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8 benefits of installing ceiling rack in the kitchen

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suspended ceilings for kitchen find interesting design solution for the decoration of the kitchen area. The design is easy to install and has a number of advantages.

The original rack ceiling brown

Rack ceiling - is the product of the panels, corners and binding profile. Details of the construction are mounted on suspensions. The profiles are of aluminum, and mounting system of special steel.

A variety of advanced materials: how to choose the best for the kitchen

Of modern technologies in the construction industry in the market include suspension systems: cassette panel, plasterboard ceiling and PVC panel. To modern materials include suspended ceilings gear.

rack ceiling in the kitchen

Until recently, such a finish applied on industrial premises and in sales areas.

Selection lath structure has the following advantages:

  1. Low weight does not create a burden on the fixtures and ceilings.
  2. Installing suspended ceilings characterized by simplicity.
  3. It is going in the short term, because they do not need to be plastered and sanded surface.
  4. Resistance to stains and resistance to mold and mildew.
  5. Metal rack ceiling is not afraid of water away.
  6. Inside the structure are placed ventilation and electrical communication.
  7. The products possess a high mechanical strength.
  8. Characterized fire properties.

Rack ceiling is not afraid of leaks and has increased tightness. This design is suitable for any interior, the model is performed in a variety of colors.

metal ceiling
Metal ceiling with beautiful lights well with light tiles in the kitchen

How to choose rack design

The panels are placed modern light sources: LED strip lights and spot.

Most often used aluminum ceilings. In some instances the design of a polymeric plastic and metal.

On such a roof can be applied to a special film, which will protect the surface from dirt.

Depending on the presence of the lumen following types are distinguished between the laths:

  1. Elements without gaps, when the panels are firmly fitted.
  2. The open model is the gap between the rails, which is covered by the decorative element.
  3. In closed designs used Recess mechanism, When one panel covers other.

rack ceiling

Pinion aluminum ceilings does not require the construction of a complex framing system, since this material is a bit weighs. Ceiling coatings have durability and practicality. They are washed using household chemicals and abrasives.

In this product there is a drawback - aluminum are fragile.

The advantage of plastic products - reasonable prices. In this case, the design is characterized by ease of installation.

The ceiling in the kitchen this type is often performed in white. It is recommended to combine colors. To create an original design.

The original design will create a mirrored ceiling rack, as well as the structure and the metal in a gold color. Product coating may be matte or glossy.

Decorate the kitchen interior will help spotlights.

The ceiling for gold
A fabulous two-tiered ceiling with beautiful accents in gold

Features of the facility design with their own hands

When deciding how to make the rack ceiling with his hands, you must purchase the harness and components.

In the construction market offers different design firms. Established himself rack ceiling Albes.

Before assembling the measurements are performed with a margin of a few centimeters.

The design is mounted on ceilings using hangers and fasteners for Profile.

The apparatus consists of a rack ceiling profiles, slatted panels and special parts. These elements are created at the factory by means of cold forming.

rack ceiling in the kitchen

When choosing a design takes into account the following points:

  • calculates rack ceiling, in this case the measurement is made in the room, where the construction will be mounted;
  • make better purchase from a retailer;
  • choice between foreign and Russian manufacturers is not so important, as the technology of the same. You can select rack ceiling cesal or other firm.

Before working tool kit prepared. You will need a drill, screwdriver, roulette, Scissors on metal and screws with dowels.

The material for the ceiling elements represented by the following:

  1. Reiki is a certain size and color.
  2. Profiles for mounting rails.
  3. The basic profile, which is located along the perimeter of the kitchen area.
  4. fasteners.

Before installation is necessary to define, at what distance the construction will be mounted on the ceiling surface. Calculates rack ceiling, This takes into account the availability of spotlights and ceiling chandeliers.

nice rack ceiling

On the perimeter is marked baseline, in this case you should use the. In the corner, approximately 5 cm from the ceiling surface of a note. The marking is carried along the contour of the room. This uses a water level.

