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A complete classification of kitchen range hoods for the right choice when buying

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Kitchen - important room in the house or apartment, there are going to all members of the family at mealtime, and the woman spends a long time while cooking. It is important that activities in the kitchen was comfortable. Not long ago, a standard set of this room felt: wash, refrigerator and stove, but to the air was clean and fresh in this kit have hoods for kitchens. These devices are designed for air filtration or purification, in the article you will learn the basic types, characteristics and installation tips. So you can select the device and perform the installation correctly.

Modern kitchen cooker hood
Modern kitchen hood is not only necessary functionality, but also superior design

types of extracts

Depending on the method of air purification, hoods are divided into 2 species:

  • recirculation, Here polluted air does not come out on the street, He just filtered and then returned to the room;
  • flow, dirty air enters the system, cleaned and released in the vent pipe, room is filled with fresh and clean air, filled with oxygen.

Appearance and design type, the following types of hoods for the kitchen:

  1. False;
  2. dome;
  3. recessed;
  4. Insular.

Everything types of kitchen hoods created for certain conditions. So, suspended hood with filter mode is suitable premises, where there is no possibility to adjust ventilation to the street. Cooker hoods dome work fluidly and output dirty air out of the building, they fit into private homes, without the possibility of connection to the ventilation system. Recessed - the best drawing for a small-sized kitchen, in combination with a built-in stove will create the best conditions. Island suitable for kitchens with a stove in the center of the room. Many different models they design, power, sound insulation, dimensions, additional functions and other important parameters. In order to correctly choose the hood for the kitchen, We will understand the characteristics in the air purifying device.

extracts classification
Transparent classification of exhaust systems


We reviewed the types of hoods for the kitchen and know - where possible to install a flow, and where recirculation type. According to the type of room we have chosen the required design, consider the basic characteristics. These include:

  1. case design;
  2. The filter equipment;
  3. Noise level;
  4. device control;
  5. Lighting;
  6. Power;
  7. Additional functions;
  8. duct size.

Based on these parameters the device manufacturers form value. The price can vary greatly from brand recognition and. Do not overpay for the product, you can explore the design of hoods and understanding, it is important to consider.

The size of the device depends on the cooker scale. Competent width - slightly larger plate size, so that all of evaporation fall directly into the device. Standard size devices: 50, 60 and 90 cm.

housing unit

Every housewife wants, kitchen was cozy and stylish, few people are attracted to an ugly overall machine of Stove. Therefore, the cooker hood design is important. Dome hood in kitchen interior combined with a classic interior design, if the instrument is decorated with wooden rim. Brighten device may housing truncated pyramid-shaped or cone. There are other types of kitchen hoods:

  • inclined type, so the space above the stove becomes freer, design looks very modern;
  • T-, fashionable solution - for any kitchen;
  • The device with the folded wing, softens situation;
  • The construction in the form of a cube or a cylinder and look strictly mod.

The sloping hood
The sloping hood Ventolux Ancona- style comfort

Extractor hood for the kitchen is not a small role in the interior, it can completely change the appearance of premises. So kitchen with a sloping hood gets new format, it becomes free, wider and more modern. Kitchen with built-in hood - ideal for people, prefer minimalism.

Council! If you want to stand and place your kitchen can help you design an original drawing for the kitchen, So, you will save the boring interior colors and add the room.

The insides of kitchen equipment

Cooker hoods in the interior play an important role, but the main function - cleansing the air in the room. Therefore, in choosing to rely should be not only on the design, but also on the inside of the device. Cooker hoods consist of:

  • engine;
  • filters;
  • lamps;
  • air conduit.

The standard motor has a power 50 — 200 watts and operates at high-speed mode of 1500 to 2000 revolutions / minute. Advantageously, if the kitchen hood has the following functions:

  • Off timer device, after a preset time;
  • Work on the residual course;
  • Ultrasonic humidity sensor;
  • Electric speed selector.

Hoods are controlled by buttons, sensor, psevdosensera and slider. Choose a tone or feather-touch control unit, it is convenient and practical. The buttons are not salted and mind, take care of them just.

Touch control panel hood

Council! As for lighting, Choose appliances with halogen lamps, they last longer and are well illuminated products.

For, to be in the kitchen was comfortable, check: whether the device is noisy when it comes into effect. The more powerful engines for Hood, the louder operating device. Choose a model with the right capacity for you, power supply can harm you.

Installation design and recommendations for use

Built-in hood looks great in a special cabinet, a suitable size. It is easy to install, it is important to correctly calculate the size and fasten all the elements.
Installing an overhead hood may be hanging locker, decorative box or directly on the wall. Secure the device in the cabinet with screws and make slits on the shelf for the corrugated hose. It is important to install the unit horizontally, tightly seal the joints and all the holes and choose durable material corrugations. Do not forget about the possibility of the exhaust vent in the ventilation system, special flat channel PVC.

For silent air exhaust, use sound insulation material. Wrap batting tube and gently tighten the matter. During the installation of the unit pay attention to the height of the device and the type of mounting plates. Above the gas appliances is not mounted extractor enlarge, than 75 cm. Over electric permissible 65 cm from the surface of the plate. Do not neglect these rules, otherwise, the accumulated fat lights, this will lead to a fire.

Council! Clean the duct twice a year, or replaced by a new. Otherwise, the soot is accumulated, it prevents movement of air, slows system performance, It reduces productivity and increases the risk of fire.

Do not forget to at least change the filters in the unit 2 once a year, otherwise they will score and the device will not be functional.


Now you know everything about the device cleans the air kitchen appliance, good luck to you in the selection and installation! You do not need to constantly ventilate the room, much easier to deal with air pollution by installing an air purifier directly above the kitchen stove. Prepare for fun, burning issue, soot and greasy fumes will be engaged in cooker hoods!