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Choosing a high-quality furniture Chernozem: factory standard

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The kitchen and the cooking process in it a long time ago considered the center of the life of the house and apartment. Around the hearth people are going so far, not only, for dinner or a snack, but simply to communicate and consult. Despite, how much time has already passed for human history - this fact has not changed. And so why not make the kitchen and the adjoining dining room more elegant due to good furniture. Today we will discuss furniture Chernozem and nuances, related.

dark furniture
Dark antique furniture looks nice with pink walls and a Persian carpet

Information about the furniture company Chernozemya

Furniture Chernozem

Firstly, it should be noted, that in spite of such a grandiose name, this series of furniture and domestic based in Voronezh. I created the company in the already distant time of World War II, in ag 1943 year, and then she did not handle timber. After the war the plant is clearly focused on the needs of the residents of Voronezh and region. Despite these dramatic changes in the orientation of, each item, which was produced here had a high quality. At the present time, "Furniture of Chernozem region" is considered one of the most famous country of woodworking enterprises and one of the three successful industry manufacturers. Here, choose the style and furniture produced in different directions both in design, and Function. The catalogs are found Bedrooms, Headsets for the kitchen, sofas for each corner of the apartment. But the main feature of this company is not a comprehensive range, but should the level of quality.

Natural wood furniture
Furniture made of wood filled with crockery - superb views

We compile the information received and shall present a list of advantages of this company:

  1. The production base of enterprises of this complex have a high level of equipment, every piece of equipment new and aimed at high-quality wood processing;
  2. The extensive trading network, with over fifty shops and branded outlets in 20 the largest Russian cities. Besides, more 150 small dealers distribute company products through other stores;Chernozem furniture kitchen
  3. Among the most important clients of the company includes a number of government agencies: from budget resorts to the President's Administration;
  4. The company annually participates in prestigious competitions, and the design of this furniture won prizes for each of the available nominations;
  5. Furniture Chernozem honored with the most prestigious award of the country - "Russian Cabriole", for elegant design and excellent production charge. These awards, the company already eight, that already indicates a high level of quality and comfort;
  6. The company's goal is to create a premium interior elements, each style, which is in demand. The price of production is democratic, to every citizen, going to the store, I could choose furniture for the kitchen.

light furniture
The splendor of the light of furniture in the kitchen - the original look

A pleasant moment of choice of furniture of this type is, what each cabinet, headsets or sofa equipped with detailed instruction manual. Inside, you'll learn, how to assemble and install the purchased goods, in which care needs material, from which to make furniture, and many other important points. Besides, the Internet is full of videos, which shows, how the kitchen MDF is collected and maintained.

Sets for kitchen: price always correspond to quality

Kitchen set by the company to become a great addition to dining facilities. They are characterized by qualitative and exterior style, sofas and have a comfort. Now we propose to consider popular among people options, which produce these furniture factories.

kitchen furniture Chernozem


When the furniture was made for Napoli took up a prototype of the original set of Italian production. Therefore, this type of cuisine blends harmoniously with the style of each room and complements the room in each of the styles. Take a look the photo from the catalog, here mainly allocated color "Walnut". This light color underlines the excessive elegance of classic style. Choose the furniture of this style is allowed in a single row, and an angle.

Furniture with a bar
Furniture in the kitchen in a light brown color looks elegant with a bar

Each element of this range has such non-standard features:

  • facades, panels and doors are executed in a complex style;
  • As a material used natural wood;
  • Often this furniture range is completed with stained glass;
  • Each mortise element is performed to the nearest millimeter, Furniture decorated with metal decoration.

Note, accessories that are purchased prior to installation in the European countries, to match the level of the tree.

kitchen Chernozemya

Deciding to spend money on this type of furniture you will complete the room with elegant design elements. Kitchen set, table and "Napoli" chairs make the room a small kitchen area comfort.

model Aphrodite

Aphrodite furniture meets the market for the most various options. In the catalog, dedicated to this style is present share of minimalism, Aphrodite looks somewhat archaic, and is one of the classic style furniture. Kitchen Aphrodite combines gentle colors, strict design with straight lines. Externally, such a set is a standard classical.

kitchen Aphrodite

Catalog of kitchen elements includes a mass of flowers, materials, a separate column devoted to the decorative elements. Each person can choose the right headset for personal use. Besides, Company offers to order as a ready-made options, and the order of your pre-composed drawings. Color and texture, you can pick up with the consultant. Designers also the photos of the room will be able to point to fit your interior ready-made options. Important, the furniture did not come out due to the design of the frame.


Note, that the price of furniture depends on the material chosen. natural wood, that is used for making furniture this manufacturer is not cheap, so pre-calculate a free budget, you can select to purchase.