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Kitchen furniture for small spaces: the right interior

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Small rooms in domestic flats are common. And equipping a small kitchen becomes a problem for the owner. Wrong selection of furniture lead to inconvenience in the use of technology, while cooking and eating. Make the room comfortable and ergonomic kitchen help for a small kitchen, correctly selected using several recommendations.

Furniture for a small kitchen
The compact kitchen is very useful for housewives


The small-sized space allows 2 configuration of furniture arrangement - straight and angled. A first embodiment involves the installation wall in one wall, leaving space for appliances and table. The second provides a rational use of space and creates a functional kitchen triangle.

Correctly to choose furniture for a small kitchen contains all the necessary elements, maintaining a place for cooking and eating. Components wall repair steps determined, as well as the option to buy:

  • Ready-made furniture for a small kitchen placed in the room a few days after delivery, but limits the selection and dimensions, and matching cabinets, shelves and cabinets;
  • Customization takes longer. But the kitchen furniture is chosen depending on the room size and customer preference.

Small kitchen
The most important thing is not the size, and funktsioanlnost

corner options

The choice of the set at an angle headset saves space and improves functionality. When cooking food quickly move between work areas. And there is no wasted space.

Allocate such variations small kitchens with angular placement of furniture:

  1. L-shaped. Suitable for any room, better - for square, Although convenient for rectangular rooms. The headset features have perpendicular walls. And a small kitchen becomes more convenient.
  2. U-shaped. Accommodation along the three walls - an option practical and reasonable. Such furniture in the small kitchen provides just 3 surface for the cooking and eating. But there is a disadvantage when placed in a square room. U-shaped kitchen for a small kitchen occupies a large portion of the space, leaving it to the table and reducing the level of comfort of the location next to sink, enclosures and cutting surfaces. Before, how to arrange the kitchen, check, that between the parallel sides there are not less 2 m.


Popular compact furniture, used as a wardrobe and fill narrow niches in the headset. There is a variant with a sliding design, further increases the space. Inside is enough space for kitchen utensils, rationally located on several shelves.

It is used not only for ware. Closet-case - an important attribute of such an option as the built-in kitchen for small spaces. The height of the furniture unit provides coffee makers, Multivarki, a small-sized microwave ovens and other equipment. If the foam bivalve, placed inside and narrow refrigerator or washing machine. Sliding shelf at the bottom of the canister will increase the space and will provide storage products, requiring no low temperature.

Foam on the kitchen
Pencil more useful than the above, possible to put anything

compact tables

Setting the furniture on a small kitchen, on tables left little space. required options, providing accommodation of people, without taking up space. Could solve the problem would be to combine the kitchen and living room, but, if it is possible, needs Transforming tables.

Reduce these types of furniture space:

  • folding table for a small kitchen, fastened to the wall and, if necessary, raise or lower the center of the room or in parallel to the wall;
  • folding surface (Tables Notebook), providing 3 location options: closed, with one or two open part;
  • Roll out or pull-out table in the kitchen, concealed under the table;
  • sliding furniture, when transformed hiding part of the surface under the cover.

All the tables, it is desirable to choose the semicircular. So the corners will not hinder the passage of people, a place for their landing will be as much. A more circular shape in a small room looks more favorable rectangular or square.

Complete work or dining table in a small kitchen and the room becomes a window sill.

There is cut and eat foods. But it is necessary to increase the width of the standard 20 cm 80. A sill-worktops producing plastic material not selected, a tree, marble or even particleboard.

compact table
Very garmotno made table, we can say sverhkompakten


Reylingovye systems can put a piece of kitchen equipment on the walls. Choose them in size and style of the rest of the kitchen furniture. AND, If the spacious rooms will suit all options, compact requires individual solutions.

Standard techniques when placing these elements of interior:

  • a lot of boxes on the walls create a feeling of clutter. It is recommended to place only the necessary items - blades, spice, drying dish;
  • for corner sinks are special types of railing shelves for easy placement;
  • short wall requires a multilevel storage system. 2-3 section reylingovoy systems have at different heights;
  • items hanging there, where they are used: Stove potholders, above the desk knives and blades;
  • rails can replace the upper cabinets, improving access to content.

doubts, how compatible railing and kitchen furnishings, have resorted to this method. In place of the crossbar glue paper web, which is attached to kitchen utensils layouts. Clearly see the interior in accordance, leave an option. It is advisable not to clutter the room with unnecessary accessories.

design solutions

When planning a suitable design for kitchen furniture, take into account all the nuances. In the first place - the color and lighting, and the combination then forms levels. The right choice will increase the compact room, wrong - will show less, than it actually is.

Lighting in the kitchen
Lighting in a small room should be maximum, lighter than the more space - this is such an illusion

The colors and lighting

It is recommended to choose for small rooms light colors and unobtrusive small drawings, against which wall unit looks better. So, white kitchen corner for a small kitchen suitable longer green or orange. If the walls have dark or owner preferences tend towards a contrast design, Furniture choose beige, gray or pastel colors.

Help remove the effect of reducing the dark space walls downlights, mounted above the work surface. They also illuminated dining area in a small kitchen. A natural light provides a wide window, decorated monochromatic light curtain.

It is worth paying attention to the location of the mirror, chromed, glossy and other shiny surfaces. reflecting light, they increase the size of the room. In conjunction with LED lamps solution mirrors and glossy facades seem more profitable.

It is not necessary to use more 2 primary colors - concise solutions look better.

Visual effects

choosing, how to put furniture, review and placement of household appliances. In the room it should be installed, almost without taking up space. And built-in kitchen will be a good option for a small kitchen, hiding the devices under the worktops and doors. In this case, come up and installation of equipment (stiralki or dishwashers) under the sink.

To create the impressive look of the kitchen units take the height of the ceiling. This will help improve the capacity of the cabinets, shelves and pencil cases. But the main goal - to distract attention away from the small dimensions of the kitchen and put it on the top half of the room.


Several large-sized cabinets look more favorable set of compact, creating the impression of negligence. Rounded corners of cabinets and countertops create an original design, while reducing the risk of fire and. A partially or completely transparent tables, chairs and benches will increase the space. Dissolved in the interior and almost imperceptible furniture fill the space comfort. Tables take glass, severe, but more durable. Chairs - transparent plastic, withstand heavy loads.