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Proper lighting in the kitchen: We take into account all the features on the stage of repair

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Make a comfortable and functional lighting in the kitchen is only possible subject to its multilevel. We are talking about the need for zonal division fixtures. It is important to choose the right shape of the fixture, estimate the quality of the light flux, considering the requirements in a particular case the requirements for illumination.

Lighting in the kitchen
Lighting in the kitchen should be the best possible and cozy

Organization of illumination of the working area with the stretch ceiling and one of plasterboard

Lights for the kitchen - it is not just a fad, and the need. Important, to the cooking area always well, because here we have to make cuts, draw ready-made meals, It is therefore unacceptable lack of light. becomes kitchen pendant In most cases, the solution of the problem under wall cabinets, proposed in the following embodiments:

proper lighting

  • Furniture in the halogen lights overhead, luminescent performance. Apply and modern LED lighting, providing a directed light for easy safe operation. The most accessible functional and aesthetically pleasing version of such lighting - pencil case with a protective plastic elongated lamp, who are not afraid of fat, vapors and moisture;
  • Colored lights in the kitchen as a fitted plastic or aluminum profile RGB LED tape, allowing in the evening to create a unique atmosphere in the working area. Is used and LED lights cornice ceiling;stylish lighting in the kitchen
  • Made of tempered glass and is illuminated from the inside or the lower shelf panel hinged cabinet allows to effectively isolate the working area. Important, to kitchen design implies the possibility of such an installation of lamps (in the right place socket must be present), so think through this decision, it is desirable at the stage of development design environment;
  • LED spotlights for the house there is another application in a couple with a glass apron. The tone of coverage is selected in its sole discretion (you must navigate to an existing kitchen design).

Application of decorative illumination for cabinets and apron

kitchens Backlight can be arranged quite original, without following the stereotypes. Effectively looks cornice lighting LED ribbon, which is both functional and decorative element. As a result, a kind of light is formed under the podium workspace, expanding space. LED-band, located under the sink or on the perimeter of the base, It becomes an additional night light decor and detail, providing a floating effect of kitchen furniture in the air.

maximum lighting in the kitchen

If the workspace is decorated in an island or peninsula, and the front portion material is frosted glass, this area is also illuminated by LEDs.

How to illuminate the work area with their hands: LED Strip Light, fixtures, Led and other options

When the kitchen is combined with dining room, separately include the installation of fixtures over the dining table and the total light in the transition area. Solve the last problem can be in the following ways:

  1. By choosing a light source mounted on top of wall cabinets glass box (You can use the transparent plastic) with mounted therein LED ribbon. In this case it is necessary to determine in advance the size of the box with lighting over the kitchen to order classic
  2. Complementing the local coverage area of ​​working surfaces arranged above the table a large suspended lamp shade or a perforated chandelier. It is better to dwell on the versions with adjustable height suspension. for example, for daily meals enough to hold the bulb at a height of one and a half meters away from the table, and on holidays - raising the lamp above, creating a bright festive atmosphere.

So that the light from the chandelier did not cut the eye, it is desirable to buy a model with a translucent frosted glass shades, providing soft light scattering. A similar recommendation is present for lampshades.

a beautiful kitchen lighting

Lighting in the kitchen by zones, if the room is made in a minimalist style popular today, It may be a ceiling fixture backlit (functional model will be a turning shades), compact spots or combination of the small size of hangers, placed equidistant along the center line of the table. The exception is the round table, for which only one lighting unit at the center of the table top.

For the convenience of lighting, of which is overhead lighting, desirable to connect separately, by ensuring that only the desired part.

Choosing the correct light output

chandelier and spot lights in the kitchen

To kitchen fixtures correctly implement the functions provided for them, We need to equip them with bulbs, emitting area corresponding to the light fluxes. For working surfaces selected neutral spectrum lamp, in the dining room provide a soft light on the every day and bright for celebrations. But from the fluorescent lamps should be abandoned entirely, since they are the source of the unpleasant blue light, distorting color and causes a feeling of anxiety.

Lighting in a small kitchen

Generally, it uses a series of already listed above principles of design of light streams. If you make a kitchen with a cornice, the desired result as sufficiently provide spotlights, who did not conceal the space in contrast to the usual chandeliers. Another option placing a backlight becomes its installation on a small distance from the wall on the perimeter of the ceiling.

Lighting in the kitchen
Lighting in the kitchen - this is a very important point

When the cornice for kitchen furniture is not, can be fastened to the ceiling chandelier, without suspension or choose miniature pendant model with looking up shades, the light from which is visually lifts the ceiling, creating an interesting play of shadows.


Correctly zoned lighting in the kitchen, it is possible not just qualitatively illuminate all parts, but also bring additional decorative element, radically changing the atmosphere in the daytime and evening hours.