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Proven remedy for fat kitchen

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kitchen, where many are prepared, bake, fry, from which the appetizing smell - a favorite place the whole family. And no matter its size. The main thing in the kitchen - comfort, great food and cleanliness. Here and fly away: constant evaporation of fat, which settle on the furniture, curtains, floors and other surfaces in any way to clean is not a.

grease contamination
Most affected by pollution fat cooker

Removal of fat in the kitchen - a mandatory cleaning process. How to make an effective cleaning and does not hold at the same time on more interesting things? Comes to the aid of the hosts detergent for dishes. How to wash and let's try to find out.

Household chemical goods Kitchen

Household products in the shops are provided in sufficient quantity and quality. In order not to get lost in this world of new products of the chemical industry, first of all, remember what, that remove grease from kitchen furniture can only be a means of, which is suitable for a given surface. wooden, polished, plastic and other surfaces are cleaned in different ways. To determine whether it is a suitable tool for your kitchen, you need to carefully read the instructions in it. Usually there indicate the scope of the.

The cleaning kit includes:

  • Universal degreasing cleanser and disinfectant.
  • polish- antistatic.
  • Means for glass, SLR, chrome-plated surfaces.
  • One potent agent, which can quickly remove the fat.

Household chemicals are released in the form of cleaning powder, aerosol spray, emulsions or foaming liquid. They meet the need for rapid, quality cleaning, but cast doubt on the safety for the health of family members. Can I clean the kitchen without losing time, quality and environmentally safe?

  1. Chemistry - it is not always toxic, caustic and toxic. Increasingly popular drugs, based on biological additives, containing natural, natural ingredients. The truth and the value of their much higher.
  2. Prepare effective security tools can be very. Question of saving family funds also will be solved.

wash kitchen grease
By using household chemicals to clean the kitchen from fat do not forget to use protective equipment

Available means at hand

Detergents - with their own hands

Soda - the perfect cleaner from grease and other contaminants. Cleaning the kitchen at home soda is not only environmentally friendly, but also quite effective. Sodium is found in many industrial cleaning agents. Try to prepare an effective cleaning paste and emulsion.

  1. Soap Grate, to obtain about half a cup of chips. Grate the need to finely, and then further crushed. Add half a cup of baking soda to soap and a glass of chalk. The intimate mixture pour 3 tablespoons of glycerine. The resulting paste can be folded in a jar, Keep refrigerated. Use in different cases, eg, to wash the tiles, , clean the kettle from fat, and whether it still needs a little brush.

Council: for cooking pasta is not necessary to rub the big new piece. For this purpose, fit a variety of different residues from soap.

  1. 120 g. soap chips, 75 g. soda, 75 g. pour salt into the pan, to fill with water, put on the stove and heat up, stirring, until complete dissolution of the components. Add to the resulting mixture a couple of tablespoons of any essential oil, merge all in a bottle. You have got an effective remedy, which is good even wash laminate flooring at home, as well as other kinds of floor covering.

expensive detergents
Not necessarily to buy expensive cleaning products for kitchen cleaning, It is possible to do the people's recipes

That than: especially cleaning


  • Wash plate from an old fat can help to test baking powder and soda, you need to spill it on the plate and soak for a while.
  • Clear ceramic plate of a deposit would help ordinary lemon juice, squeezed across the surface and left minutes 20 – 30.
  • Clear tiles by fat will help both of you cooked soap - soda mixture, and ammonia solution. Excellent cleaner tile - vinegar.

Council: If confused sharp unpleasant odor of acetic - flavoring its lemon or orange peels. So flavored vinegar, diluting it with water, you can wash all, even floors.


  • Quickly clean the microwave fat helps the same lemon. Pieces of half a lemon add water in a bowl, put into the stove and turn on the minutes on full power 15. After switching off leave for another 10 minutes to cool. citric acid vapor dissolve fat, can only wipe his wet, then with a dry cloth.
  • The same principle clean the microwave using vinegar or baking soda. Vinegar previously diluted with water 1:4, tablespoon soda is diluted with water in a plate.

Council: in any case, no attempt to clean the microwave abrasive powders or harsh brushes - it can damage the special coating layer, which reflects the wave.

cleaning the microwave
Microwave beam does not wash folk remedies


  • It is needed in the kitchen appliances, as an oven, clean very uncomfortable, because they hide a lot of hard to reach places, and fat and there is access. Wash the oven from the old method of burnt fat helps digestion. Average dishwashing detergent, or a soap solution in water, treat wall, pour on tray and put in the oven for half an hour at a temperature 110about. After cooling down - wash with a wet cloth.
  • In a similar manner employed for purification of vinegar. A heat-resistant glass cup is filled with water and vinegar, and heated at 150about within half an hour.
  • Well proven oven cleaning with ammonia. sponge, well wetted with the solution, wiped wall and baking, close the door and leave for the night. In the morning wash water with soap solution.


cleaning the kitchen floor
Much easier to care for the tiled floor kitchen, than laminate

Sex in the kitchen, laid tiles - it is convenient and hygienic, One problem - the dust and eventually ends up in the fatty evaporation tile joints. Clean the joints between the tiles on the floor will help very acidic solution. Its composition is such: 0,5 soda glass, 0,25 - fresh lemon juice (do not shop in the package!), 0,75 - apple cider vinegar. When the reaction is to be held, this porridge to fill seven cups of water. Cleaning seams convenient to carry out an old toothbrush.

The carpet in the kitchen He suffers not only from dust and debris, which are easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, the subject of kitchen comfort tend to absorb odors. Try to prepare powder for dry cleaning carpets. In a bowl, mix any sodium salt, corn flour and baking soda. Measure - STAK, proportion: 1:2:0,5. Evenly sprinkle the powder on the carpet, Leave for an hour and clean the vacuum cleaner.


As doctors say, the disease is easier to prevent, than cure. The same applies to the cleaning: fresh pollution clean a lot easier, than the old and withered. Persistent greasy dirt on kitchen furniture and appliances, it is also a disease of domestic space. Dirt is not aesthetic, resistant evaporation does not promote a healthy lifestyle for the family, especially children. It is fashionable to combine casual employment outside the home, range of household duties and at the same time to always have a clean kitchen?

  • The order of the kitchen - it is not only the hostess, and all, who lives in the house. Clean up the table, wipe spilled, to put everything in place - it is possible even for children.
  • Remove all burnt, spilled, Spray and crumbled during the cooking process better from the end.
  • Make it a rule to clean more thoroughly household kitchen appliances every two weeks, do not wait for the general cleaning.

We hope, you decided, which means the fat in the kitchen will suit you. clean kitchen, and pleasant family gatherings!