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Kitchen design in a cafe-style interiors of the French Provence

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romanticism, elegance, elegant lines, lightness and ease of decoration all this characterizes the interiors in the French style. The abundance of mirrors, noble gold-plated finish, soft textiles made of natural fabrics give the room a sophisticated, distinctive flavor. Based on the overall size of the kitchen selected a variety of stylistic solutions. the main thing, wisely choose the appropriate style of interior decoration, combining decorative elements into a single harmonious line.

French style
The kitchen in the French style

French interior style suit seeking to grace, refinement in all aspects of the world around them romantic nature.

contrary to speculation, this area of ​​design ideas not differ too much pomp, pomp and ostentation. Spirit of France, embodied in interior design - the harmony of simplicity, lightness and grace, where the vintage combined with functionality, practicality. How to achieve all this in practice, described below.

French style in interior design

known, that in France the process of cooking elevated to the rank of art, so the kitchen - the place, where you can enjoy your meal, soul rest in a pleasant, romantic atmosphere. Paint your kitchen in the French style in soft "gastronomic" shades: creamy, caramel, cream, mint, fistashkovый.

The role of the primary color is most often performed by beige tones, but no one will forbid you to make a mint, walnut or lavender kitchen. There is only one firm rule French interior design does not accept black, deciding to visually highlight some decorative elements, better to give preference to variations in dark brown - chocolate, coffee and the like Kohler.

Beautiful design
Slight intoxication refined simplicity

French style in the interior of the kitchen to finish the floor and walls provides for the use of materials of natural colors, uncreated with the impression of cheapness and lack of taste of the owners.

The main elements of French style:

  1. The walls are faced with ceramic tiles, painted with paint or wallpaper. Paints desirable to use a matt or semi-matt, delicate pearl shimmer that will create a peaceful atmosphere in a trust. When choosing a wallpaper, pay attention to the pleasant to the touch, embossed texture.
  2. The ceiling is made bright pastel colors, decorated plasterboard "waves" and "donut". Harmonious option for French cuisine would be beige or caramel ceilings. Kitchen in the French style of Provence typical use of ceiling of wooden beams.
  3. By selecting each element treat conditions with utmost care. smooth lines, bends the grace to be present not only in the decoration of the room, but in furniture.
  4. Kitchen apron equipped glossy ceramic tiles pastel pattern unobtrusive.
  5. To decorate the empty part of the wall murals are used for kitchen in the style of Provence, visually expand the space.

The style and color of the kitchen
The coloring of the French countryside and flowers on the dining table

French cuisine style involves matching the room some basic criteria:

  • Area - more than 10 m2;
  • Ceiling height from 3 m;
  • The presence of large windows, preferably from floor to ceiling;
  • Light tone finish;
  • The abundance of light sources: artificial and natural.

A variety of decors for different areas of premises

Based on the size of the house in general and food in particular,, the style of the interior is divided into the following sub:

  • baroque taste (palace). Ideal for premises with a large area, provides inherent in the Palace of Versailles abundance of gilding, rich decor and architectural elements;
  • Style bistro if created for a small kitchen design. Its main principle - zoning kitchen area;
  • French country style in the interior (Provence) Universal, suitable for country cottages, and for apartments.

Council. No matter what version of design you are staying, Try to think about home design in such a way, to kitchen styles and other premises matched.

Palace interior style

palace style
Splendor and refined luxury with good functionality

Every woman wants to be like a noble lady of the ancient novels, to live in luxury apartments worthy of the empress, to the luxury and splendor at the heart becomes warm and inviting. kitchen Baroque It helps to create the very, necessary aristocratic atmosphere.

Such an option decorations highlight the status, wealth and prestige of the hosts, because it requires tangible financial investments. not without reason, emerged as early as 17 century, interest in it does not subside until now.

Characteristic features of the Baroque:

  • The ceiling in the center and the perimeter is decorated with stucco work in the form of a plurality of fine curls, leaves.
  • To give even an empty room a sense of luxury palace windows help, Stylized by graceful arches.
  • Furniture is characterized by smooth lines, rich finish, carved inlays, forged elements. The top row of kitchen cabinets have glass doors, decorated with stained glass windows and inlaid. Preferably the presence of the edges of furniture miniature columns.
  • The table top is made of natural stone or its analogs.
  • All the achievements of scientific and technological progress are hidden, there is no place for toasters, microwave ovens, Multicookings, They shyly hiding behind fancy, pretentious facades.
  • Preferred colors for a similar decoration - light, pastel, combined with each other.

Kitchen in white
The atmosphere of aristocratic manor

French cafe bistro

Paris boasts an abundance of small cafeterias and restaurants, permeated by an atmosphere of romance, love, novelty relations. Wishes to transfer all of this in your own home can apply for a kitchen in an apartment in the cafe style, where it is possible to lead a leisurely, long conversations, charged with energy, resting soul after a busy day.

Kitchen in the style of a French cafe has the following elements:

  • The division of labor and a dining area.
  • bar counter. It not only support the overall style, but will also create favorable conditions for a quick bite, mini-parties, working at a laptop.
  • For wall decoration uses wood paneling and textured wallpaper.
  • Textile and decorative objects: curtains, tablecloths, towels are bright, saturated colors.
  • The abundance of theme decor. The kitchen in the cafe style pleases the eye miniature flower bouquets, hanging lamps, all kinds of slogans and funny pointers.
  • open shelves, racks and ratings.


It looks most harmonious style of the French Provence in the interior of a country house or villa, where floor space will allow to recreate all the features of the design direction, convey the atmosphere of rural France.


French Provence in the interior is composed of several elements:

  • Light and airy decoration;
  • bright, pastel colors;
  • bright, often even white furniture;
  • Sets cute trinkets, decorating the kitchen space;
  • Curtains made from natural materials;
  • Artificially aged furniture;
  • The presence in the decoration of brick and natural stone;
  • Murals for the kitchen in the style of Provence adorn the walls, and wooden household items - shelves.