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design kitchens 5 sq m in five-storey apartment with his hands

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kitchen 5 quarter. m gained the image of a close and uncomfortable room, which is unable to accommodate furniture, kitchen utensils, household equipment and thus also a cozy place to stay in an apartment. trust, this is not true. Properly close the equipped premises can become more stylish, than the bulk, furnished but without harmony area. Check out the uncomplicated design tips, ergonomics experts, and you will be able to make your kitchen functional and attractive.

design kitchens
design kitchens 5 sq m, with a refrigerator in hruschevke

Zonalnaya razbyvka

Kitchen design in hruschevke should aim to increase the space in different ways.

  1. Literally area increase is attained replanning, in which the wall between the kitchen and the living room is cleaned at all, or transferred by reducing the living room. shortcoming: We need to issue a permission from all sorts of agencies, incur significant costs, and even on their own to make a revolution hard.
  2. Less expensive way to increase space - the rejection of the kitchen door. Actual meters this action does not add, but if you arrange common room in the same style, a greater sense of freedom all- still occur.
  3. Without the destruction and demolition of the kitchen design 5 quarter. m Khrushchev reduced to a rational arrangement of furniture and household appliances, use every square centimeter of the benefit.
  4. Optical enlargement of the space by means of light, colors and fine details.

hiding communication

Duct extract hidden horizontal duct, water supply and sanitation- in the angular vertical

What else can ruin the image of stylish and contemporary cuisine in a five-storey apartment, so it crudely mounted on the type of water pipe, gas lines, loudspeakers, ventilation. Without them it is impossible, and hide without compromising security can.

  • Water pipes and sewage systems in the repair of successfully hiding in the done in the wall and the floor of the grooves. These furrows are doing a punch, to lay the pipes and obscure filler.
  • Universal way to mask communication - plasterboard construction. Hide under them can be everything and everywhere, drywall finish by any method takes. Installation is easily performed with his own hands. The cost of the material and the work is relatively cheap.

Attention: gas pipes hide any plaster, any gipsokatron impossible. Their condition is constantly monitored by special services, damage to these systems explosive.

  • Communication can hide furniture. For this purpose, in the kitchen cabinets removed the rear wall, it is set up against the wall. In this way, pipes obtained indoor furniture.
  • Gas water heater and water heaters require a separate word. As already mentioned, they can not hide - it is dangerous. Just decorate fashionable, erecting a special locker without doors and floor. the main thing, to his wall and the top do not touch the flush column, that can promote accumulation of gas.

Key design elements

The interior of the small kitchen is crucial well-matched furniture


Kitchen design in five-storey apartment with a refrigerator confined mostly to the angular placement of furniture. In one corner of the inner washer is installed, around the door opening - refrigerator, the other end of the angle window ends. The opposite side is the dining area.

As an alternative to the kitchen refrigerator Khrushchev purchased horizontal, the top of which can be used as a working surface.

Simplify the design of the kitchen with fridge will also help replacing the original standard plate hob.

Council: place the meal in a small apartment in the living room is better to issue, placing there a dining table and a refrigerator. Then she will be functional kitchen cooking area.

Corner without a refrigerator dishes to create a fully comfortable working zone.

Discard the heavy tables and chairs, Choose furniture with thin legs, elegant and easy.

If the dining area all- the same is planned for the kitchen, set folding table - a transformer, which can be easily removed at the wrong moment.

Use the services of firms, which makes furniture. The cost of such a situation is not much higher than the finished, but the problem with "vpihivaniem" fit and be able to avoid. The entire area will be used economically.

small kitchen
When designing a kitchen with a small area will inevitably use the built-in appliances


Visual expansion of space, the feeling of freedom is achieved by correct selection and placement of kitchen stuff.

The main rule: minimalism. Many small items do not mind a small area creates a sense of chaos and overcrowding.

  • A separate piece of furniture to get a window sill, which turns into an extra work surface, a small table or the bar. Beneath it is mounted shelves or cabinets.
  • Window drape minimum. No heavy curtains and long curtains.
  • Expanding the kitchen toward the loggia - a window sill do not sleep throw - it is ready to bar table.
  • The kitchen area of ​​the walls, use as much as possible, mounted as much as possible of false pedestals, that will hide most of the kitchen attributes.
  • The color of kitchen furniture Pick bright, or plain wallpaper with a small figure.
  • Glass, mirrored walls, metal, gloss - these materials or their inclusions in the design of the walls, apron, ceiling windows allow visually expand the space.
  • In the kitchen, a small area it is advisable to use the size of small household appliances, compact washing and the cooking surface. Frees space built-in appliances.
  • Corner cabinets - "carousel", roof rails, sliding cutting boards - these modern things just for the ergonomic arrangement of small kitchens.
    A small kitchen space can include everything you need, and still be comfortable.