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Recommendations for a combined kitchen and living room: 3 rules of modern design

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Interior living room, room with kitchen, It involves the creation of a single, but zoned space, preserving open space houses or apartments and getting the opportunity to communicate with people in the household and guests on the job cooking. To get a comfortable atmosphere and modern, you need to use the correct techniques of separation of functional areas.

Combining the kitchen and living room
Combining the premises it must be done according to the rules of zoning

How to design the interior

Interior of modern living in the selection of this option should not design a fully merge with the kitchen decor or lost on her background. The correct approach to the design of the room involves the harmonious combination of two spaces with the obligatory presence boundaries therebetween, which can serve as a part of the wall, and other interior elements, thanks to which the living area will not be considered as an extension of the kitchen.

 kitchen with living room

We share the space visually

One effective way to visually separate functional areas becomes bar. Used in the interior of the living room instead of the partition bars provide extra space for guests, forming a small island, which is convenient for a cup of coffee or prepared for main dishes aperitif. Combine space thus fails, partially leaving existing between the living room and kitchen making a partition or barrier of wood, decorative stone, Amended plastic fragments.

It can be used as a separator in the living room floor, room with kitchen. Popular split-level floors, to create that kitchen or living area is raised slightly relative to the other room. Interior living room in a modern style Only welcome podiums, in which it is easy to hide the kitchen communications. true, create such a barrier can only be sufficient ceiling height.

Separation of premises visually

Use can for zoning floors and texture by combining different materials, pattern combinations. An alternative to this embodiment, it becomes a change in the kitchen area to the junction of the ceiling height living room with the installation of additional lighting.

Living room, room with kitchen, It looks harmoniously, if the separation is performed by means of spaces in the form of islands dining table.

Particularly attractive looks premises, when the countertop is made to order for special patterns, takes into account the aspect ratio of the rooms and their sizes.

combined kitchen and living room

Also, suitable light translucent or stylized partitions, made in the form of bellows, cover if necessary Kitchen room from prying eyes. If you wish to impress others eccentricity and to emphasize the naturalness of the interior, can be set as a guard elongated narrow aquarium or build structures made of wood or metal to contain indoor plants.

we use lighting

Location lighting with special attention paid to zoning. It is important to keep the right balance, alternating bright light transitions and soft lighting. You can purchase a modern chandelier in the living room and arrange them just above the seating area.

Such illumination is desirable to complement the spotlights, which if necessary will create a relaxing atmosphere for rest tuning, replacing the bright lamp.

The separation of the kitchen and living room lighting
Lighting can be made as a common and separate

Stylish chandeliers for the living room should be chosen, proceeding from the overall situation. for example, for the classic interior fit collected in one design ceiling in the form of flowers or candlesticks, supplemented placed near sofas or chairs floor lamp or a sconce lighting for local recreation area when you turn off the remaining lighting.

If a barrier between rooms becomes a dining table, its complementary light zoning, using interior lamps for the living room as follows::

  • Above the dining table has a low-hanging light fixtures on suspensions, acting as a "light curtains";
  • Choosing a color lighting to delineate zones, stop at the warm shades. We are talking about yellow, red, orange tones, burgundy flower. Such nuances contribute to more appetizing kind of food served and make a meal as comfortable as possible;
  • If desired bright highlight barrier, chandelier in the living room in the interior of the combined spaces chosen in white or transparent version.

Determine the colors of premises

The color scheme of the living room
You can make a whole room in the same style

Providing visual and lighting zoning, do not forget about the correct color design kitchen and living room, located on the same space. Where appropriate, such recommendations:

  1. Range of colors selected taking into account the correct placement of accents. for example, the kitchen can be designed in a minimalist style, making it only as a space for cooking and leaving bright colors for the living room. However, this option is rarely finds application, since priority is representation of both premises, in spite of the separation of, single with living in one room
  2. The interior of a combined kitchen, living room, preferably draw, using similar colors. The color scheme should be as close as possible, contrasts apply only to the limited selection of functional zones, changing the style and choosing bright colors in the interior of the kitchen apron, stopping at the unusual color of furniture for kitchen.
  3. To living in a modern style it did not look ridiculous in combination with kitchen, colorful design continues, using elements of decoration in the form of wall panels, decorative vases in the kitchen tone accents.

Universal solution can be called following the classic principles with a combination of pastel shades of neutral in a situation of both premises.