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Popular variants kitchen repairs: 4 demanded a Skin

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Good housewife puts into the process of making a piece of their soul food, emotion and skill. The polarity of its mood and taste of the food depends on the environment, in fact create more pleasant in a comfortable environment. Help ensure that quality furniture, eye pleasing finish, decor and repair TERMOPOL, with his own hands made a loving husband.

Choose style, that you like

Kitchen - is not limited to the "working triangle", fridge, plate, washing, this workshop, the birthplace of the great masterpieces of and experimentation with flavors. Naturally, that this premise should cause the hostess pleasant association, a feeling of joy and the desire to go back there every day.

kitchen with his hands decor

Well-chosen and thoughtful style of interior decoration - the secret cuisine appeal. In this article we look at some popular options expired and kitchen repairs.

Popular styles of interiors

The kitchen embody any ideas, the main thing, so they do not run counter to the overall style of the house, clearance corridor should not differ dramatically from the kitchen interior. However, there are several design options, allow to create the necessary atmosphere, because the kitchen - a place of reception and cooking and excessive exotics there is clearly out of place.

Unacceptable magnificent classic interiors (baroque, rococo) and are rich in contrasts and challenges repair options in the kitchen, such as Gothic, Kitsch, manga.

Gothic style in the kitchen
Gothic - style does an amateur and connoisseur

Consider, that the design of the room in a well-defined stylistic direction obliges to the relevant accessories, textiles, furniture. Simply put, for creating, let's, Egyptian style is inadequate after repairs to hang on the walls of several images of pharaohs under glass. To achieve the desired result requires considerable investment of time and finances for the selection of the right things. So weigh your possibilities, before you dare to create such attractive, but complex design.

Having decided to carry out repairs on their hands, We consider in detail the following popular options, ability to guarantee to fill your kitchen so desired atmosphere:

  • Antique interior noble, refined and at the same time cozy, imbued with a light sea breeze and the sun;
  • French style in all varieties of exquisite, legok and aristocratic;
  • Classic style emphasizes devotion owners established traditions and family values, decor fireplace with his hands will make the interior more lively and humane.
  • Every detail of the eastern interior has high semantic and functional load.

antique style

For centuries, it does not stop interest in ancient literature, art and architecture, centered on man and his oneness with the spiritual and the material world.

Antique style cuisine
Style may be the subject of a- any age

Floral motifs in combination with the perfect in its simplicity lines, natural materials, soft diffused natural lighting it creates all the amazing, coherent ensemble. Such repair options are not suitable for typical apartments with the area 40 m2. They provide plenty of open spaces, high ceilings, decorations in the form of columns, statues and stylized amphorae, but without the clutter decor.

Colors antique kitchen provides the presence of bright natural shades: sand, gold, copper, yellow, ivory, blue, green. Popularly combination two contrasting shades, let the duo of black and white or brown and beige. For finishing decorative elements used white, gold and terracotta color scheme.

kitchen decor

Typical elements of the antique style:

  1. Made in bright colors high columns of artificial marble or sandstone. Decorate them with moldings and carved decorations. Such structures help zoned space.
  2. Columns are connected graceful arches, they also documented doorways.
  3. One of the walls is decorated with a painted fresco depicting battle scenes or natural motifs. The rest is applied decorative plaster natural colors or matte paint. Typically registration of the working marbled walls with his own hands, inlay is applied to it in the form of white streaks or gold.
  4. The illuminated snug recesses arranged longcase amphora.
  5. The floors are equipped with ceramic mosaics.
  6. Massive round table on three legs organically fit into the interior.

in the style of a classic kitchen
Furniture plays an important role in the kitchen style

Blend harmoniously with the antique style of decoration domestic plants native to southern latitudes: all kinds of rubber plants, palm trees and climbing vines.

Elegant and luxurious French style

Thin graceful lines, soft "delicious" shades, abundance mirror surfaces, natural textiles, easy and relaxed decor create a French style in the interior. That this nation erected a cooking process in a cult, so the kitchen for them - almost a sacred place.

The design of a French-style varies depending on the area of ​​the kitchen from the lush splendor of the palace to the laid-back style of rural Provence comfort (French variety of country), Where imitation brick wall with his hands of plaster looks extremely natural and comfortable.

For most areas of French-style typical of the following elements:

  • Light coloured, painted in pastel colors or wallpapered ceiling, decorated plasterboard structures in the form of waves or bagels. Harmonious look and the French stretch ceiling in soft beige and caramel palette.
  • The walls are painted with paint, Wallpapers or veneered tiles. For the style of Provence is characterized by the decor of a brick wall with his hands, which hereinafter may also be painted matte or semi-matte paint.original kitchen decor
  • Kitchen apron is equipped with ceramic tiles with a gentle and unobtrusive coloring.
  • Treat carefully to the selection of furniture and accessories. Rich fabrics and smooth lines to Versailles luxury, a lot of nice little things, murals, forged items, inlay of metal on the wall in Provence, thematic Index, flower bouquets for the interior in the style of a French coffee. Finding suitable for theme decor elements will take some time, facilitate this work will help online, through which to order your favorite trinket perhaps even directly from faraway France.

Owning kitchens with balconies advise beat the interior features in the same style. There is nothing more wonderful, go out in the morning with a cup of coffee on the balcony in the style of the country, full of delicate colors, fresh greens, and enjoy the soothing sense of peace, which is poured around.

French style kitchen
France - the country of the founder of many directions in the design of the room

Classical design interior of kitchen

Ease of geometric lines, maximum functionality characterize the restrained and somewhat prim classics. Shades preferably dull, natural, Furniture - solid wood and, of course, hearth, let small and with 3-D flame. Decorating of fireplace with his hands decorative plaster will help him to make indistinguishable from real wood-burning.

The twentieth century, when the housing is gradually deprived of the mandatory elements of luxury and has become the most convenient place for human life, He gave us an offshoot of classicism - the functionalist style in the interior. Simplicity, functionality, pithiness, the absence of "extra" items - its distinctive features.

Part of the classical traits borrowed Norwegian style in the interior, combines laconic lines, ease, modern technology and eco-friendly materials. The color palette of the northern dishes - cold, pale and muted.

 kitchen renovations

East interior

Such interior minimizes parts at their maximum load sense. Eastern philosophy fits into the realities of modern dwellings, it is close to Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Practicality and brevity of these interior carries a bright personality, giving the designer space for the realization of many ideas.


To finish these ethnic cuisines used stone, tree, bamboo and even rice paper. It is used to create partitions, fixtures, curtains and accessories. Favorite colors - natural, basic tone light.