Stages of installation

Installation of suspended ceilings with their hands begins with the preparation. The walls and ceiling must be clean. A distance between the ceiling surface and design affect, passing communication.

If the ceilings are low, the distance to the panels should be minimized.

Rack ceiling with his hands is as follows:

  1. through, which is carried out on the perimeter, attached end profile. This construction is fastened securely, since the whole system is based on it. In this case the line through a distance of 40 mm hole was drilled using a drill. The deepening hammered dowels for mounting sleeve. Profile is applied to the wall surface and is fixed with special screws.
  2. Mounting the tire runs. If a tire is more than the desired size, it reduces the metal scissors.original rack ceiling in the kitchen
  3. The upper end profile elements are made incisions, in which are placed mounting rails and fasten hangers.
  4. Then, the aluminum strip ceilings installation requires mounting panels. According to the desired size of the cut panels and profiles.
  5. The item is put in the profile groove and inserted into a different profile groove on 6-9 mm. Is clicked fastening the mounting rail.
  6. Mounted next to the profile element and the gap. Assembly is carried out to the last detail.
  7. If extreme panel is not entirely, then its crop. When the device cut into the profile part is aligned.

combined ceiling
Combined ceiling in white and green colors is perfect for the kitchen

To rack ceiling with his hands to get a clear and stylish will have to make an effort.

Construct an aluminum lath ceiling to follow these guidelines:

  1. If the ceiling batten is installed in a longitudinal position, it is possible to expand the narrow room visually.
  2. The height of the harness is regulated by means of special hangers and chocks under the profile or rail.
  3. When installing the built-in light sources, for these holes are carried out in advance.
  4. The kitchen is recommended to use aluminum products. Since they have an increased resistance to Vahe withstand temperature gradients and. It used in interior rack ceiling mr tektum.
  5. Rack and pinion elements are produced with different widths. maximum 30 cm.

Using different colors and size options, create original effects.

The cost per rack ceiling varies from 1m2 600-900 rubles. It is important to correctly calculate the number of elements.

kitchen with slatted ceiling

How to create a stylish design with the help of rack ceiling

When choosing a rack structures important design space. The ceiling must fit into the existing interior.

The color palette of the product combined with the basic kitchen shades. there are models, which can be painted.

Metal rack design is suitable for processing in high-tech style. This interior involves the use of modern technologies. As materials recommended for glass and metal. Fit into the interior mirror surface gloss yl ceiling coverings.

Apply built-in light sources. Alternatively use the rack and pinion ceiling in two levels with built-in lights.

Pinion coatings models are characterized by style and practicality. These products are suitable for lighting combinations. Electrical wiring inside the structure are masked.

two-tiered rack ceiling

If you need to disassemble the rack ceiling repair works. Enough to dismantle certain rail.

When making dishes with the help of this material will help tips from designers:

  1. In the narrow panels placed across the room, to expand the space.
  2. If the kitchen is small, but square - rail arranged diagonally. Like design looks organically.
  3. Using dark shades give solidity room.
  4. To create the volume in the room, apply light, chrome or mirrored parts. They spread the light from the built-in light source and produce a lot of glare.
  5. Mirror panels create high ceiling. Ceiling surface like - would disappear.
  6. It is not recommended to use the product, are veneered wood. Such models are sensitive to humidity.

Using different design options. there are designs, creating a wavy pattern.

rack ceiling in the kitchen under the tree

If you have installed a powerful extractor, you can try the wooden panel. Such elements are suitable for interiors in a classic style or country.

Wooden models offer the following benefits::

  1. Safety and environmental: do not cause allergic reactions.
  2. Have an attractive appearance.
  3. Emit a pleasant smell of wood.
  4. Suitable for many interior styles.
  5. Characterized soundproof.
  6. Camouflage communication wiring.

The presence of special tools and skills will create a high quality rack ceiling.

Self-assembly is beneficial, as the price per m2 installation of specialist cost 800-1000 rubles.