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idei cuisine: convenience store and aesthetic premises

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Kitchen - one of the most feature-rich zones in the apartment. It happens Cooking, food storage, crockery, and sometimes housewares. In some apartments there is a washing machine. It was in this room, in the majority of families are dining, etc.. important events. because, it is important not only to organize the space in the room (ie. in this way, that all that is necessary to place), but it is beautiful to issue. The kitchen held a lot of time, because, I want to, to be there was a pleasure.

Compact storage in the kitchen
Compact storage in the kitchen - a pledge of comfort

But what about the owners of the "Khrushchev", where the catering department takes 5 – 6 quarter. m? After all, there is not only room left in the decor, but also to remove the necessary dishes nowhere. And often, It has to be installed in the kitchen and washing machine, after all, and bathrooms in these apartments is extremely small. To the aid of a specially organized headset. They include almost all modern kitchen ideas. They help optimize storage, make the room more practical.


Increasing the modern kitchen space

To create the visual effect of a large, uncluttered room few techniques used. They will help visually and actually increase the free area.

  1. Choose a light color, for the walls, and floor and ceiling;
  2. To visually "raise" the ceiling using glossy materials for installation of suspended ceilings;
  3. Do not buy large chandeliers, but sufficient to choose, to light up the room;
  4. Suitable for a small family and a narrow, double stove cooker;
  5. Pick up a narrow set of furniture;
  6. Prefer bright facades;light facades
  7. findings, handles on the furniture and the like should not be massive, it is better, if they are flush with the facade or only slightly protrude;
  8. Removing the front door, replacing it with the arch allow to use more space;
  9. Activate window sills, if they are wide;
  10. If repairs do not remove drawer, available under a window sill in many older homes - in the winter it can be used as a refrigerator, in the summer - as extra storage space for dishes and such;
  11. Some people prefer to remove the battery, special, if it is a massive cast-iron "accordion", because most often in the kitchen and so warm;
  12. Standard dining table replace folding, mounted on a wall or the like,, ie. this, which will take place only in the unfolded state.

Ideas for decor the walls are also developing carefully. Do not choose a massive pictures or else. Prefer posters, or better yet - forms the decorative solution, changing patterns and texture of wallpaper.

storage pots

design ideas

When a small kitchen and a large family, compact storage becomes problematic. Even if the furniture is functional as possible, space is still very little. Good decision - to rearrange the dining table. Make a dining area in the living room, the kitchen is entirely leave work. If the kitchen adjacent to the living room, some owners are completely or partially demolished the wall between rooms.

Engage loggia. In some types of houses in the nutrition unit output it. Insulate and seal the space. Sometimes the wall with door and window, facing loggia demolished. If you can not insulate space, transfer to infrequently used items - some dishes, winter - Products. This is a good way to carry out the storage of vegetables in the kitchen.

Make additional outlets. This will protect you from the wires, stretching across the room.

Design a small kitchen

color Wallpaper, apron

Color solution depends on the user's preferences. There are a few general tips, that allow to solve the problem of color in the most rational:

  • The idea of ​​small kitchen design should be based on the use of bright colors. If the kitchen is a large, you can use dark colors and stylish;
  • Lack of space pattern extends, presence - narrows;
  • In small compartments do not use color zoning;
  • Avoid the diversity and complexity of textures, if you do not want to narrow the space;
  • Consider, that the one-color glossy surface will have to wash more often, than demonstrated irregular;
  • For the same reason, do not choose the furniture too bright colors;
  • Combination furniture - wall or choose a contrasting nyuansnym.

For fans of diets developed rule - warm colors evoke appetite (Orange, chocolate, red, etc.), cold - dull (cold shades of blue, etc.). In small spaces, give preference to pure local color in the spacious - semitone, blurry, diluted shades.

bright kitchen

The decor in the room 6,8,9 and 10 sq.m

The interior becomes more comfortable, when it has a decor. Even when the interior of the functional. The decor in the kitchen is specific and nonspecific. Under specific decor understood shelves for spices, Stand for dishes, rack for cups, vases, etc.. non-specific as is the decor, which is applied and rooms - mats, pictures and the like.

Since the kitchen - work room, then select functional decor. It is convenient to use, It does not interfere with the work, etc.. If the room is small, choose a low-key decor. Try not to hang on the walls of volume elements, Avoid large chandeliers, do not make a surface decorative elements in a large amount.

The decor in the small kitchen


Almost all the ideas for a small kitchen area involves the installation of compact furniture. This narrow tables and cabinets. The tables included fashion, sold complete with stools or chairs, which are pushed close under the table, without taking up space and not the external port of the kitchen.

Choose furniture, which is easy to clean. The best option - a kitchenette leatherette. Options upholstered same is impractical. Countertops better to choose a smooth, since they are easier to clean. Top - primary working surface, because you can not save them. Choose only high-quality surface.

Give preference to the furniture with legs. This allows for a more thorough cleaning. Besides, the height of such furniture can be changed. This is useful especially when, when under counter washing machine freezer and the like, i.e, equipment, which may require replacement. Besides, ideas kitchen design show, so that the space seem visually wider.

Furniture in the kitchen

kitchenware: whether you can make with your own hands

A huge number of different spoons, forks, ladles and similar complicates storage.

  • The inner side of the doors of cabinets for installation of hooks, baskets, pockets for storing small things and utensils;
  • The wall of the stove is used for storing narrow pans etc.. They are hung on it. Some housewives in the same suit magnet for knives.

Try to avoid the various stands and containers, in which accessories (spoons, Polovnik, shoulder blades) immersed in a glass. They take up space. Although often set of components is a stand of this type.

spoons and forks


The modern kitchen is equipped with a special system of storage at the design stage. But what about those, whose furniture is already installed? As they increase the storage space? There are a few tricks:

  • Use the top of the headset to hold that, that you use rarely. To make it look aesthetically pleasing, stack objects in the recycle bin etc.;
  • Add multi-level space will help organizers, that you install inside the enclosure. This will allow not only one surface, actual shelf, but the space above it;
  • In some cases, set the slide and set them on an additional drawer;
  • Sidewalls suitable for mounting brackets for storing pots caps;
  • For storage of packages successfully used special nets, placed under the sink.

If you belonged to the idea of ​​the kitchen, then you, for sure, provided a device for storage sites. If there is no, Create additional storage on your own.