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Effective methods of purifying kitchen hood: methods of removing contaminants

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Correctly chosen and functioning kitchen equipment will facilitate cooking, It brings comfort and convenience. Extractor hood cleanse kitchen space, eliminating all kinds of evaporation and unpleasant odors. Soot, thanks to the reliable operation of technological devices, not spread to home and settles on surfaces.

Вытяжка на кухне
Extractor hood make the air in your kitchen fresh and clean

Clean hood in the kitchen is recommended to regularly and thoroughly, which will increase the device performance.

The main types of designs of kitchen hoods

Determine the appropriate way to care for kitchen hood helps familiarity with the main types of instruments and correct operation. The device design implies a control unit, ventilation mechanism and special filters to capture all kinds of suspensions, fat, sleuth. There are two basic types of systems: recirculating and ventilating.

The first option provides for air purification, elimination of impurities and reverse circulation mode indoors. Operation of the second version is the elimination of harmful combustion products in air, and the direction of the vent. Each of the different types of defined benefits and care rules.

General recommendations for the operation of the device

Strict compliance with the rules of operation, It provides high-quality and trouble-free operation. The main recommendations of the proper use of kitchen hood imply:

  • gradual inclusion of the minimum power, increasing the speed of;
  • switch the device on 5-10 minutes before the start of cooking and off only after complete air purification;
  • use the device only for its intended purpose, ban use as a shelf, or storage space;
  • not secure an open flame under the hood, therefore prohibited without the operation of burners cooking utensils, burning or cooking meals;
  • ensuring clean air into the room;
  • systematic and regular cleaning and replacement of the filter device.

Чистка вытяжки
it should be cleaned regularly to prolong the cooker hood operation

Features care of different types of hoods

Caring for cooker hoods is different specific features. Cleaning the ventilation devices involves the preliminary preparation. Be sure to unplug the appliance from the mains. Further cover removed and metal filters. Gently clean the cooker hood in the kitchen grease, protect the surface from scratches and damage, only under the condition of non-use abrasives or hard sponges. The control panel is best cleaned, using a soft cloth with detergent. Before operating panel with buttons should be wiped dry.

Safe operation involves the removal of fat on a regular filters, which may cause a fire.

Recirculating devices are different structural features and in addition to washing, involves replacing the charcoal filters. Details are subject to wear by replacing. The charcoal filter is designed to absorb odors, metal - to capture the fat. Directly in the kitchen hood cleaning is performed on the basis of various detergents. It is recommended that frequent airing, saturating the air with oxygen premises.

The means and materials for cleaning

There are general guidelines, and different ways of cleaning the hood from contamination, that will quickly and easily cope with the task.

Чистящие средства
Cleansers help to get rid of the dirt on the hood

A variety of media and household equipment:

  1. Ammonia.
  2. Soda.
  3. Dishwashing detergent.
  4. Specialized cleaners.
  5. Laundry soap.
  6. Soft cloth and sponge.
  7. Brush.

The main stages of work to clean up

It is important to observe the sequence of actions. To qualitatively wash hood in the kitchen grease, first remove the cover, by acting on the latches. Then extracted metal filter, which is fastened by means of clips, or placement in slots. Running special dismantling pipe, connecting the device and the ventilation system. If this part is not, removed the air filter. This part provides for the cleaning process, or must be replaced, it all depends on the characteristics of, these instructions. Clear hood in the kitchen can not be, not performing the pre-elimination of contamination on each device element.

Effective ways to eliminate pollution

Metal grille apparatus over other structural parts exposed to contamination, because of the close proximity to the plate. Wash filter cooker hood will allow the use of different methods, the choice of which depends on the level of pollution. Element is located directly above the hob and catches most of soot and grease.

Металлическая решетка
Metal grill - the most contaminated parts in the kitchen hood design

The surface does not tolerate scraped, however it recommended to use an effective detergent. Slight contamination removed by soaking in a container with hot water and detergent for tableware. enough 30 exposure minutes. brush, or stiff brush will help to eliminate fat completely and quickly clean the surface and clean the extraction grid. The filter was then carefully rinsed with pure cold water.

Drawing wash lattice can be an effective method of applying a solution in boiling element soap, pre-shredded on a grater. After ten minutes of boiling the required rinse thoroughly under running water detail. When, if soapy water does not eliminate the accumulation of fat, mesh stainless steel filter to remain in the heated mixture for a few hours. When the time is used brush, brush, or sponge, to thoroughly clean the filter.

Thoroughly clean the exhaust grille of fat is acceptable also by means of means for removal of blockages in pipes. This method has an aggressive impact on pollution and material details. It is recommended to use funds gutter cleaning only in extreme cases, when other methods do not help clean the hood over the stove and remove the fat.


After the elimination of contaminants on the filter, proceed to the outer surfaces of the main structure, which will clear the smoke from the hood. It is necessary to carefully handle the surface of washing up liquid, remove stubborn stains of fat is permissible using soda. To clean the rust on the exhaust side can be using malic acid. Perform recommended household gloves. Wash the hood from dirt and grime will help ordinary detergents, washing powder, warm water and a soft sponge.

Regular cleaning of the cooker hood will save effort and time. It is recommended to eliminate pollution as they become available, not leading to a critical situation. Fat can accumulate and create protecting coating, so that only a systematic maintenance will help preserve the performance characteristics of the hood at the proper level. Prompt treatment will provide an attractive appearance and high-quality work devices. Now you know, How to clean the hood in the kitchen.