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Repair Food Processor: troubleshooting and replacement of parts

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Food processor - is modern equipment, including a chopper, beater, juicer and other devices. All of them are designed to accelerate complex and labor-intensive operations, implementation cuts, grindings, cocktails or test. The most popular devices are considered to be food processors bosch, treatment of which requires specific skills and training.

food processor
Universal food processor in complete set

Model combines can be different. Today, let the food processor without mincing, universal food processor, manual food processor, etc.. There are even food processors with a bowl of dough, equipped with a nozzle in the form of a metal hook or a plastic knife blade.

Top the best models

What is the best food processor, hard to say. When you select should pay attention to the power, the number of high-speed modes, complete set, additional opportunities. Most food processors come with all the necessary functions:

  • Food processor with a meat grinder Bosch MUM 52131 Styline - the best of power and functionality;
  • VES 2070 - inexpensive food processor (cost of 8500 rubles), equipped with blender, chopper, mincer, Citrus;
  • Bosch MUM 4655 - another processor with a meat grinder, mixer, chopper, blender;
  • REDMOND RFR-3904 - mini harvester for kitchen, having 2 speed mode, blender and an impressive list of tips;
  • Kitchen Aid - processor for the test with two speeds and the volume of the bowl 3,1 l.

Equipment can perform different operations, but the main, making a food processor - it is easier to work in the kitchen.

Unfortunately, Even modern devices sooner or later break down and need repair. The causes of failures can be a violation of the rules of operation, careless use, power swings.

mini harvester
REDMOND RFR-3904 - mini harvester for kitchen

Symptoms and causes of faults

More often repair is to replace the deformed handles, forks, cord, orifice, burnt items, restoration of cards or chips. Most of these papers can be perform on their own. Help master is needed when breakage transformer, shearer, bearings or problems with electrical systems.

Good food processor is equipped with lots of details, therefore, to determine the exact cause of failure is quite difficult.

You can not disassemble the equipment with the applicable warranty period. This violated the terms of service agreement and will cause further problems with repairs.

The main features include Fault:

  • irregular work, extraneous sounds, creaking, knock, rasp;
  • Smoke, spark, unscheduled shutdown, inability to turn;
  • The smell of smoldering wires, a significant overheating of the body.

If the warranty has not expired, the repair should take employees of the service center. Often, however, food processor functions are failing after completion of the warranty period. In this case, you can act in two ways:

  • Ask for help in the repair shop;
  • Eliminate the cause of their own.

Reliable food processor
Reliable food processor Bosch MUM 86R1 red

Inspection Procedure harvester

To investigate the cause would have to disassemble the equipment and inspect all parts. Broken or burned-out elements should be replaced with new ones.

Driving disassembly

Disassemble the food processor bosch can be in several stages:

  1. Check the quality of the cord. For this it is necessary to measure the voltage resolution, Posted on board electrical connector.
  2. Advertisement fixing bots, located on the top of the unit under three plastic plugs.
  3. Remove the upper part of the body and get a plastic pole.
  4. Unscrew the lower fixing bolts.
  5. Prozvonit input filter capacitor.
  6. Check the operation of the thyristor: voltage level at the input-output must be equal 220 AT.
  7. inspect gearbox, drive shaft and electrically.
  8. Check the action of the juicer, leading disk and a mixer nozzle.
  9. View gears, switches, capacity, brush.

How visible, food processor circuit is not complicated. the main thing, be considerate and act according to the instructions.

Driving disassembly
Scheme disassembly and operation of the food processor

Faulty brush

Serious engine malfunction threatens large financial outlay. But if the problem is not in the winding or the control board, as in a conventional brush, it is solved. The faults of this item says rancid smell when starting the machine. The fact, that during operation the brush wears and can not adhere to the rotor winding, which causes severe overheating plastic.

Brush fails often enough. This is because the, that for its manufacturing of graphite - the soft material, washable with regular work equipment.

element replacement

To replace the brush in a food processor, need to:

  1. Buy a new part in the workshop, specialty store or elsewhere. If you can not find a "home" element, it may be replaced by an inexpensive brush "Lada". Its design consists of an embedded copper current lead, harder than graphite. But the size of the brush have to adjust needle files.
  2. Insert the item into a special rectangular niche and tighten its metal bracket.
  3. collect device, check the quality of work at low and high speeds.

combine parts
Motor with gear from the food processor Bosch MUM4 series

that breaks, except brushes

Food processor - this sophisticated equipment, in which apart from the brushes can come into disrepair a few more details.

  • nozzle broke for a food processor, or their attachment

Faulty elements, responsible for fixing attachments, - problem, relevant for 90% such equipment. It can be caused by frequent rubbing hard cheese, when there is a great pressure on the axle, plastic deformation and fracture are.

  • Burnout trays and resistance in the electronic board

The causes of failures can be a voltage fluctuations or long life. The fact, electrolytic capacitors dry out with time. Will help solve the problem desoldering bloated capacitor and the installation of a new, similar volume.

  • Premature wear elements

Pinion devices designed to 4 year of use. But as a result of overloading of equipment, grinding solid, frozen products details can fail much sooner.

  • rheostat

In case of breakage of a rheostat starts malfunctioning speeds, when the speed change occurs is unstable, jerkily.

  • Zatuplivanie knives

Sharpening knives - quite a complicated process, to which must be approached with extreme caution. To achieve a good result can be attributed to the nearest service processor, where they can quickly and cost-sharpening blades.

Self Natochka can use the sharpening stone. We must act carefully, Any wrong move - and the knife will Dumber, or it broke off a piece. Sharpening the blade can be rough sandpaper. But in this case the special skill and ability required in order to achieve a good result.

blades for harvester
Knives for food processor need regular sharpening


Operating time depends on the combine care appliances. All metal, glass, Plastic components can be easily cleaned with a soft sponge and dishwashing. When washing can not be used with the compositions of the abrasive particles, can damage the surface of the parts. Some devices include cleaning elements in dishwashers. This condition should be spelled out in the manual.

Wash and wipe dry with parts needed after each use. It will not grow blunt blades long, and plastic and glass shine like new.

Additional problems can deliver a food processor with juicer. If the item is different universal trend, in its design included special strainer, which is almost impossible to clean up a simple sponge. To cleanse using a brush, included in the set of equipment, or a manual toothbrush.

Do not wash bay, wherein the motor is located. To maintain the purity of its raw cloth or wipe with a damp cloth, Do not spill liquid inside.


Upon completion of the warranty period, you need to periodically disassemble the processor, checking the quality of the internal parts. Early identification of weak points to help avoid breakage of other components and equipment in general.


We need a food processor or not, up to you. But many housewives have long appreciated the benefits of this device and do not represent your kitchen without it compact assistant. In this repair Food Processors completed.