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How to wash the refrigerator odor: 6 ways

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Buying household appliances - a joyful event for every family. A brand new appliance pleased with its brilliant views. Over time, the appearance of the spoils, inside there is an unpleasant smell. It is necessary to resort to cleaning the unit. The wash refrigerator inside to destroy odor?

How to wash the inside

The first step is to comply with safety disconnect appliances from the network. Then proceed to wash.

Wash the refrigerator should be thoroughly, paying attention to all the details. Door, shelves, containers, other parts thoroughly washed. grid, located behind home appliances, cleaned of impurities. Dust lattice leads to disruption of the heat exchange function, increases the power consumption.


1 every 3 months should be thawed and wash the refrigerator. Prior to this, remove all products. Prevent the occurrence of odor helps storing food in closed containers.

My fridge right, regularly check the products on freshness, clean the inside and outside of the device.

The basic rules will help preserve the pristine purity, inhibit the formation of malodor.

How best to wash the new refrigerator before turning

Many people are not aware of the need to wash the household appliance after purchase. Why do you need this procedure? The fact, that the device has a specific technical odor. If you just post products, there is a risk of absorption of odors.

Wash your new refrigerator is necessary, thereby eliminating contamination, arising during manufacture or transport. The hardware store is brought from the special warehouses. There is accumulated a huge amount of dust, mud, settling on the surface of household appliances. seemingly clean, they contain dust particles.

The new refrigerator wash before first use? There are means for washing the inside of the refrigerator, sold in stores. Before they occur, appliances washed conventional soda solution. A method of environmentally friendly, cheap.

Before wash refrigerator, be sure to disconnect it from the network.

Freezer is left unattended. Together with its drawers washed and wiped dry. They include the device through 6 hours.

If cleaning of the refrigerator does not work, wipe the wall of the device and accessories sponge, soaked in vinegar. Instead of citric acid, vinegar suitable, Stir in water. Rag moistened in the resultant solution, wipe the instrument inside. Four hours will suffice for complete drying device.

How to properly wash your fridge know frost system

Household appliance with a function know Frost suggests a lack of ice formation within the. It requires no special defrosting. Lack of ice facilitates washing process.

Wall with a damp sponge, soaked with soapy water. Do not spill water on the electrical component parts. Drain hole purified from contaminants cotton swab.

Dissolving soda water, remove dirt from the rubber seals, to be washed.

Without functions know Frost

Household appliance, without functions know Frost, must be periodically defrosted. Defrost eliminates the unnecessarily accumulated ice in the freezer and on the walls of the device.

Prevent the odors, pollution will help the timely cleaning. Before the procedure, wash, it is necessary to defrost. Unplug appliances from the network, clean crates, shelves. Left to complete defrosting. Only after thawing can be washed fridge.

sink refrigerator:

  • Remove all components, products
  • Prepare soda solution (1 ch.l. soda on 1 l. water)
  • Wipe wetted components soda solution with a sponge
  • Gently rub the walls of the device
  • Rinse several times with water
  • wipe dry

Means for washing

To maintain the purity of the domestic appliance using different means.

The shop sells a specially designed cleaning products.

Clean any dirt from help and folk methods: vinegar, soda, laundry soap, Apple vinegar, lemon.

cope with a fat lip, wetted ordinary dish detergent.

Odor removal and yellowness

Over time, the refrigerator starts to smell bad. Use chemicals inside is not desirable, they are absorbed into foods. Wash the refrigerator odor help:

  1. Apple vinegar
  2. Lemon
  3. Ammonia

Apple cider vinegar - a great way to clean the refrigerator odor. Vinegar and water were mixed to one another. cloth, wetted with a solution, rub the inside of all the components. Left to dry for a couple of hours.

The process fridge and remove the yellowing? Lemon - an indispensable tool. Lemon juice is dissolved in water. Clean the surface of the walls inside the instrument. Aerate until dry.

When working with ammonia, Hand skin protection use rubber gloves. Alcohol treated surface, walls and components. You can use it in a day. All this time, the door should be open.

How and how often you need to wash the outside

Outside the appliance must be cleaned 1 once a week. Suffice it with a damp cloth to wipe the surface, This will eliminate the long-term pollution, heavily laundered.

Heavy duty scrubbing cleanser helps, soda solution, suds.

The popular ways to remove odor

In addition to special, purchased in the store means, you can resort to traditional methods, how to wash the refrigerator odor:

  1. Using soap
  2. Detergent
  3. refrigerator washing with vinegar

My fridge soap

Soap perfectly cope with pollution. surface, processed soap, undergo disinfection. Wash the smell of the refrigerator via a soap solution - clean, effective method.

Wash detergent

It can be used to combat the smell special tools or normal detergent for washing dishes. cloth, moistened with soapy water, wipe the surface. Clean damp sponge was removed residues of washing solution. Done.

Eliminate the smell of vinegar

He is the best and quickest means of eliminating the ducky. Preparing a solution of vinegar and water in proportions 1:1. Cotton swab dipped in the solution or the sponge is wiped surface. Leave to dry.


Maintaining a constant purity eliminates the time-consuming effort to remove old stains. Odors can be easily removed with detergents, folk ways.