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Creating a stylish kitchen in a small apartment: repair fineness

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Kitchen in a small apartment has a small size. Repair in this room begins with redevelopment and performed independently. kitchen renovation with his hands in the limited space requires a redistribution of usable area and correct placement of furniture.

Stylish kitchen in a small apartment
Stylish kitchen in a small apartment is a sign of quality

works project includes design features, Zoning space and ergonomic arrangement of objects. Knowledge of small rooms design features prevent mistakes in the kitchen repairs.

Preparing to repair

Before the repair is necessary to prepare the premises. From the kitchen shall be made furniture, lighting and dismantled hanging shelves.

stylish kitchen

The walls are cleaned of the old finish. The paint removed by the scrapers. And the wallpaper before removing it follows wet. removed plaster, especially if you plan on laying tile. Dismantled the old radiators.

Before carrying out the screed should disrupt the old floors.

Fitted kitchen area begins with the premise of planning and choice of interior style. Proper design will create a small room of a functional and stylish space.

options for redevelopment

Renovated kitchen in an apartment It involves alterations. If there is a small area is required to expand the space visually. This can be done with the dismantling of barriers, as well as using additional space.

stylish kitchen
The style should be maintained throughout the

It is worth remembering, that the removal of the walls in apartment buildings requires a special permit.

Re-planning of the following ways::

  1. If you remove the wall and the door between the living room and kitchen, You can increase the size of the area. In this kitchen area looks more spacious. A simpler option to save a useful area - is to install door, which open to the outside.
  2. Filled space. When planning the design should take into account the small space used: the area under the window sill and the ceiling. Windowsill redesigns countertop, and the space under the ceiling is used to create additional storage locations.
  3. Connected kitchen with balcony. When this is done the dismantling of the wall. If the wall is not completely removed, the vacated seat settling at the bar or dining space.

interesting kitchen design

Placement of furniture

Small kitchen in the five-story building should be properly furnished surround oneself, so as not to clutter the space.

That the kitchen remains a large space should be used as much as possible. This will help to make the following ways:

  • set fridge, the surface of which is applied as an additional countertop;
  • It is used instead of the hob plate;
  • dining table is replaced by the bar or transforming design, that recline;
  • floor is divided into several levels, in the interior of which kept things.

Placement of furniture
Proper placement of furniture - is a priority in a small room

Professional design involves placement of furniture as follows::

  1. Fridge, cooking hobs and furniture installed in one line.
  2. Furniture placed on two opposite sides.
  3. The area is effectively used when setting the angular furniture set.
  4. Peninsular accommodation option is performed by extending a single element. for example, bar.

Finishing work as an important stage of repair

modern kitchen

An important stage of repair work is considered to finish. Selected finishing materials bright colors. Help to create a three-dimensional space of the glass, plastic, and mirror surfaces.

It is not recommended to use a lot of accessories and load wall paintings.

The use of innovative solutions and original layout will make the author repair.

Features of finishing the ceiling surface

In the presence of high-quality materials and skills can perform repair of ceilings in the apartment with his hands.

If the ceilings are high, then mounted suspension structure. It uses a suspended ceiling, PVC panels or plasterboard products.

The ceiling in the kitchen
The ceiling must be at maximum light

Finishing with plasterboard with their hands to create a multi-level structure.

Stylishly issue ceiling covering a small kitchen to follow these guidelines:

  1. Do not use bright pictures. Interior decorate beautiful chandelier.
  2. Apply light coatings with a glossy surface.
  3. Create volume and airiness help technology tension structure of the film. image of the sky will be the ideal option. Complement the design will help LED Strip, that visually expand the space.
  4. Applied soaring ceiling design, which is a system of two layers with internal illumination. As a material selected plasterboard, which is resistant to humidity.
  5. Expand the space in a small room will allow installation of ceilings of various heights.
  6. Increase the ceiling mirror finish. It can be decorated with ornaments.

interesting style kuhni.jpg

Repaired wash assembly foam with hands by using kerosine or acetone.

If the question arises: than you can align the wall except for drywall, the problem will help solve the plaster and putty. These materials are aligned wall and ceiling surfaces.

Plasterboard sheets to the attractiveness of the ceiling cover. Form design is performed with the help of a reinforcing mesh. The original decision is considered to complement the design neon.

Ceiling lights
More light - more seems to be room

Materials for walls

Decorating the walls in two stages. First drafts of the work performed, and then fine finish.

Under the wallpaper runs plaster walls. When this surface is not polished. Simply eliminated sagging and burrs. For tiling - plastered surface.

Also applies alignment technology plasterboard.

Fine finishing is performed after the screed and finishing ceiling coverings.

Decoration materials must possess the following qualities:

  1. Resistance to humidity and flooding.
  2. Surfaces should be cleaned well, because they accumulate fat and soot.

It has similar characteristics tile, washable wallpaper and panels of plastic.

Zoning kitchen and dining space on the working part is performed using finishing materials.

Decorating the walls with his own hands in the work area involves the use of tiles and ready-made aprons of glass or plastic.

Decorating the walls
Walls put the most beautiful wallpaper

For the dining area is used, any finish, which is resistant to moisture and dirt. From common materials allocated decorative plaster and wallpapers. For registration of the window opening is used mounting roller blinds with their hands.

The design of the small kitchens applied ceramic tile. Knowledge of the intricacies of finishing will expand the space visually:

  1. Shades of colors create a depth effect.
  2. It is not recommended to use the traditional solution with a dark bottom and light top. It reduces the visual ceiling.
  3. Tile oblong shape will add volume. A square elements will make the room wider.
  4. The use of mirror inserts make the room lighter.

stylish kitchen in a small apartment

Tiles must be water-resistant and be resistant to mechanical damage. This will facilitate further repair coatings.

When choosing wallpaper should pay attention to such characteristics such as moisture resistance and paronipronitsaemost.

Wallpaper for the kitchen should be with special impregnation or vinyl. For double-layer color materials are used.

To align the walls before painting applied sticky drywall on the walls.

Staining is considered the universal finishing. This method allows you to choose any color for the walls.

Decorating the walls in a small kitchen
Wallpaper is not a dogma, sheathing panels can be beautiful

Nuances mounting floor covering

For floor covering material applicable, which is characterized by ease of maintenance and durability. Besides, The floor must be resistant to moisture and mechanical damage.

First floor screed is poured, as in the kitchen area floor experiences significant load. After the screed floor drying for a few days.

For flooring the following materials are recommended:

  1. Tiles coated with a special textured, which has anti-skid properties.
  2. It applies granite, which is durable. It should be taken into account, that this material is more difficult to handle.
  3. Wood - a natural material, which is characterized by environmental friendliness and aesthetics.
  4. Use moisture resistant laminate type. This material has many textures and colors.
  5. Linoleum is considered cost-effective type of coverage. Characterized by moisture resistance and durability.

After paving room on the perimeter framed with skirting.

In addition to the correct finish to create a spacious kitchen of a small room will help some tricks. Refrigerator or dining area are carried outside the room. It applies built-in appliances. Knowledge of the nuances of repairs will create a functional and stylish kitchen.