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The most important features of a modern kitchen

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Modern kitchen sets characterized by functionality and ergonomics. Furniture is performed taking into account the peculiarities of work in the kitchen. Design equipped with convenient storage systems and mechanisms opening cabinets. It complements the interior and built-in appliances properly chosen lighting.

Modern kitchen
Modern kitchen speaks for itself

Modern furniture for kitchen made from the highest quality materials, which are characterized by resistance to moisture and temperature extremes.

Design features of the kitchen decor suggests a minimum and a maximum practicality.

Methods of modern furniture design in the kitchen

new kitchen sets composed of modular elements and ergonomic devices. The headsets include special hinges and details depending on the functional purpose.

kitchen set

The model combines the latest materials and diverse color palette.

There are the following methods of decoration:

  • modern kitchen furniture is characterized by a wealth of color palette. Apply a matte surface or glossy shades of pastel colored bright surface;
  • combination used contrasting. The working area is decorated with colorful ornaments and coloring. The upper part of a different color from the rest of the furniture;
  • the space is divided by a design and texture. Apply glossy facades. Popular imitations of wood or metal surfaces;
  • printing allows you to put on facades drawing of any complexity;
  • used aluminum frames with a variety of filling.

unusual kitchen
Unusual solutions - the lot of our time

Internal device sets

Organization of space in the kitchen involves effective zoning and use of furniture designs. Saves useful space ergonomic furniture.

Modern devices headsets help distribute cooking utensils and crockery.

By applying methods for the functional interior space enclosures is the use of sliding systems.

Internal device is optimized by using the following solutions:

  1. Do not use tables. In the bottom row are installed drawers, from which you can easily get the dishes.a modern kitchen
  2. Not applicable hinged doors. Furniture designs settling drawers, elevator doors and pneumatic opening mechanism.
  3. Proper organization of internal space boxes. Applicable special fittings for the kitchen, which enables you to change the location and shape of objects to increase the usable area.
  4. increases usability kitchen units angulation, which helps to maximize the nomination boxes.
  5. Drawer System allows full use of the inner area. Reinforcing elements can withstand the weight of the boxes, even with a substantial filling.
  6. They used a loop with closers Kitchen. Such elements allow the door to open wider and prevent occurrence of unpleasant sounds upon opening.
  7. You can use the new system for opening. Instead of handles designs are used, which opens the door when pressed lightly in the facade.

The device is a modern kitchen allows even the small room to use with maximum comfort.

Modern kitchen mechanisms
Modern Kitchen mechanisms - without them anywhere

What are the options of furniture arrangements?

Current models of kitchen furniture equipped with useful tools, that help to create an ergonomic interior. for example, soft closing hinges for doors cabinet stronger than the old parts and are able to withstand the increased weight.

The furniture designs are applied handy guide, which ensure smooth running mechanisms.

The following options door opening systems:


  1. For upper cabinets lifting gear used. At the same time the door opens upward. The design uses pnevmootkryvateli and special hinges with brakes.
  2. transoms are used to save space. These designs are suitable for the upper and lower cabinets. The rollers and hinges are used as fastening elements.
  3. The angular headset uses an additional element - rotatable carousel with rotating shelves.
  4. Vertical cabinets are used column, inside which are crosslinkable. The design consists of a basket, which are equipped with ball guide.
  5. Functional element is considered butylochnitsa, which stores the cans and bottles.
  6. Reylingovye structure designed for storing spices, povareshek and other trifles.

Quality fittings for kitchen furniture and store design contribute to creating an ergonomic interior.

Quality fittings for kitchen furniture
Accessories -neotemlemaya part of the style

Effective use of lighting

An important element of kitchen furniture is quality lighting. Proper lighting is capable of even a small room to turn into a cozy corner.

It is important to be equipped with lighting fixtures work surface for ease of operations.

When installing lighting allowed the following errors:

  • incorrect layout design scheme, where repairs need to dismantle the system;
  • excessive use of fixtures, even where this is not required.

modern kitchen

With spotlights dining performed zoning and working zone.

The following types of the highlights of kitchen units:

  1. Installing LED lamp to illuminate countertops.
  2. Used light sources on the visor above the lockers. To do this, fit halogen lamps. With such a method of illumination on the working surface falls the shadow of the shelves.
  3. The bottom surface mounted overhead lighting, which are covered with a special plastic or frosted glass.
  4. For accent lighting lamps are recommended, clothespins.

stylish kitchen

For efficient lighting sources include LED strip. It is secured with a double-sided tape.

When making food using several lighting devices. In addition to traditional bulb lamps installed inside furniture set.

Ceiling can decorate not only the chandelier, but point lights.


Kitchen sets from high-quality materials and modern facility will create a comfortable and functional room.