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Mini kitchenette - the right solution for small apartments

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When it comes to the maximum include brains in the room very little space, to solve a difficult problem placing furniture. Even the most experienced designers face difficulties arrangement of small rooms. After all, of all the existing diversity of ideas, to choose the most optimal (to make it look not only aesthetically beautiful, but also practical domestic).

Area Mini
Corner Mini kitchen - ideal for small spaces

There are a few fundamental ideas, concerning the arrangement of small rooms. In keeping with their, you can make the most efficient to equip the interior of the room and find the best solution at the expense of how to arrange your favorite cuisine.

Using the light-colored

White or any bright colors make it possible to visually enlarge the space, even in the tiny room. They reflect the daylight and artificial light and make the room more spacious. In the process of selection of light colors is not necessary to go to far, turning the space into a surgical ward. In this case, gone home and comfort in the house.

Kitchenette Mini

Therefore it is recommended to use a monochrome shades and bedding. For example, can be in the room are several parts, take and paint one of the four walls in a different shade, hang a picture on it, or stick the bright sofa (chair or table). This will be a relaxation area, this technique distracts guest and relaxes his vision.

Uniform finish

All adjacent to each other room to perform better in the same style, To create a sense of more space. For example, in this style, you can make a hallway and the kitchen, a corridor and a kitchen (a lot of options). Very important, that the floor, wherein, it was the same color. Or a similar hue. To effect the adjacency was great, you can get rid of interior doors. In their place is better to make the arches, which can additionally illuminate. Or install a sliding door in light colors. Translucent options are ideal (but not in the bathrooms and bedrooms naturally).

beautiful kitchen Mini

High ceiling

Naturally, In most cases, our apartments are not very high ceilings. It visually reduces the size of the room. To achieve the effect of more space, they need to do the above design method. What does it mean? We take and make the ceiling a few shades lighter, compared with the walls. Or create a 3D light ceiling with the right lighting, this design visually will increase the space in the times. You can still use the suspended ceiling of bright colors, to reflect the room. Then the room visually at times will not seem so tiny increase.

Kitchenette Mini brown and white


Properly selected light allows to perceive the surrounding area more than. It is therefore important, that all angles house were sufficiently illuminated. The lack of light and the presence of dark areas in different parts of the room, It serves to underline its borders (that is not very good). Busting in coverage should also not be, otherwise lost coziness and feeling of comfort. When choosing lighting, guided by the ceiling and spotlights. In no case do not buy bulky and large chandeliers in the room. Some zones in the room can be illuminated diode tapes. It will look spectacular and beautiful.

small area in the kitchen


At arrangement of rooms stick to minimalism. It means, that in the interior of the house should not be a lot of excess furniture. Each of them must comply with clearly defined goals and be as useful as possible in a given room area. Even better, if the furniture is multifunctional (i.e, It is able to perform several functions). This saves on installation of other subjects. The only disadvantage of this design is its assembly. Usually, Furniture of this type for a long time set, but it's worth it.

Adhere to high-tech or modern. They are the brightest representatives of minimalism today. Manufacturer loves these styles, because this furniture is not very difficult to make quality. It is almost no small and ornate details.

Kitchen Area

Every detail of the interior must be clear form, and have a geometrically straight line (it's desirable). ideal:

  • sofas, turning in bed;
  • ironing board, that fold into the cabinet;
  • sliding tables;
  • built-in kitchen cabinets, and hidden in their washing machines (Dish-washing machines), compact, mini kitchen corner,

The functionality of a mini-corner Consul premium, Tulip, Spring, Alenka, Maestro, Light, Chelsea, Techno for a small kitchen

In the small kitchen you need to fit all the most necessary things. It will have to abandon of the U-shaped designs furniture and various islands. Their presence deprives you of a lot of space. For such solutions suitable Kitchen Area mini kitchen dream of every housewife. small corner of the kitchen is better to choose light colors, since the decision to expand the table.

beautiful kitchen

It is better to expand the doorway, and make the sliding doors (or else set the ordinary, but, that they open outwards). Kitchenette and dining table, it is desirable to place in different walls. It should not be a big, but at the same time very small. It is necessary to set the table with the expectation of three people. Ideal for a small kitchen folding chairs.

corner in the kitchen

After use, they can be neatly folded and hide in a corner. It is also worth taking a functional and compact sink, which would fit into the small kitchen. If to remove a large portion of the wall (there, where the door) and make the most of the adjacent kitchen with another room, in this place you can put the bar. She will perform the functions of the wall and at the same time would be a great place for cocktails.


It is recommended to use the kitchen, to take the most of all the corners of the kitchen. It can be cupboards and cabinets. Place under a window sill can be filled, establishing there a small locker. In it, you can store your dishes. Also in the tiny kitchen can put a roll-curtains. They have no place in the interior does not hold, and in their functions are not inferior to conventional curtains.

Beautiful furniture in the kitchen
Beautiful furniture in the kitchen will always be pleasing to the eye

any mini kitchen for a small kitchen It will look simply gorgeous, if the owner will invest in its arrangement of his whole soul, love, and of course the entire creative potential. Then certainly this room will not be equal.