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The new facade of the kitchen with his hands - the idea for independent work

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Zealous apartment owners find the right, it makes no sense to spend money on new furniture, if the appearance can be changed with their own hands. It's easy and fun, as the way to mass. update old kitchen takes little time, and the result will surprise the household and guests. How to update the facade of the kitchen with his hands, let's learn.

The new facade of the kitchen with his hands
The new facade of the kitchen with his hands to do just, the main desire

Materials and tools

Depending on the chosen method of transformation facades kitchen units It requires a variety of tools.

Updating the kitchen facades

Among them:

  1. Joinery - chisels for carving - if home worker has the appropriate skills.
  2. carpentry tools. To list does not make sense - for each option requires a different set of. However, screwdriver and jigsaw - certainly need.
  3. Accessories - handles, loop, decorative veneer - making even a small part of the decor, transform set, It will make a novelty or change beyond recognition.
  4. Material for the manufacture of doors, if a the old facades are not very satisfied with the owners. For this, usually, used MDF, Chipboard or natural wood.

Sometimes experience is required at all - important, imagination and desire to create. A "step by step recipes" work there in any "corner" of the Internet.

Options to create facades

Ideas updates the old kitchen - not new.

kitchen facade
All this is something new, that have tried and so you can choose any design

Among these coloring, sticking the decorative film, aging, postforming, production of new frames and paste the selected material. detail:


easy job, affordable apartment owner without experience. following stages:

  • set dismantled. Perfect, if the pass is not only updated kitchen facades, but a complete decoration of surfaces. Then present a unified whole kitchen. Fasteners turns screwdriver, cabinets disassembled into components.
  • In a clean, flat surface is laid PVC film or self-adhesive paper. Element headset is placed on the plane and the contours are marked. From them make allowances on the width of the ends or more. Why not take your measurements without making doors or shelves? Because guarantee, headsets that meets the strict geometry no. And even if it was purchased expensive and the quality is not questioned, in-service, of steam and the housing can be deformed beautiful facades
  • Pattern rolls and applied to an element. Top unstick small fragment portion and fixed to the edge of the door. Then gradually displacing the protective layer, paper or film is completely transferred to the door, Shelf or cabinet wall. The main problem - the air bubbles. Therefore, the work is carried out slowly, proglazhivaya pasted area with clean cloth.
  • Further, zahybayut allowances. If you want to paste over the cabinets and on the inner side, then from the inside measurements do without them, it was not necessary to make bends. So, decor looks a unit.

It is a cheap and effective way to transform old boxes in the kitchen. films and a variety of securities, It allows to decorate the suite for any imitation or change them so often, as the owners want.

To glue a decorative film
Sticky film - a cheap and popular option


Decorative updated kitchen facades is to apply plastic smoothing straight ends - plate smoothly moves on the wrong side. Due to this design it increases the strength of the facade, countertops - plastic is impervious to scratches, pressure. At home, do the job accurately and compares with Prefabrication - impossible, but no one stops to try. For the manufacture of following tools are required: mill, mallet, for laminate adhesive, jigsaws.

  • Billets made of MDF or particle board are sawn to size, a router and then the edges are rounded.
  • Plastic for postforming metered with a margin, departing on the wrong side.
  • Doors and shelves are coated with glue. Do the same with plastic. Then it is pressed against the surface and rattle mallet for greater adhesion.
  • transitions and place the ends trimmed sandpaper to smooth. Install hidden handles for the kitchen - on the surface, they are not visible.

Of course, the result is far from factory. But independent actions help to become beautiful, eg, furniture for the kitchen at the cottage.

postforming kitchens
Postforming very progressive idea for furniture in our time


One of the ways - how to update a wooden kitchen. Methods of aging a lot - using stain, krakelyura. simple steps, and an excellent result. For cracelures take several shades of paint. It should focus on the predominant interior color.

  1. Remove the door from the release hardware - hinges, pens and uncoated. Wooden parts cleaned and degreased by a composition, combined with future paints. The ends trimmed.
  2. Apply white layer, without waiting for the complete drying of the yellow. Then dry sponge tinder not completely dry surface in one direction - through the upper ink layer tread previous. The following layers are applied again and similarly doctoring.

aging facades kitchen his hands

The effect of aging is obtained by contrasting shades of paint, show through each other - kind many times painted cabinet, buffet.

aging firing

good, to upgrade the kitchen with his hands, made from the natural wood without the addition of plastic, varnish, film and other decor. At first brush, metal facades clean, acting tough - remain on the surface scratches and grooves. Then blowtorch are surface - defects resulting from the brush must char. Further, soft brush soot rubbed into the door and the resulting effect varnish.

aging firing
The aging of firing can be used in many styles and design of the room

Rattan facade

popular updated kitchen fronts with beautiful rattan, environmentally friendly and inexpensive. How to make:

  1. Rattan cloth soaked for swelling on 30 minutes. you can not overdo, As well peresushennoe Ono korobytsya.
  2. Prepare frame facades. You can use a straight blade, but to strengthen it bought strips.
  3. The pattern of the fabric is attached to the door with staples or glue.
  4. Finished on top of the door rails strengthen, eclipsing angle in 45⁰.

It remains clean seams and lacquered structure. In this way, update the kitchen furniture is easy. Process faster - it takes a couple hours, provided, that the components are ready.


Described ways to make its own new set - not everyone. In the piggy bank home craftsmen have many options other decors and materials for their creation. It is important to consider them all and choose your own individual version.