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The narrow kitchen can be bright and functional: planning secrets

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Small kitchen in modern homes - a phenomenon common. But no need to despair, because in this layout, there are some positive aspects. room is small, Accordingly, the subject "at hand" items. But in this case, such a design is needed, to narrow the room did not seem cluttered, and became a roomy, comfortable and beautiful.

Narrow kitchen you can arrange beautiful

What to consider in the design of small spaces

Quality design and convenience in a narrow kitchen depends on the choice of the type of furniture and its colors. Standard furniture for small kuhonek not suitable - it is not together in the space of the room, or no more space. But applying some design tweaks, not difficult to change a small room beyond recognition, and even give it comfort.

The narrow kitchen

The design of the narrow kitchen it is desirable to be based on the correct choice of colors, and planning should be based on practical selection of furniture and its location in the room. Avoid large patterns, and the color of the furniture make the lighter, the smaller room.

Attention should be paid when planning zoning: in the first part of the premises are narrow cabinets for the kitchen and headsets, and opposite - dining area.

extended kitchen

The furniture in the small room is chosen multifunctional and compact. In a small room for the first time applied the hanging shelves, Sliding tables and narrow kitchen sets. The best option - custom-made furniture. This is a way to make maximum use of every square centimeter, bring a unique style and even save money.

In a private house appropriate design in folk style. Having a narrow interior of the kitchen with a stove plate, The latter is the functional part of the space. This is a new and interesting design solution.

Godsend for small kitchens is a built-in appliances. Adapted to the dimensions of the room, almost all types of vehicles - it is narrow and microwave, and coffee, etc.. They do not occupy much space, and often the equipment is not visible at, that creates an impression of space.

bright kitchen

Narrow tables for kitchens You must be combined with the overall style of the kitchen. Strong contrasts of unacceptable. It is necessary to pay attention to the material, from which they are made. In the context of a small room table used for eating and cooking it. Therefore, material and accessories should choose quality, strong and durable.

To free up space in a small kitchen, the following guidelines:

  • Narrow table in the kitchen is better to choose a square or semicircular. Unlike round, He leans close to the wall.
  • Folding table needs with one or two legs.
  • Furniture preferably in light colors, it looks easier and air.
  • Chairs - folding or fully retract under the table.
  • Lockers hang desirably as high as possible.

rectangular kitchen

The space under the window: functional use

The design of the narrow kitchen includes full use of the space under the window. Properly organized a window seat makes room visually larger and brighter.

Windowsill easily replaced counter tops. Now the meal will be enjoyable and, and fun. Stylized narrow dining table instead of a window sill - a distinct advantage in terms of saving space, often used. And if you want to have flowers, they are freely located on the second floor in pots, that gives the room an even more comfort.

The idea of ​​lighting in the interior of the long, narrow kitchen

When designing a narrow kitchen design, attention should be paid to lighting and consider several options. Window - it is a source of natural lighting, so it is absolutely not necessary to close the blackout curtains. The chandelier on the ceiling in the center of the narrow room - useless attribute, the best place for her in the dining area. A convenient way of lighting - monolithic lamp, built-in ceiling. Ceiling chandelier should be replaced several hanging lamps. Working area is further recommended to illuminate.

beautiful kitchen

Making the ceiling in a small room 6 and 9 sq.m with window

Ideas for a narrow kitchen is not limited solely to the form of furniture and its location. The value in the space are regulated appearance of the ceiling and lighting.

Stretch ceilings with a reflective surface - the best design proposal for the narrow room. But tension and hinged design underestimate the ceiling height, so, lower ceiling, the lighter the color to choose it. By proper decoration increases the amount of food. The contrast of dark and light colors create a visual impression of more space, the same can be achieved is trimmed mirrored ceiling materials.

long kitchen
Kitchen - is the hostess's face

Dining table - an important attribute of the room

A special place in every kitchen occupied by a dining table. For a small room is important width of the narrow kitchen table.

Consider several mounting options and types of dining tables:

  1. Table transformer. This table folded perfectly accommodate two people. Disassembled him will be able to accommodate up to ten guests.
  2. multifunction countertop. Sacrificing one of the drawers Headset, you can use it as a work surface or to use as a kitchen table.
  3. Narrow folding table. Folding table perfectly with tables, it can be applied as a separate furniture. Structurally, the table looks like the table in the car and attached to the wall.beautiful narrow kitchen
  4. Folding table. Allowed to arrange the narrow dining table Kitchen furniture immediately inside. This embodiment is convenient, that the table is used for cooking. But he must have a good support.
  5. bar counter. Often, it is long and narrow, but it is comfortable and can accommodate up to 6 person. And thanks to its height, bar perfectly combined with kitchen furniture, which also saves space.

Take a look at a small room without stereotypes: if a massive dining table - a tradition, but a roadblock, the question arises: "Why does he need?». Narrow kitchen table may well replace him. Do not be afraid of experiments. Any kitchen with proper design, you can make it convenient for the hostess and cozy for the household.