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Combined kitchen and hallway: the correct zoning premises

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for man, who lives in a small one-room apartment, it is important to find a compromise Mezhuyev functionality and style, planning the design of the entrance hall kitchen. You want to save every centimeter of space. It is better to choose a Scandinavian style, or loft minimalism - for lush scenery baroque you do not have enough space.

Kitchen and hallway in the interior
The design of the kitchen and corridor in the interior of a small apartment


To combine the kitchen from the hallway - it's serious, but at the same time, correct decision for a small city apartment. However, when planning of the interior you have problems, because the hallway - it's the first room, which sees people, Entrance to the apartment. With proper placement of furniture and choosing the right lighting and color palette, get stylish, and at the same time functional kitchen hallway.


Before to combine the kitchen and corridor, Consider two cases, when it is actually advisable. It is important not to be mistaken with the decision, so how to get everything back will be very problematic:

  1. When and in the hallway and the kitchen on the many small areas, Both facilities can not be used for their intended purpose.
  2. If a person is rarely cook at home and often have lunch and dinner outside the home.
  3. The desire to change the design of the apartment and to expand the space.

Look for other solutions planning. Other placement of furniture in the kitchen can change its appearance and make room. If the exit to the loggia is in the kitchen, these two rooms can be combined, pre-insulated loggia. However, most all kitchen, combined with a hallway, It is the only solution, to expand the space in a city apartment.

Kitchen and hallway
Finished design from floor to ceiling


Scheduling alterations in the apartment complex, namely decided to combine the kitchen from the hallway, will be faced with some difficulties:

  • zoning. It is important to think through every detail, otherwise the interior will look unfinished and ill-conceived. required, to room it had visual separation zone in the hall and cooking.
  • Choosing the right color palette. This problem is only at first glance it seems such a simple, But actually it is not. It is important to consider the color scheme for the two rooms at once. In this case, you can visually divide the room color or vice versa, choose a neutral shade with a few bright accents.
  • Technical problems. This may due to the fact, that wall just will not be allowed to bear. In this case, re-planning is not possible.


To obtain permission to redevelop the flats and the demolition of the wall, Pick the right project, or come up with new, and then assemble the package of all necessary documents and make a plan. These papers are sent to the following authorities:

  • Gorzhilinspektsiya.
  • Gas service, if you want to transfer gas appliances.
  • iPCC.

Kitchen in a small apartment
Beautiful interior small apartment

It will need to spend time and money, so take care of all red tape in advance. Sometimes, to get permission for the demolition of the wall, I need some time to remake the project.


The design of the entrance hall kitchen - is a major part in the planning. It is from this point will depend on the overall look of the room. When planning is important to consider a few highlights:

  • If you want to visually expand the space, the hallway and the kitchen is best to choose the wallpaper of the same color. Divide the area in this case may be via ceilings at different levels. ceiling design at the same time can be the most original and unusual.
  • Take care of the right artificial light, because the hallways are usually no windows. Light plays a significant role in the design, because it can significantly expand the space. If the whole world will be taken from the kitchen window, the redevelopment is almost not solve the problem, since twilight "eat" the entire area.

Interesting kitchen design
Qualitative repair Khrushchev

  • Important, to a work area for cooking it was private. If the place is too open, it can not be pleasant hostess. It is best to make sure, to establish a sliding screen, or leave in advance polustenok. Even the most simple partition between the kitchen and the hallway will help eliminate the psychological discomfort.
  • Take care of cabinets and shelves, which will be stored utensils and clothes from the hall. This point is very important, since the failure to comply with this paragraph may negate all the advantages of combining the kitchen from the hallway.

Consider the location of the ceiling trim cabinets for storage. This furniture does not take up space and looks stylish. Highlight the storage space on a balcony or loggia, if possible.


To a living room with kitchen and hallway looked stylish and modern, It needs to take care of the separation zones:

bright kitchen
Light colors visually expand the space

  • If the space is large and want bright design, then choose the wallpaper in different colors for the hallway and the kitchen. However, designers are read, it is better to give preference to one color. To highlight the kitchen, as a work area, choose kitchen cabinets bright colors or interesting patterns. This decision will not only be stylish, but also visually separates the cooking area from the hallway.
  • The original solution - multilevel ceilings over zones. Make ceilings, select a hallway area spotlights. If the choice fell on a different level ceilings, the floor at the same time it is not necessary to touch, since it is not functional.
  • Stylish kitchen hallways are different from the other interiors of the, that have a minimum number of parts. Supercharged design looks untidy and messy and does not meet modern requirements.

Council: Repair hall own hands will cost, of course, cheaper. But it is better to entrust it to professionals, who have the experience and necessary knowledge. Otherwise there is a risk to get a result is not what, I would like to.