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Choosing a hood: practical advice from a professional

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Extractor hood - Useful cooking invention. Without it, it is difficult to imagine a modern kitchen. The main purpose of these units - clean air mass soot, stations, grease and odors, arising during cooking. Advanced - plate lighting and an integral part of kitchen design.

Вытяжка на кухне
For quality of cleaning the kitchen air is important to choose the right hood

The device of modern hoods

Modern cooker hoods have a simple internal structure. The metal or plastic housing (expensive models are made of stainless steel and glass) located 1-2 fan, which operate by means of motors. Immediately behind them can go filters Breather, which leads to the outside or into the ventilation shaft. There are two principles of operation of air cleaners:

  1. Circulation - purifies the air and returns it back, circulating air mass of the room. Models with the principle of work are rare and are expensive. But such devices have one advantage - they return a portion of the heat in the room, can not be said about the instantaneous system works.
  2. Flow - eliminates evaporation, pollution, grease and odors out through the vent hole or shaft. Installation of these models difficult, as they need to connect to the mains and to hold the corrugated pipe to the vent. Polluted air goes out.

Проточная вытяжка
Flow hood - the most common type of hood on Russian kitchens

filters are:

  • acrylic (changing the extent of pollution, every 2-3 of the month);
  • coal (absorbing odors, used exclusively for air cleaning mode);
  • metal (grease trap, does not need to be replaced).

Types of modern exhaust systems

Modern kitchen hoods are classified by 5 basic characteristics:

  • power;
  • on the principle of action;
  • in terms of design;
  • Recruitment of additional features;
  • the cost.

flat (or suspended) a drawing on the wall directly above the hob. they are used, if there is no access to the ventilation. Principle of operation - recycling (air purification and its subsequent return to the kitchen). In these devices, acrylic filters installed, collecting fat. Sometimes it is recommended to install the unit in metal filter, which is not replaced by a new, unlike acrylic, and washed when dirty. of the benefits: Such devices are inexpensive, stylish look, they can easily install yourself. Among the shortcomings: have low productivity, They need constant replacement acrylic filters, much noise.

Built-in equipment is compact and does not spoil the interior of the kitchen, since it established in suspended kitchen cabinets. Divided by two kinds: polnovstraivaemye and sliding. In contrast to them stand-alone hood for the kitchen is self-contained attribute premises.

Автономная вытяжка
Autonomous / pristennaja hood - ideal for kitchens without ventilation

Most models have a special drawer, which increases the intake of contaminated air area. These units are equipped with filters made of metal and are more expensive outboard. Built-in appliances Kitchen Pyramid has a good price-performance ratio.

dome (fireplace) models are similar to a fireplace chimney. There are two varieties: wall and island. The first type is more popular, island justify its use only, when the cooking surface is located on a remote platform (kitchen island). In this case, the device is attached to the ceiling. The housing of such models is made of metal. The stylish hoods for the kitchen are lined with wooden or glass design elements,.

Table extractor hood for the kitchen - one of the latest innovations. It integrates into the hob and after work easily hides in the table. Its advantages are that, that it can clean up the evaporation in the vicinity of the plate and does not take up too much space.


cooker hoods are available with different control systems. Considered a classic push-button control system (5 Button - light, switch, three speed). But there are models with sliders - sliding switches modes (It allows you to smoothly add or diminish the speed). This is typical for low-cost devices. Expensive models have electronic (Different operating modes in automatic mode) or the touch control system (fingering).

Панель управления
Button hood control panel


Unit dimensions are different. But the determining parameter is the width, which varies from 30 to 120 cm. The width of the power depends directly on technology and its ability to capture evaporation and soot. Preference is given to models of a width of 45 to 90 cm.

Ideal - exhaust structure must be 10-20 cm wider hob. Gas extraction will work on medium power, reduce energy costs, depreciation percentage decrease. Otherwise, part of the vapors remain in the room and work efficiency of the device will decrease.


Buying a kitchen hood, first of all need to pay attention to the performance of. The figures vary from 200 to 1100 m³ / h. To calculate the necessary parameters, multiplied by the amount of food 10, and the result - in 1,3. When the calculations take into account the fact, that when connecting to the vent duct and the presence of bends performance drops. In accordance with the sanitary standards of the air in the kitchen area must be updated at least 10 time after time. Most models have an average capacity - 250-600 m³ / h. Professional hood for the kitchen - from 1000 to 1200 m³ / h.

Промышленная вытяжка
For kitchens catering facilities used by professional hoods

You can compare the drawing for the kitchen from various manufacturers:

  1. Extractor hood PYRAMIDA WH 20-60 (white) – 320 m³ / h.
  2. Extractor fan in the kitchen Maunfeld Corsa Light © 60 – 650 m³ / h.
  3. Kitchen hoods ELEYUS Allegro B H - 750-1000 m³ / h.

Recommend to buy the unit with power reserve, to extend the life. If the device is constantly working to «max» mode, he quickly goes down, than a device, which runs on the average power.

Noise level

Even modern hoods are not spared from the noise during operation. Very noisy extractor fan in the kitchen - a common problem. Even the "quiet" the printer sounds from 36 decibel. Moreover, it is placed in the motor housing with a durable plastic sound insulating properties and is separated from the sound absorption gaskets, and housing design eliminates vibration. In accordance with the sanitary requirements of noise level should not exceed 40 decibel.

The data sheet on most models listed numbers - 60-70 decibel. But realistically select unit, which will combine the normal performance metrics with a weak "hum". Manufacturers offer a version of the device with the acquisition of two fans. They optionally include at full capacity. They provide ventilation and «min» mode, therefore, the noise level below.


When you select a drawing take into account all the factors, Only then it will perform the functions reserved to it "perfectly well". Extractor hood Pyramid has a cost of 900 to 9 000 UAH depending on the design, type of work and the presence of additional functions. Should give preference to models from trusted manufacturers and not to save on cleaning the air in the kitchen. Now that you know what are the hood for the kitchen.