cabinets provide additional space on the upper shelves for items, rarely used in everyday life.
  • If it is possible to equip the kitchen only the lower part of the furniture, focus on the top of the shifted toward the original drawing manufacturable.
  • Prefer light tones of furniture or a combination of dark bottom - light top. Glossy surfaces with reflectivity - another favorite technique designers in the design of small spaces.

rectangular kitchen

In addition to the single-row layout, use the following options for furniture placement:

  1. Actual looks angular positioning of the headset, wherein the working surface can be build in the end portion of the window. That will save the limited space and cleverly hides the disproportionate size kitchen. The opposite wall is free or equipped with a folding table and chairs set.
  2. Opted for a parallel arrangement of kitchen units, take care, the distance between the furniture is not less than 0,9 m. Place to eat is equipped at the end portion near the window.
  3. If the kitchen is extended, but it has sufficient space, optimally apply the U-shaped layout. A significant drawback of this method is the inability to arrange the stationary dining area. Place the meal moved to the living room or furniture is provided a retractable version of a small table.

Council! Understanding Ergonomics involve the formation of the triangle at the kitchen layout. placing a plate, sink and fridge in the corners of an imaginary figure, you will provide the convenience and time savings when preparing food.

Apron above the work surface should be equipped with a glossy or specular. Dilute the monotony capable bright skinali, juxtaposed in color with a headset or walls.

Cherry kitchen

Having defined the furniture, we should not forget the decorative elements. Divert attention from the disproportionate sizes help bright accents on the wall. pictures, stretched vertically, optimal solution in this situation. Design elongated kitchen should not be unduly overload accessories, two or three elements as decorative plates, vases, original watches, pictures or photos will be enough.

Question requires serious approach window decoration. If it is broad and without making furniture, long tulle organically fit into the interior. Most often, the window on the front wall is a dining or work area. In this case, look spectacular Roman shades or blinds. Horizontal stripes on them an excellent job with the function of the visual extension of the space.

oblong kitchen

The ceiling and lighting in the narrow room 9,10 and 12 sq.m

The color and design of the ceiling directly dependent on the height of the kitchen. The lower room is better to abandon the idea of ​​suspended ceilings. Glossy paint standard white color is most appropriate in this case,. Haute cuisine allows us to apply the ceilings, Traditionally decorated, bright palette of colors. Creative individuals will like the proposal to apply the stained glass on the ceiling surface patterns or line patterns.

bright kitchen
Light kitchen always seems longer

Suspended structures in combination with lighting to actively participate in the zoning of the space. designers Tips, which will help to illuminate harmoniously:

  • Chandelier do not have the exact center. She looks favorably in the area of ​​the dining area.
  • Originally it looks light on the type of single ceiling panel. It provides the kitchen light scattering.
  • Successfully replace ceiling chandelier several fixtures. When installing, do not use a linear arrangement. Randomness divert attention from the extended kitchen.
  • video, consisting of adjustable cones, perfectly cope with the task of simultaneous illumination of several places.
  • Required additional equip the working area illumination. With this role cope lamp, mounted in the lower part of the cabinets or LED ribbon.

compact furniture, bright reflective surfaces, bright accents on the walls and the lack of clutter contribute to the organization of a harmonious interior in the extended kitchen. Applying design recommendations, you create a cozy space, where it will be convenient to prepare culinary delights and taste them with loved ones.