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Remaking kitchen to fit your needs: the best project

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Person, who has never faced the renovation premises heavily delves into the essence of the upcoming project, special, if you plan kitchen remake. In this room, and the floor, and the walls are made not, in a regular room, and even in some places put tiles. In this case, you need to consider how to build water supply, gas and sewer - considering each of these points is not easy beginner. At first glance, that carry out the planning of the event alone is impossible, but not as bad things, as it seems at first glance. And after reading this post, you will become in the confidence and without fear to get down to business.

Corner benches light purple color looks perfect in the kitchen

Basics rework the old kitchen with his hands: variations in the Khrushchev and other layouts

Among the people there is a perception, repair that one is equal to two Flood. But if you try make repairs with more professional point of view, you also get pleasure from the process. this implies, that we have two solutions, with which we can carry out repairs in the kitchen:


  1. Hire a team of builders and designers;
  2. Complete the task independently.

Each of these options has positive and negative. The first embodiment is more practical in terms of, that you personally do anything will not, You give money and then only come to the ready. But those people, for which repairs are not a novelty prefer to buy their own materials, solve problems with neighbors, to coordinate the plan with ZhEKom and organize minor issues. In addition, in our time alteration kitchen hands builders do not come cheap, it will have to spend a lot of money. And keep in mind, that they buy materials, and check, that they buy, and will not work at what price.

Walnut furniture
Beautiful furniture in the kitchen with a well-chosen illumination

It is the difference between independent and professional work of the price and get a save, if you do this business by yourself. In addition to the money saved, you still get a lot of construction experience and, which in the future will help to deal with problems of this kind will. Yes kitchen, Do yourself better and will serve as an example not longer, than might be expected from the work of builders, who are not always conscientious.

We get down to business

original kitchen

At this stage it is important to understand, what you really want to get, in the final embodiment. If you have any specific ideas on this point, we recommend that you get into the internet and browse complete kitchen projects. There are numerous websites, filled with such information, photos and videos, that will perform each operation to be repaired quickly. So select a couple of free hours, you spend usefully on the selection of a suitable project.

Hard to have the, whose kitchen is small or non-standard, re-planned before, as you moved into an apartment. But do not think, that you will not get anything - you can find out all over. So that, to make the project and come up with a design you will have to go through the following stages:

  • Choosing a wall design and color;
  • We decide which side to approach the issue of furniture;
  • We determine the range of home appliances;
  • Decide what elements of decoration will be appropriate here.

combined furniture
Combined furniture beautiful view of the kitchen

We select suitable materials

Our view of the construction services market offers a lot of different variants of materials, we can buy:

  • Walls. In terms of cuisine the most rational option walls - a terracotta or ceramic tiles. Even if you do not plan on every wall in the kitchen obkladyvat, then make sure will have an apron, otherwise the normal use of the kitchen did not work - the material must be resistant to water and regular washing.
  • Coating ceiling is not less than reliable, therefore we recommend to cover the floor with foam panels or buy a few square meters of decorative tiles;
  • finishing the floor. In the kitchen, standing water is present, so the floor is necessarily made of the same waterproof, as the walls. And the best material for this will serve granite tiles. Behind it is easy to care, and even choose one tile to taste, it then do not have to change any ten, nor in twenty years. The exquisite design offers combined laminate tile.

light furniture
Light furniture with carved patterns and beautiful views handles -skazochny

We arrange kitchen appliances

The only rule, who need to be guided in choosing a site, for placement of equipment - is, the furniture and kitchen appliances chosen and arranged so, up to all it can be easily and quickly accessible. To this end, it is desirable to put a sink closer to the penny, and refrigerator on one side, as well, like plate. Such an arrangement of the principle immediately understandable, who always prepares in the kitchen: first climb into the refrigerator, then wash and prepare.

compact arrangement of equipment in the kitchen

  • Gas stove. It is with this cuisine element begins each morning person, and in general, stove - small kitchen is the center of the universe. Regardless of, what is your oven safely and put on gas regulations. Under the window and put next to the curtains in no case be;
  • extract. The kitchen of our time without this attribute can not do nothing, especially, if the room is combined with the living room or hall. Power extraction is selected starting from the size of the room, distance to the nearest window and on the taste preferences of tenants. Accordingly, the, who like greasy fried food every day need a powerful extractor;stylish kitchen with a bay window
  • Pick up the situation. First and foremost when choosing an emphasis on the financial possibilities of man made furniture. Besides, if the kitchenette in your apartment a little, the space visually desirable to expand. Here it is desirable to choose furniture small size and bright colors. But the size of the installation, choose already the basis of personal preference - in one row, two or angle, here as you like;
  • The light in the room. In fact, this issue did not anticipate problems. By default, natural kitchen lighting is always present in a large volume. At the request of the furniture installed additional artificial lighting. Warm yellow light makes the room a homely, and setting the cold diode lamps were to achieve stylishness.

summing up

beautiful kitchen

How visible, to make their own high-quality repairs in the kitchen just need to gather my thoughts and start to make a plan. it's desirable, so in this case it did not disappoint fantasy, since taking up the case and performing every action with the mind the end result will not take long and will please the creator of the eye.