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What good brown kitchen in the apartment?

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Using brown the colors in the kitchen - a popular and common solution. Other colors are not able to create an atmosphere of elegance, comfort and tranquility. Wooden sets decorated home for a long time, so these colors are close to man.

The kitchen is dark brown
Kitchen in brown tones is not recommended to buy white appliances

Brown kitchen interior remains unchanged favorite, in spite of the global changes in fashion styles, trends or technologies. Color is able to decorate any room, regardless of its size. There are many subtleties, use secrets, but it sure helps in creating the interior.

Brown for direct and angular kitchen: modern look

The kitchen will be the perfect background brown-beige. Selection of interior elements and furniture while maximizing main. But other "dilution" is unlikely it will spoil.

Poor in combination with dark brown or black colors. Room visually reduced, it becomes gloomy, unpleasant.

Brown-beige kitchen
The kitchen will be the perfect background brown-beige. Selection of interior elements and furniture while maximizing main

Color like a variety of textures. Designers are not limited to an array or fronts "under the tree". Often used wall "Brick", ceramic tile and leather / suede upholstery.

Kitchen dark dangerous, inexperienced person in question is unlikely to be able to do something good. Here the main thing - the right accents. For example, well looks appliances with metal surfaces. Special, if you are using the same hardware.

Why Brown

Brown color is endowed with advantages in relation to other colors:

brown kitchen
Brown versatile, it will fit to any design

  1. Versatility. Suitable for all styles.
  2. Practicality. Easy brings order, hide defects.
  3. The diversity of the palette. apply dark or light-brown background, use different shades (It depends on the style or personal preferences kitchen mistress).
  4. Convenience. You do not need to go to the designer, to create comfort. Harmonizes with many colors.
  5. neutrality. Color is no pressure on the person, not able to change or affect his mood.
  6. The prevalence of natural materials.

How to choose the right shade

There are many shades of brown. But you have to be careful with the use of dark tones. For example, chocolate kitchen can not be fully implemented in this color. It is better to make such a wallpaper, or headsets.

Dark brown kitchen
Dark brown color with an ulterior motive to display designers. It can hide the finish defects, like irregularities

Dark brown color with an ulterior motive to display designers. It can hide the finish defects, like irregularities. But can not withstand the kitchen, It appears "oppressive" feeling.

Bright accent - more successful. It is well combined with other colors and shades. All the bright colors - a win-win.

design options: design in the interior, the right combination

Kitchen brown can be of different sizes. Smaller rooms are made so, to the foundation was dark, then diluted with light details. Not allowed consistency striped brown, better to use several shades.

The room visually expands, if painted dark tones. Objects visually alienated, become massive. But this kitchen is best suited to the spacious rooms with large windows.

Furniture, tabletop, classic set, blinds, wallpaper

Kitchen in brown tones can not do without the use of pieces of furniture. Ideal - wood products, reminiscent of the classics. But the suit MDF or chipboard, covered with veneer. Facade depends on the style: glossy or matt, monophonic or combined. The presence of the thread, stamping, patterns on the furniture does not spoil the overall impression.

Furniture brown kitchen

Frequently used gilded fittings. Well look mirror inserts and mosaic stained glass.

Insofar as Brown color It involves the use of natural materials, they must be present. Or their imitation. Headsets fitted by natural veneer, Wall processed textured plaster. The presence of inserts of stone or leather decorative elements are welcome.

It is undesirable to set the white appliances, tk. it does not fit the style. Either do it inline, not to see the faces.

Welcome the variety of details - tablecloths, napkins, etc.. It looks great brown curtains in the interior.

Tone trim apron and other areas of the refectory

Brown floor interior finished with wood, parketom, laminate or ceramic tiles. Designers recommend choosing a neutral or light colors, dark - impractical. They are doubly noticeable household pollution.

Laminate flooring in the kitchen
Laminate - ideal for the kitchen in brown tones

Brown walls in the interior allowed, if he has the rest of the details and bright objects. Alternatively, you can underline only one wall, spread about her and decorative objects. It visually departs, if the space expands.

Kitchen with dark apron allowed, if the countertop is painted the same color or with a difference 1-2 colors. The lack of options - high soiled.

The diluted color: beige, white, dark green, light gray, yellow, black, red

Many color palette combined with brown:

  • Kitchen with blue or pink. It feels retro breath, feel the coldness and the cleanliness;
  • The combination of red. Do not use just two colors, necessary to have a third;
  • The kitchen is brown with beige. Designers say - perfect tandem. Interior gentle and quiet;
  • The combination with the white. There will need to dilute the color several shades, otherwise on the white background, he looks rough;

Brown and white kitchen
If you choose brown and white kitchen, it is necessary to dilute the room several shades

  • Kitchen with a yellow or orange. Spectacular room with autumn elements;
  • The combination of the green. It creates the impression of closeness to nature.

Brown always necessary to dilute other shades and colors, tk. otherwise it looks too hard and steadfastly.

style solutions

Kitchen in brown color - is universal in its own way. There is no such style, with whom she would not harmonize. Suitable are few: country, African, English classic. But literate of emphasis, Color can be used in any other style.


Brown kitchen is perfect for beginners in the field of design, tk. He allowed the diversity of parts, items, other colors, and spoil something in the design - it is almost impossible.

If we add to the beauty of bright decor elements, the most "delicious" room in the house will be completely ready.