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5 tips for choosing the style and 4 option walls in the kitchen

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Having decided to carry out renovation of the kitchen, the first thing is to decide on the, What style will be performed premises. Indeed, in this room, we spend most of the time, therefore, it must be equipped according to the tastes, needs and habits. Then the kitchen will no longer be a place of cooking, and become a favorite room, uniting family members.

Walls - Kitchen clothes and so you should also try over them

Tips for choosing the style of interior

style food may depend on the general concept of space or different from the. It depends on the willingness of the inhabitants and the layout of the rooms. After all, if the appartment, space should be organized in a single stylistic direction, to avoid the feeling of fragmentation. Solve, how to decorate the kitchen, to be the owner of the premises, However, it should heed the following recommendations.

styles, suitable for kitchen enough:

  • Classical. The advantage of this option finishing the interior - a classic is always in fashion. Do not be afraid, the design may seem outdated in a few years, a classic kitchen this will not happen. For a classic characteristic of natural colors, restrained decor, soft lines. This style is used in furnish apartments high-rise, and private and country houses. materials, typical of classical cuisine - wood or plastic, acrylic and MDF, stylized tree. Do not be afraid tree decoration kitchen, This material undergoes special treatment, acquires a result of which the heat resistance and moisture repellent properties. Painting of walls wood will bring a sense of comfort and home comfort.
    Classic style kitchen
    Classic style kitchen - in great demand in our modern world
  • Country is a cozy style, reminiscent of a village. It is characterized by natural, eco-friendly materials. The color scheme is prone to natural tones dim. materials, used for decoration kitchen, made in the style of the country, are reduced to wood, stone. Country style harmoniously looks in small rooms with low ceilings.
  • Modern use in kitchens with limited quadrature. This style involves the use of a variety of materials: plasty, wood, metal, glass. The predominant shades - light, pastels with splashes striking elements.
  • Minimalism. Finishing kitchen appliances tend to use modern materials: plasty, glass, metal and adding natural elements - wood, stone. The walls are made, one-style, using neutral shades. When decorating the apron use of glass is allowed, monochromatic tiles.
  • Eclecticism is a mixture of two or three styles. For the walls using wallpaper with a silk texture, a rock, wooden panel paint. There may be a combination of three or four colors, the main thing, so they were organically combined with each other.

The choice of material for finishing

When choosing the material for walls in the kitchen area must build on the design of the room. But do not forget about practicality, because the kitchen - a room with high humidity and temperature.

Beautiful kitchen design
Stick-style room - a very elegant look on the background of the overall housing

Consider some option walls in the kitchen, suitable for this room.


The advantage of painting the walls is the ability to select any desired shade or create your own, by mixing different colors. Besides, using paint, You can draw on the wall drawing or pattern, supports the concept of space.

By choosing colors should be taken responsibly. It is advisable to choose water-based paint and water-resistant antimicrobial. Their advantage - the absence of solvents and toxic substances. The paint dries quickly and protects the surface of the walls from moisture.

Before applying the paint should carefully prepare the surface. The walls must be smooth - a key requirement, because the paint will show irregularities.


Decorative plaster is easy to apply, it does not require the help of experts, Since the definition of technology does not exist. The undeniable advantages of this material provides strength, wearing qualities, neutral attitude to the sun. Restored stucco applying a small amount of the mixture on the wall. After drying, it is recommended to polish the surface of fine-grained sandpaper.

application decorative plaster preceded by the preparation of the walls: alignment, primer. This will prolong the life of the decorative cover.

Plaster is not only for room decoration. This mixture is used to align the walls of the room where, when the drywall is not desirable to use. To select a plaster for walls leveling, should look into its forms. Distinguish cement and gypsum mixture. say definitely, What is better for stucco walls leveling, impossible, because each has its advantages and areas of use. Gypsum plaster used to finish the walls in a room with moderate humidity. Use it in the bathroom irrationally. The cement mixture requires prolonged drying. Failure to do so leads to cracking of the treated surface.

Decorative plaster in the kitchen
Decorative plaster creates a personal background in the room


Or ceramic tile - common variant decorate the walls in the kitchen. If before this material trimmed all premises, now reduced to the use of tile decoration work area. Tiles can be easily cleaned by water droplets and fat, It does not absorb odors and does not lose color. The color scheme of ceramic tiles is diverse, so you can choose the option, suitable for any interior style.

To use the tiles do not require pre-treatment of the walls in the interior.


Using the wallpaper as a material for walls in the kitchen spread through acceptable cost, simplicity and diversity gluing material, color and pattern. They combine well with other kitchen decoration materials: plastic, MDF, glass.

However, wallpaper glue should only part of the kitchen wall, not in contact with the working area. This will protect them from damage. For this reason, you need to choose water-resistant, washable wallpaper or products for painting.

Among the acrylic and vinyl wallpaper are models with floral patterns, classic versions and even texture, reflecting the effect of a stone.

Through the use of wall-paper of different textures and shades of a separation space into zones.

Features finish with decorative stone

Some interior styles require the presence of natural, or stylized natural, materials for walls and floors. Therefore gained widespread such material, as a decorative stone.


This material has undoubted advantages, among which:

  1. Possibility space zoning. Stone isolated dining or working zone, emphasize interior features facilities.
  2. Decorative stone emphasizes and sets stylistic trends premises. With it softens or, conversely, enhanced rigor and straightforwardness design.
  3. A variety of types of decorative stone helps to find a suitable option for the price range.
  4. It is possible to paint decorative stone, to achieve the desired color or effect. This is done with paint and spray gun. The duration of effect provided by coating colored varnish surface.

Decorating the walls of the kitchen is complete. successful repair!